10 Hacks to Get Red Lips Naturally With Home Remedies

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how to get red lips naturally home remedies

Lips that are dry, dull and pale can certainly interfere with the appearance of being less attractive. It’s no wonder both men and women are looking for a variety of powerful tips to keep lips moisturized and fresh every day. There are several home remedies, practical ways to get red lips quickly and naturally. This is the use of natural ingredients that are safer for lip health.

You already know that healthy lips generally have the characteristic of being moist and pink. If you are healthy, you don’t have to bother using lipstick because it can show the beauty of your lips naturally. Unfortunately, many people may not think so. Don’t worry, you can handle it well.

Have your lips gotten darker? Or frequent flaking and dryness? There are many causative factors that you need to avoid. Like smoking, often drinking alcohol to not drinking enough. Try to minimize the causes of these black and dry lips.

In addition, you can be helped with several ways to maintain healthy lips so that they remain natural red which we will discuss as follows.

1. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil itself is not only useful as one of the home remedies to get red lips but also to moisturize chapped and dry lips. However, to get the benefits, you must regularly apply coconut oil to the lip area evenly, during the day and night.


2. Apply Honey

As we know, honey has a variety of health benefits. One of them is for lip health and one of the home remedies to get red lips. Lots of sources have reviewed the benefits of honey to make lips bloom naturally red. Apart from its benefits, the use of honey certainly will not drain your pockets. Honey is also very easy to find.

If you choose honey as one of your lip treatments, use it regularly every night by applying it on your lips. Before applying honey, don’t forget to always make sure that your lips are clean from lipstick, food marks or anything else.

3. Apply Olive Oil

It is no secret that olive oil is considered the world’s miracle oil for beauty. There are many properties of olive oil that we can feel even after using it. Well, you can take advantage of the home remedies of olive oil for lip health and keep them naturally red all the time.

How to use it? It’s very easy, you just apply olive oil mixed with granulated sugar and then rub it on all surfaces of the lips. Your lips should be clean of lipstick first. Then rub it gently to remove dead skin cells on your lips. If you do it regularly, you will see results immediately.

4. Apply Lime

Lime is well known for its acidic content which can lighten blackened lips. Specifically, lime contains vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids. This content is useful for removing dead skin cells and then it will regenerate perfectly to create naturally redder lips.


5. Apply Turmeric & Milk Mask

Apart from the fruit family, you can also find home remedies to make your lips naturally healthy and red. Turmeric and milk are the perfect combination to make your lip mask. The method is quite easy starting from mixing these two ingredients with milk and forming a paste then finally applying it to the lips.

6. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

In addition, you can also use aloe vera gel on unhealthy lips such as lips that appear black. Aloe vera itself contains compounds that can inhibit melanin production in the lips. The result is lips will look brighter and fresher. You only need to apply the aloe vera evenly for a few minutes until it dries. Finally, rinse with clean water.

7. Apply Lemon

Just like lime, lemon is also rich in vitamin C which is effective in brightening and brightening lips naturally. How to use it can also be mixed with added sugar which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin surface of the lips. Apply both of these mixtures for 5 minutes on your lips then massage gently.

8. Apply Rose Water

Usually we use rose water for various purposes including reddened lips naturally. However, did you know that actually rose petals also have similar benefits. It is believed that the rose petals contain natural sugars and oils that will keep the skin moisturized. You can mix it with milk which will also act as a natural lip balm.

9. Applying Strawberries

Not many people know that strawberries also have the same properties as the natural ingredients that we have discussed. So strawberries through their vitamin C content will provide the nutrients needed by the lips to make them naturally red. How to use it is also very easy where you only need to split the strawberry in half then rub it on the lips.


10. Applying Chocolate

Chocolate is not only a delicious snack food, chocolate can also be used for lip health and redden black lips. So, to use it you can mix chocolate with cocoa butter. The antioxidant content of chocolate will help to ward off free radicals and overcome dry and dark aunts.

Bottom Line

Now, you’ve know all the home remedies to get the red lips naturally, quickly, fast and permanently. Of course, the tips and tricks above must also be supported by efforts to keep your lips and body healthy. For example, by consuming enough water, nutritious food, exercise and others.

Take good care of your lips, because poor care can make them rough, dry, chapped and dark. Whatever beauty treatment you choose The most important thing is to always keep your lips healthy, because healthy lips will certainly show their beauty. Instead of choosing chemicals to beautify lips, take advantage of safe natural ingredients.

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