Special Occasion Tomorrow? Look Thinner Overnight!

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how to look thinner overnight

Either you have to attend your friend’s wedding on the next day or you’re going to any special occasion, you’re aiming to appear the best by try to look a little slimmer. In this post, we’re going to give you tips and tricks on how to look thinner overnight!

Look Thinner Overnight

Dieting has never been easy for each one of us. It is actually so much harder than we thought since it requires so much of both hard work and consistency. A lot of people have been struggling as they walk through the process of their journey. 

Changing your body in just a day is totally impossible. However, there are several magical ways that you can do to make your body less bloated and less chubby. There are tricks that you can do even if you only have one day left before an important event. By doing these things, this could somehow change the way you look. 

These are the simple brilliant tips and tricks that you could incorporate within a day or even the night before. As result, you will look thinner just by overnight! 

1. Drinks to Avoid

So, we will start with the drinks that you need to avoid and cut off JUST for that day. The drinks that you should avoid are coffee, champagne and carbonated water. Any drink that contain gas, you should stay away from it. 


The reason behind this, is because those bubbles are going to make you feel bloated and you won’t feel great on the next day. So, the drink that you should be consuming instead of these beverages is water. You should be drinking lots of water every single day as it has a lot of good benefits for your body. 

Our body fluids have a lot of functions that include digestion, absorption, transportation of nutrients, circulation, maintenance of your body temperature and many more. Furthermore, drinking water could actually help to control and limit your calories intake.

2. Foods to Avoid

Before the special day, it is very much important for you to stay away from those starchy carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and pasta. It is a fact that carbohydrates will eventually make you bloat.

Therefore, this is why you should be cutting your consumption of carbohydrates away from you on the day before. If it is impossible for you to completely cut them off, reducing your carbohydrate intake will also do. 

I had to admit that living without carbs is really tough. But, just remember that you will be attending a special occasion tomorrow! Which means, you must survive today so that on the next day, you will be confident and satisfied with the way you look. Encourage yourself to survive today in order to see a beautiful rainbow tomorrow.


For your information, some people don’t even know if they are having carbohydrate intolerance. Msdmanuals explains that carbohydrate intolerance is when you are not capable in digesting certain carbohydrates caused by lack of one or more intestinal enzymes. 

People who are experiencing carbohydrate intolerance might be having difficulty in losing weight as they tend to bloat a lot. They won’t know whether they have carbohydrate intolerance until they consult with a doctor. 

For people who are not suffering from carbohydrate intolerance, they should be avoiding carbohydrates too. As more carbohydrates you consume, you will be retaining more water inside your body. At the end, it will cause bloating and you will appear to be puffier on the next day.

Avoiding carbohydrates is one of the best ways to prevent bloating and could make you look thinner overnight.

3. Consume Fiber

The crucial part here is to not forget about your fiber intake. Fiber has a lot of great benefits. As we all know, fiber is famous for speeding up the rate of our metabolism. 


Fiber is really good for our digestive system. By consuming loads of fiber, it could actually lower the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The reason behind this is because fiber helps to control both your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, it actually helps you to maintain your health too. If you choose to adapt in a high-fiber diet, you will eventually lose a huge amount of weight. Later on, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and be in a healthier lifestyle too.

The foods that contain a high source of fiber are oatmeal, chia seeds, flax seeds, and many more.  The best thing is,  they are going to supply you with a huge amount of energy without making you bloat. Switching your diet into a high-fiber diet for a day is really important  for those of you who want to look thinner overnight.

4. Stay Away From Salt

The reason why you should stay away from salt is because foods that are high in sodium will make your body retain water. Meaning, this will make your bloat appear ‘’fatter’’.

5. Consume Foods That Contains High Water

Try to eat plenty of food that is high in water like celery, watermelon, asparagus, and many more. Also, eat fruits that are high in potassium too, like bananas. They are going to help you regulate your fluid balance inside your body.


So these are just the things you should and should not consume during the day. Knowing these things, you should be able to look thinner overnight.

6. Do Simple Exercises

It is well suggested to do some exercises like yoga or Pilates before the day. The reason why yoga and Pilates is really good for you is because it focuses on lengthening your muscles without adding any bulk into your body. Additionally, these exercises could improve your body posture too.

So, I would personally recommend you to do quick exercises before you left for that special occasion. You will definitely feel amazing and confident with the way you look.

7. What You Wear Does Matter

In our article on tips and tricks to dress when you are fat, we’ve covered several dressing tricks to get the slimmer look.

It’s include wearing horizontal pattern, bright color, and some patterns that can actually make your body look slimmer.


Bottom Line

On top of everything, these are just several simple quick and easy tricks that you can do to instantly look thinner overnight.

To summarize, this is more about the things you should and should not consume. If you choose to apply some of these tricks into your lifestyle, you will be able to lose and maintain your weight.

Remember that, to change how your body looks permanently, you need to go on a long journey of dieting. There is no instant way when it comes to losing weight.