Eat Less But Still Fat? Here Are 10 Hacks to Boost Metabolism

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how to boost metabolism

Have you seen those skinny people that eat a lot but they are still skinny? Well, the metabolism speed plays an important role in here. You might eat lesser than him/her but if your metabolism is slower, you will still facing difficulties in reducing weight. But not to worry, in this article, we’re going to share you 10 hacks to boost your metabolism speed!

Understanding metabolism is a chemical process that occurs in the body’s cells to convert food and drink into energy. This energy is then used by the body to grow and develop. So the faster a person’s metabolism, the more energy will be produced. To be able to increase this metabolic process, there are several easy ways that can be done. Here’s an example.

1. Eat Spicy Food More Often

For some people, it is not complete to eat if the food is not spicy. Lucky for those who like and can stand spicy because spicy food can provide health benefits. Maybe those who don’t like spicy will change their mind when they know that spicy can actually boost the metabolism.

Besides being able to improve taste and increase appetite, by making food spicy, metabolism can increase. This is because in foods that contain spicy flavors contain what is called capsaicin. Capsaicin is a substance that can boost metabolism. For those who don’t like spicy, maybe you can learn little by little to be able to like spicy if you want to achieve the desired weight.

2. Try Standing Table While Working

The nature of being lazy to move is a bad trait. Those of you who have this lazy nature, don’t be surprised if your body feels weak and your metabolism drops.


This is why those who work just by sitting in the office can also experience a decrease in metabolism. Compared to sitting, standing is much better. Standing for long periods of time can help burn excess calories. So if you want to be more active, lose weight, boost metabolism, don’t be lazy to stand up and walk for a few minutes.

3. Reduce Stress

Life is hard, no wonder that people who are not strong enough to endure all kinds of problems can become stressed and depressed. If it is so, then the health of the body will also be affected. Keep in mind that stress can affect not only mental but also physical, metabolism is disrupted due to stress.

Stress can make your metabolism go down. Stress makes the body’s process of digesting take longer than normal. Not only that, the absorption of nutrients also goes down.

In fact, there is a tendency for people who are stressed to consume food that is not necessary. For example, eating sweet and fatty foods. So don’t forget to keep your stress level at the lowest level by doing something you like. Doing hobbies, sports, vacations, traveling with friends can be a solution to prevent stress.

4. Drink Coffee Regularly

Are you one of those people who like coffee? Coffee does have good health benefits. The important thing is to consume coffee in a reasonable amount. If some of you don’t really like coffee, maybe your views will change once you know that coffee can have an impact on the body’s metabolism.


Coffee contains a substance called caffeine. If this caffeine enters the body, its effect can increase metabolism. About 3-11% metabolism can increase so it is good for burning fat. If metabolism increases and fat burning becomes more effective, this will obviously have an effect on weight changes.

5. Drink Tea Regularly

Tea has long been known as a healthy drink. Regularly drinking tea can be healthy for the body because tea is effective for removing toxins in the body and is good for dieting. But that’s not all tea can provide. Just like coffee, tea can also increase the body’s metabolism.

Those who do not like coffee but want to boost metabolism, can replace coffee with tea. Green tea and oolong can boost metabolism by about 4-5%. Both types of tea can convert fat accumulated in the body into free fatty acids which can increase fat burning by 10-17%.

6. Drink Cold Water

Have you ever heard that drinking cold water can make a person fat? Somehow this assumption can arise, he said cold water can make fat freeze in the stomach and so on. This is what makes people afraid of drinking cold water. Though drinking cold water is a good thing.

You need to know that drinking cold water can actually make your metabolism faster. Why? When cold water enters the body, the body needs extra effort to make its temperature equal to body temperature.


No need to worry about the assumption that cold water can make you fat and can freeze belly fat. No matter the temperature, the calories are still 0. And if cold water can freeze belly fat, try touching your stomach, whether it feels cold like a refrigerator or not.

7. Increase Muscle Mass

Given that a fast metabolism can accelerate us to achieve the desired weight, it is important to find out how to make the metabolism faster. One effective and easy way to make this happen is with exercise. And one of the recommended sports is lifting weights.

There is a reason why this exercise can help increase metabolism. Muscle is the enemy of fat. The greater the muscle mass, the metabolism will increase, the fat in the body can also decrease. If you are reluctant to lift weights, your muscle mass will decrease, fat will automatically increase and your metabolism will go down.

8. Do Interval Exercises

Exercise can indeed help increase the body’s metabolism. Whether it’s lifting weights to increase muscle mass or cardio, any sport is good. But there will be a time when the body starts to get used to the exercise and the metabolism just stops at one level or even decreases.

To get around this, you need to change your training pattern. There is one effective exercise pattern to increase the body’s metabolism. This exercise is interval training. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not just a regular exercise, but there are intervals in each exercise. It is very effective for increasing metabolism after exercise is over.


9. Always Maintain Enough Sleep

Many things can affect the body if a person prefers not to sleep at night or stay up late. Whether it’s because of the reason you can’t sleep or because you have work, you shouldn’t sacrifice your health for other things. Moreover, it is known that lack of sleep is one of the factors that can reduce metabolism.

Lack of sleep is always associated with an increased risk of obesity. In addition, other effects of lack of sleep can also make blood sugar rise and insulin resistance. This can lead to what is called type 2 diabetes. To maintain health and metabolism, try to get an adequate and quality night’s sleep.

10. Increase Protein Consumption

Talking about food, a number of foods when consumed can have certain effects on the body. Carbohydrates can give the body energy, fiber is good for digestion, fat can be a source of energy, and protein is good for building muscle and increasing metabolism. Want a fast metabolism can be increased by diligently consuming foods that contain protein.

There are many foods that contain protein, you can find it in eggs, meat, beans, and some vegetables. Consuming protein makes the body need extra calories to digest and absorb protein. Besides being able to increase metabolism, protein can also make the stomach fuller. Not only full but full longer. This can make your intention to snack less.