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how to develop growth mindset

One of the important key strategies to be able to build grit strength and tough resilience is to develop a growth mindset.

The growth mindset refers to the mentality that always sees every challenge as an opportunity to grow one’s abilities.

Growth mindset is a mindset that focuses on the process of self-growth or self-skills that continue to grow. When faced with a problem, he will see this problem not as something permanent and difficult to overcome. Instead, we shall see it as an opportunity to find creative solutions.

The Contrast Difference Between Growth and Fixed Mindset

The opposite of the growth mindset are people with a fixed mindset, or a rigid mindset that considers all problems and challenges as permanent, and difficult to overcome.

People with a fixed mindset will say: “I gave up, the problem is complicated and too difficult for me to face”. People with a growth mindset will say: “I will look for other alternative solutions and different ways to deal with it until it works.”


When they see other people succeed and achieve prosperity, people with a fixed mindset will say: “He’s just lucky, my fate is just like this.” People with a growth mindset will say: “Why is he successful, what strategies can I learn from him, so that I also achieve success.”

From the explanation above, we can see that people with a growth mindset are always trying to find loopholes to find solutions. He also has a tendency to not easily succumb to bad luck. Instead of lamenting it, he will see his current condition as a person who will still be able to grow better in the future.

People with a fixed mindset will see failure as a means to justify that they are incapable and will not be successful. Conversely, people with a growth mindset will see failure as a feedback to develop the way to achieve success.

How to Develop Growth Mindset?

Here are three applicable ways to develop a growth mindset within us.

1. Create Positive Self-Talk, Eliminate Negative Self Talk

Not infrequently when contemplating life and thinking about the future, flashes of negative self-talk appear, such as: I think it will be difficult for me to achieve financial abundance; my career is likely to stagnate; or my life will be like this; or I will not have the success I hope for; etc.


Such negative self talk will slowly grow a fixed mindset, not a growth mindset.

Therefore, self-talk content should be directed more towards positive expectations. For example: I will be able to achieve the success that I envision or , I will be able to achieve success in the business that I live.

Do positive talk regularly. Every time you reflect or pray, do self talk with a positive aura. Present the belief that your future will be brighter, as long as you are diligent in taking action.

The repetition of positive self talk will be able to foster a sense of self-confidence in our whole mind. This positive self talk will slowly grow a goth mindset and the strength of grit in us.

2. Focus on Solutions

The second way to cultivate a growth mindset is to focus on solutions, and not just pouring all your thoughts into the problems and difficulties that come with them.


In carrying out a series of actions to complete tasks or realize the goals to be achieved, we will surely meet various challenges and various problems. Of course we have to analyze this problem, where is the root of the problem, in order to find an effective solution.

But sometimes, we then expend too much energy on discussing the problem, and then are overwhelmed with worry about the various difficulties that come with it. Or we often spend too much time discussing problems, while often blaming various parties for causing the problem to occur.

A mindset that is too focused on the problem and the difficulties that accompany it, while blaming others, and is reluctant to take responsibility; slowly will be able to grow a fixed mindset and vice versa turn off the growth mindset.

It is appropriate that such a mindset is transformed into a more solution-oriented one. When faced with problem after problem, we should instinctively immediately think of a solution. What is the way out of this obstacle? What should we do in a better way, so that we can conquer this challenge, and be able to get better results?

Therefore, later when you are faced with a problem, then immediately appear a solution-oriented response. Cultivate the habit to immediately always think of effective solutions, whenever you encounter problems and obstacles.


When you encounter obstacles or problems, you should not immediately say: the problems are many, sir, I have difficulty achieving the target because the problems are many. This kind of response, Steve Jobs said, is an office boy class response.

3. Accept Challenges

The third way to cultivate a growth mindset is to accept challenges at work as opportunities to grow.
When we work, we are often faced with complex and challenging assignments (challenging tasks). Some people may accept the assignment somewhat reluctantly and also fear that they will not be able to complete it completely. Or some even reject it because they think the task is too difficult for him.

If we want our growth mindset to continue to grow, then we should accept this challenging assignment with open arms. Because it is precisely with this increasingly complex and challenging job or assignment that our abilities will continue to grow. Work that is increasingly complex is actually a good opportunity for us to further improve our skills and experience.

Therefore, later when you are faced with new assignments that are increasingly complex and more complicated, you should accept this job with full responsibility, open arms and a spirit of optimism. Because only through increasingly challenging work, your potential will continue to grow. On the other hand, if your work becomes monotonous and routine, your growth process will become stagnant.

Final Thought

Thus, three applicable ways to grow a growth mindset in us. Once again, cultivating this growth mindset is a crucial step to maintaining grit and resilience within us.


If your mind can’t reach the growth mindset, and instead gets stuck in a fixed mindset. Then, the grit and day resilience within you will slowly disappear. However, if the growth mindset continues to grow throughout your soul, then surely your grit and resilience will continue to grow impressively.


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