Life Hacks to Prevent & Get Rid of Cockroaches in Car Permanently

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cockroaches in car

It must be very annoying if your favourite car is entered by a cockroach. Cockroaches themselves are animals that carry many dangerous diseases, so that the presence of cockroaches in the car is very dangerous for passengers and car drivers.

If you experience an incident like this, it is better to immediately get rid of cockroaches in your car, before it lay some eggs and even harder to eliminate.

How do Cockroaches Get Into Cars

First, let’s discuss how the cockroach can get into your car. The reason there is a cockroach in the car is because the car is rarely cared for on the exterior and interior.

Another important factor why cockroaches can enter a car is because cockroach loves smelly and dirty places.

Cockroaches are very happy to be on the basic carpet section, between the door rubber list and the car.


The characteristics of a car that cockroaches have considered home to breed is:

If you see a small cockroach in the car, then it is certain that your car has become a breeding ground for cockroaches.

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Car

Before talking about how to eliminate them, it is better to know several habits that you didn’t realize actually welcoming cockroaches into your car.

1. Stop Eating Habit in The Car

For those of you who don’t want their car to become a cockroach nest, try not to eat in the car too often. Because it will attract cockroaches to come into your car.

Even if you eat in the car, try to clean up leftover food in the car, you can manually or use a blower.

2. Always Close Car Windows and Doors

Try if the car is not in use or in a parking condition, your car window and car doors do not open. Because if it is open, it will be access to cockroaches into your car.


3. Choosing a Clean Parking Lot

Keep the parking space you occupy clean. And also take care of the garage of your house, don’t get dirty, let alone a lot of trash in your car garage. Because this factor is also very important to know.

We hope that you immediately take steps to get rid of cockroaches in the car that we told you above. Do not let the cockroaches in the car damage your car components, such as cold car ac and other car components.

4. Clean the Car Regularly

As we explained earlier, cockroaches will not enter the car if it is always cleaned. Therefore, take care of your car in a disciplined manner so that cockroaches do not get into the car. Cleaning the windshield is also important in addition to the interior and exterior of the car.

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How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Car?

If this happens to your favorite car, it is recommended that you should get rid of them quickly, before it bring any diseases to you and your beloved family.


1. Jasmine Flowers

You only need to buy fresh jasmine flowers, of course. After that you sprinkle the jasmine flower petals to the car carpet and the gaps in the car where the cockroaches live.

Later on, the cockroaches will automatically go away by themselves after inhaling the scent of jasmine flowers in your car.

2. Mint-scented Mouthwash

In fact, these leaves can be used as a way to repel cockroaches in homes and cars. Relax, you can use mouthwash that has been put in a spray bottle.

Spray the car area for a minty scent, especially in the carpet, under the seats, and other gaps.

3. Mothballs or Camphor

Cockroaches don’t like the smell of camphor. If you put down a few pieces of camphor and leave the car doors and windows closed, the cockroaches will try to get out of your car.


To get faster results, you can use camphor and spray insecticide at the same time. If there is a gap, the cockroach will immediately get out of your car. However, if there is no air circulation in the car, the cockroaches will die slowly.

However, you need to be aware to don’t let this camphor nearby your children as it might cause seizure for them. Read more here.

4. Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are often used as a spice in the kitchen. Occasionally, use this natural ingredient to get rid of cockroaches.

The trick is to chop or slice the leaves into small pieces. After that, place the slices in any cracks that the cockroaches may have occupied.

Don’t forget to check and clean the dried bay leaves in your car.


5. Chemical Insecticides

If you want to use this method, it’s better to avoid your car with children first.

The method is quite easy:

  1. First, cover all the holes in the car.
  2. Then, spray the insecticide in the car or better if you see the cockroach.

6. Pandan Leaves

Similar to jasmine leaves, the scent of pandan leaves is not liked by cockroaches.

By putting the pandan leaves in your car, the cockroaches will run away and don’t dare to go to the car anymore.

The method of application is quite easy, all you have to do is cut the pandan leaves into small pieces, then place the pandanus part into the gap that is usually the entrance for cockroaches to your car.


7. Lemongrass Water

You can also use lemongrass water to repel cockroaches in the car. You just have to boil the lemongrass leaves, then use the lemongrass boiled water to put it in the car.

8. Use Cockroach Trap Glue

If all the ingredients that we convey above are difficult to obtain, then you can use the cockroach trap glue available at any convenient store in your city.

With this glue, the cockroach will automatically get stuck in the glue, after making sure the cockroach is trapped, you just have to throw the glue away from your car.

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9. Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used as a natural cockroach device. It’s easy, you just have to mix baking soda with sugar. Then put the mixture into your car. Later the cockroaches will be attracted to the baking soda mixture and automatically trapped in it.


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10. Soursop Leaf

Dry the soursop leaves, then mash until they are crushed. Put it in a certain container and hang it on the vehicle. This will produce a scent that this brown insect doesn’t like.

Complete Expulsion and Eradication

Usually, when the car has been attacked by these animals, they can control the garage area and enter the house. Do a thorough cleaning into your home with the help of a cockroach exterminator.