How to Love Yourself More: 10 Simple & Easy Steps to Begin

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how to love yourself more

Have you often hear the word “love yourself more”? And what does the importance of loving yourself more?

No one in this world is perfect, everyone must have weaknesses. If you can keep this in your mindset, it will not become a burden on your mind.

Accepting your own weakness is better than having to think why this should happen to you and stress because of it.

Instead of continuing to hate yourself for your shortcomings and unfair life, it’s better to try to find a way to start love yourself. Here’s how you can love yourself more.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Everyone has their own uniqueness. People have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, some people are good in math, while they’re sucks at sports.


So, don’t be upset if you can’t do well in something.

Although this is a common thing, there are still people who compare themselves to others.

We can never be someone else because each of us are unique. No matter how hard we try, we can’t be anyone else.

All we can do is compare ourselves with our past. See how far have we grown and improved instead of comparing us with other people.

2. Learn to Accept

Life is difficult is a harsh reality that we must accept. Nothing is easy in life. Usually, people tend to seek defense and justification that they have done the right thing. If something bad happens, it is someone else’s fault or it ends up blaming fate or fate is like that.


Just accept that life is difficult, no need to make excuses. Not only us who feel life is difficult but other people too. It is possible that other people have more difficult lives, you will never know.

Instead of complaining about life being difficult or living unfairly, it is better to learn to be grateful because you are still given the opportunity to live. In order to love yourself more, learn to accept first!

3. Be Selective in Choosing Your Circle

Many people underestimate in socializing. Hang out as much as possible without having to look beyond what our friends are like. Hanging out is fine, but still we have to be picky about which one to be close friends with. Because if you choose the wrong friend it can actually have a bad influence in life.

We live in a difficult world, there are always problems that must be faced. Choosing the right friends can help us in overcoming the problems we face. Meanwhile, bad friends will actually affect negatively to our lives.

If your life is already hard, a bad friend will just harden your life even more. So, be selective in choosing friend. If there is something that can bring a bad influence, stay away slowly without having to be hostile.


4. Do What You Like

When people are bored, they will look for ways to get rid of this boredom. Allowing boredom to drag on will make the mood even more damaged, which results in whatever the result is bad. Even though what has been done is often done but because the mood is damaged, everything is chaotic too.

To feel refreshed, do what you like. It’s also a great way to love yourself more. Everyone must have preferences. Listening to music, exercising, shopping, watching movies and sleeping. Do whatever you like to get rid of fatigue and as a form of your respect and love for yourself more.

5. Give Yourself an Appreciation

Do you often hear the words to keep working hard even though you are tired of beating your body? You must have, this greeting is often said either by friends, parents, teachers, or lecturers. Hard work is fine, but keep in mind that don’t let yourself get stressed out by working too hard. Sometimes you have to reward yourself.

Rewards or awards can vary. Maybe with you take a moment to rest and reflect on the achievements that have been achieved while preparing for the next target. Or you can do self-care with a manicure, pedicure, or work out at the gym.

6. Learn to See From The Other Side

Indeed, life is sometimes difficult and sometimes happy. During happy moments, we often forget ourselves and tend to be too happy with these moments.


Likewise, when they are sad, many people are so lost in the sadness that is happening in their life. This clearly has a bad effect on yourself.

When good things happen, feel free to be happy but keep calm. Prepare yourself for bad things that might happen.

When bad things happen, don’t think too much about it. Keep trying to think clearly. Thinking clearly can help us to find positive things from bad events that happen to us.

7. Share to Someone

When you have a lot of thoughts and don’t know what to do, it’s better not to bury them alone. Holding on to your own problems is less likely to solve them and instead makes your mind more stressed. If you love yourself, it’s better to find friends to chat with.

Friends with whom to chat better be chosen correctly. Not all friends can provide solutions and keep our secrets.


There are things that make our problems the subject of gossip. Communicate well what is on your mind to your confidant friend. Solving complex problems is better with two heads than with one head.

8. Reactive and Proactive

Try to think about what you have been doing in the past few weeks or months. Are you guys doing the proper habits? Are you doing good or bad? It becomes important to do self-introspection of what is less and more in us. Are we reactive and proactive in life?

Being a reactive and proactive person is important in life because it is what we do will turn back on ourselves. How do you react in certain situations? When we do something and it goes badly, what can we do wrong? How do we learn from mistakes so that they don’t happen again.

9. Identify What’s on Your Mind and How To React

Do you know what is on your mind well? When someone is upset and asked what is the cause of the confusion, normally they will answer that they don’t know.

By not being able to recognize the contents of the mind, it is difficult for that person to find a way out.


To make your mind free from unnecessary things, first identify what is on your mind. After you find the cause, then find out a solution to overcome it. By being able to know yourself, then you can take whichever solution is right so that you can finally feel relieved and avoid negative things.

10. Accept Yourself For What It Is

The peak when you can feel happy is when you can accept yourself as you are. You can’t possibly be like other people, no matter how hard you try. Different physique, different brain, different mindset. So, what is undertaken, and the choice chosen is not necessarily the same as one another.

If you are lacking in some things and get criticized, don’t bother. Just accept it all. Especially if you have done what you thought was best. Others can only criticize without knowing what position we are in and what options are available to it. Even if our parents judge us this way or that, just ignore it.