10 Tips to Get Work Life Balance

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how to get work life balance

The balance between work and life is very important. By being able to balance work and life, we can make ourself more comfortable in life. You can also avoid the risk of stress and depression. So not only physically healthy but also mentally affected by the positive effects. Getting a work-life balance is not as difficult as it seems!

1. Avoid Being a Perfectionist

Not all work has to be done as perfectly as possible. There will definitely be errors or omissions that occur. Being too perfectionist can actually put an additional burden on yourself. It will be even more annoying if we feel that we are perfect but it turns out that according to the boss, the work is still lacking.

It’s okay if something goes wrong. This signifies that you are an ordinary human being. The important thing is that you can use those mistakes as lessons. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to be an exemplary employee. Being able to admit mistakes and fix them is the most important thing.

2. Create a Work Schedule

There are people who wake up in the morning and go to the office just to come, work and then go home. There is no schedule or anything that regulates what to do when in the office. This can have an impact on fatigue at work because you are doing work that may still have a long deadline.

To avoid physical and mental fatigue, start your day by scheduling what to do today. If the deadline is still far away, you can do it at a later date. Or if you want to pay in installments day by day, that’s okay too. The most important thing is to do what has to be done on the day. This will make your days more scheduled and organized.


3. Get Enough Rest

No employee can work 24 hours, every day. Even robots can be overheated and damaged if used continuously. Humans must be able to balance between work and rest. If you are always being chased by deadlines, it means you still haven’t made a good schedule. If you have a schedule, you can definitely find time to rest.

Rest is very important to do to recharge the energy that has been used up. Your brain and body need rest so they can come back fresh again and work as usual. Make sure you get an adequate and quality night’s sleep. Stay away from everything that can interfere with your sleep to get quality sleep.

4. Reduce Bad Habits At Work

It’s hard to be 100% focused on what’s happening in front of your eyes. There will always be a temptation to do other things outside the job desk that has been given. Moreover, if there is no boss to supervise, employees can work more casually or even go for a walk outside the office looking for wind, smoking, or gossiping.

We all know that these are bad habits that can result in reduced working hours. Working hours that should be used for work are instead used to relax and laze around. It is necessary to take a short break to stretch the body, then continue working again. Things that can make work so delayed better stop.

5. Exercise and Meditation

It’s okay to work, but don’t let your health be sacrificed for the sake of getting the job done quickly. Because it’s useless for you to look for as much money as possible but when you are sick, you can’t help but have to spend an unknown amount of money to be able to restore your health as before. That’s if you can really recover.


You certainly don’t want that to happen, do you? So it’s not just work that matters, but also exercise and meditation. Exercise can make the body fresher and fitter so that it can make you more ready to face the day. Meditation on its own is good for mental health.

6. Take a Break When Tired

Take a 10-15 minutes break is enough for a short break. Lunch time can also be included in a short break.

If you do decide to take a break from work, set a timer to remind you it’s time to work. Take advantage of the free time to stretch after hours sitting in a chair. Talk to your working colleague but remember to do it sparingly. Remember what you are working for, whether to chat or get work done.

7. Meet Nutritional Needs

Have you worked according to your schedule, you have rested, you have exercised, is that enough to achieve a work-life balance? Apparently not. You also need to eat nutritious food. Nutritious food is needed by the body to restore energy and damaged body cells. Even some foods are good as an energy booster.

Starting to eat a nutritious diet can be difficult. Especially if you look around us, there are many fast food restaurants. Seeing and smelling the aroma is very tempting. But these foods do not have enough nutrition for the body. Want a balance between work and life, start by controlling what we eat because it can determine our health.


8. Start Small

The next tip has to do with creating a work schedule. In order for life and work to be more organized and balanced, a schedule must be made. Work and rest schedules are made in such a way that you know when to work and when to rest. The work schedule can also be sorted again, which work must be completed and which can be postponed.

It’s better to do the easier things first and then move on to the difficult ones. Because if you do the difficult ones first, you will spend more time and your brain is already a bit tired to think about. So prioritize the easier ones first because the time needed to complete them is faster and the brain is not too tired.

9. Stay away from things that can be distracting at work

Always focus on what is done in front of your eyes. You want work-life balance, right? If you don’t focus on work, how can you rest later? If you don’t rest, you’ll end up getting sick. And if you are sick, not only will work be delayed, you will also have to spend money to buy medicine.

You have to be able to determine for yourself, what things can make you unable to focus during work. Is it because there is a smartphone near you or a coworker always invites you to chat or something. Get rid of all the things that can interfere with work so that you can focus more on work and get it done quickly.

10. Dare to Say No

If you want to have a good work-life balance, sometimes you may say no or refuse a job given by your boss. Of course refuse in a kind and polite way so that the boss does not get angry. Just say that there is work waiting to be done and can not be postponed. If you add new assignments, there are even jobs that are left unfinished.