Tricks to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently

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bed bugs

Feel itchy when you wake up? Be cautious, maybe there are bed bugs in your bed!

Although small, the problems that arise due to the presence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) – many people call them bed bugs or mites – should not be underestimated.

Besides being an indication that your mattress and bedding are not clean; the presence of bed bugs cannot even be eradicated by mere insecticide. Moreover, bed bugs can easily move along with clothes, furniture, and even bedding.

What are The Problems Arises From Bed Bugs

It’s not just annoying. Bed bugs can also be a source of disease; especially the skin (scabies) and the respiratory system. As is well known, this bed bug is a type of insect that drinks blood; used to bite and became aggressive at night.

The problem is, once bed bugs stay; then it is possible to lay eggs and breed there. For information, the average adult bed bug is capable of producing about five eggs per day!


Unfortunately, they generally love mattress folds and other hidden places! It should be noted that objects such as sofa beds can also have the potential to become infested with fleas.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Indeed, there are many ways you can do to deal with the presence of bed bugs. This includes drying the mattress; or even spraying insecticide. Unfortunately, these methods are not completely effective.

After drying it in the sun, for example, these bugs don’t just die easily. So, how to get rid of bed bugs effectively? Come on, see further explanation below!

1. Change Your Lifestyle

The most basic way to get rid of bed bugs is to change your lifestyle to be cleaner. Every day, clean your bed with a broom stick; and at least once a month, wash the sheets and blankets and dry them in the sun to dry. So, if you want maximum results, you can soak the sheets and blankets first with hot water and detergent.


Dry mattresses and blankets frequently in hot places; then hit it with a mattress paddle. At least, do it for two to three hours. This method will force the bed bugs to become uncomfortable and eventually emerge from their hiding place. As for the next step, namely cleaning the former mattress area until it is completely clean.

Here are some steps you can try:

Using Antibacterial Cleaner

Wipe the mattress surface with Lysol, or other cleaning fluid. Do it thoroughly and thoroughly; without forgetting mattress folds, frames, and other inaccessible corners. Do not miss, also wipe every table or furniture around the bed.

Hair Dryer to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Gently run a blow dryer or mattress dryer to the highest degree of heat possible. Use it over the entire mattress area to scorch the lice and eggs. As for avoiding leaving the hair dryer on for too long in one place; especially to prevent the risk of fire.

Now, for a room that has been exposed to bed bugs; immediately clean by removing all items in the room first. Sweep, mop, and fragrance the room. If necessary, also use a vacuum cleaner, to clean dust and reach places that are narrow and difficult.

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs don’t like fragrances – especially lavender flowers. As for besides lavender, several types of fragrances that you can try are eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree.

2. Maximize Air and Light Circulation

No need to create multiple windows. Simply open the window every morning; and let the sunshine and fresh air enter your bedroom. After all, bed bugs like dark, damp places; so letting sunlight in is one way to “get rid of” bed bugs in your bedroom.

3. Using a Mixture of Kerosene and Camphor

The first way is to use kerosene and camphor. This method is very practical and the material is very easy to get.


Mix the two ingredients, put it in a spray bottle, then spray it to all corners of the bed bug nest.

Guaranteed, bed bugs will die soon and Mama’s mattress will be free from it.

4. Using a Salt Water Mixture

Another simple mixture that is also easy to make is a mixture of water and salt.

Even though it’s simple, this mixture has been proven to be effective in eliminating bugs that have lodged on the mattress.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the flea dens thoroughly.


5. Spray With Vinegar

This one ingredient must be in your kitchen, right? It is a reliable flavouring agent to add acidity to foods.

Not only for flavoring food, vinegar can also be relied on to get rid of bed bugs.

Simply transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle and spray it on the flea dens. No need to mix it with water.

6. Sprinkle Silica Gel

Silica gel is a porous granule that is made synthetically from sodium silicate. You can get these items when you buy certain items, such as shoes, bags, or dry food.

If you get it, don’t throw it away right away. Silica gel can be used to get rid of bed bugs. Sprinkle all over the room and mattress, bed bugs will stick to the gel and die on their own.


However, if you have young children or have pets at home, don’t use this method.

The reason is, the silica gel that is scattered can be swallowed by them. Silica gel should not be swallowed as it can cause dehydration.

7. Dripping Wax

Apparently, candles are not only a savior when the lights go out. It can also save you from bed bugs.

How to use it is very easy. You only needs to burn a candle and drip the liquid into the nests of bed bugs.

8. Make Use of Durian Skin

Not only is the fruit delicious, durian skin can also be used to get rid of bed bugs.


You only needs to put it on your bed. The pungent smell of durian skin will eradicate these pests.

Therefore, don’t throw away the durian skin immediately after eating the fruit.

But if you use this method, your room will also be filled with the smell of durian. So, if you don’t like durian fruit, you should choose another way.

9. Spraying Insecticide

Bed bugs can also be eradicated with insecticide or insecticide. This chemical liquid is specially made to kill insects.

However, you should choose a mosquito repellent or insecticide that is not too harsh.


10. Durian Skin

You can get rid of bed bugs by using durian skin. Indeed, it sounds strange. However, durian itself is believed to give off a distinctive odor and is disliked by the bugs – so that at least within two days, it will “force” them out and “run away” from their hiding place.

11. Tamarind and Mindi Leaves

Just like durian fruit, tamarind and Mindi leaves are believed to have scents that are hated by bed bugs. You only need to put one of these two materials under the bed.

12. Kerosene and Camphor

Mix kerosene with camphor that has been ground until smooth. Stir well; then apply the mixture on the sidelines of the mattress, bed, and certain corners which are believed to have been the “home” of bed bugs. For information, a mixture of kerosene and camphor is believed to be able to kill lice, as well as their eggs.

13. Tobacco

Mix tobacco with water, then shake briefly until dissolved. Spray the solution onto the mattress. So, for maximum results, you can sprinkle a few handfuls of tobacco under the mattress.

14. Plastic Bag

Prepare a new, large black plastic bag (you can use a trash bag). Afterward, wrap the plastic bag with the plastic bag earlier, wrap the sheets, towels, blankets, or any items. Tie the plastic up – and try not to let the air enter.


15. Using Silica Gel

First of all, you can grind a number of silica gel crystals; then sprinkled it in the corners of the bedroom. This can be sprinkled partly on the mattress, around the mattress, and along the walls.

The silica gel is believed to be able to stick to the bed bug’s body and will not escape; so that slowly it can make bed bugs dehydrated and then die.

Expect to remain cautious. The reason is, you can also inhale the silica gel earlier.

Leave the plastic bag in the sun; at least one to two hours. The black color of the plastic is believed to be able to absorb heat; and increasing the temperature in the plastic, so that indirectly – the invisible fleas inside will die.

Bottom Line

These are some ways to get rid of bed bugs effectively. So, for maximum results, you can ask for help directly from a professional company.


In general, they have been trained and “understand” how to find bed bugs; here has a myriad of methods and tools that are ready to use. Good luck!