13 Hacks to Get Rid of Mouse From Your House

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Get Rid of Mouse From Your House

Mouse is a small animal that are hated by many people, especially if they’re in your house! But how to get rid of mice, which is necessary and effective to apply? In this article, we’re going to show you some natural ways to get rid of them, without using any chemical!

Why Mouse Can Get in to Your House?

These animals usually live in dirty places, such as sewers, pipes, rice fields, and even trash cans. Therefore, rats can also carry dirt and germs into the house. If you spotted mouse in your house, of course it will trigger various diseases.

Other than that, you need to know that rat urine has a strong odor and contains harmful bacteria!

Well, through this article, we will discuss:

  • How to get rid of rats from the house using a variety of natural ingredients.
  • The method that has been proven and guaranteed to get rid of house mouse.
  • The tools and materials are also classified as easy to find.

Let’s look at the full review as follows.


How to Get Rid of Mouse From Your House

1. Coffee Powder

How to get rid of mouse from house

Coffee is a material that is in almost every home. It turns out that mice have a keen sense of smell. A mouse always uses its smell to track the tracks it leaves.

As we know, coffee grounds also have a sharp aroma. Mice don’t like these scents, so they will avoid areas where coffee grounds are found.

Here’s what to do to get rid of mice using coffee grounds:

  1. Prepare enough black coffee powder
  2. Sprinkle it in a corner of the house where rats often pass.

Very simple, right? Don’t forget, the coffee powder used must be black coffee.


2. Noni Fruit

How to get rid of mouse from house

The next way to repel mouse at house is to use noni fruit. Many already know that this fruit has many health benefits.

Then, how do you use noni fruit to repel mice? No need to be confused, immediately prepare a container and a knife.

Once everything is ready, do this immediately:

  1. Cut the noni fruit until it is divided into several parts.
  2. Place the pieces in the corner of the house where the mice are nest.

One thing to note: Immediately replace the noni pieces when it starts to dry out.


3. Eggshells

How to get rid of mouse from house

Well, usually egg shells become kitchen waste. But this time, you can use it as a rat repellent at home.

The trick is not to just keep it, but crush it until smooth.

The tools needed are:

  • Egg shells (prepare quite a lot)
  • Pounder or blender

If everything is ready, the next steps are:


  1. Dry egg shells (can be dried in the sun or put in the oven)
  2. Mash or blend until it becomes a powder
  3. Sprinkle eggshell powder over the house area

Not only rats, egg shells can also be used to repel ants and cockroaches. If you are not at home, you can also use egg shells as organic fertilizer.

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4. Garlic

How to get rid of mouse from house

Kitchen spices to repel mouse at house, why not? Many think that garlic can repel vampires, but it turns out that rats are also scared of!

Apart from garlic, also prepare enough gauze.


What could it be for?

This gauze, will later be used as a wrapper for garlic.

Here are the steps:

  1. Slice the garlic into pieces
  2. Wrap the garlic in gauze
  3. Place the garlic packet in an area where rats often pass

Leave it for a few days and the mice won’t come again.

5. Mint Leaves

How to get rid of mouse from house


In fact, mint leaves are a very effective ingredient in repelling rodents.

If you are interested in using mint leaves, prepare these ingredients in advance:

  • Mint leaves
  • Enough water
  • Blender
  • Spray

All ready?

Here’s how to get rid of mice with mint leaves:

  1. Blend the mint leaves until crushed
  2. Mix with a little water
  3. Place in a spray container
  4. Spray the mint leaf water mixture on areas where rats frequent

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6. Soursop Leaves

How to get rid of mouse from house

The next way to get rid of mice is using soursop leaves! Soursop leaves contain a stimulating substance that gives off an aroma that rats don’t like.

Just like mint leaves, soursop leaves must also be crushed using a blender.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Provide several widths of soursop leaves
  2. Blend or simply tear the soursop leaves into small pieces
  3. Keep it in an area with rats often
  4. Replace the soursop leaves when they are dry

The aroma that comes out of the torn soursop leaves is one of the things that rats hate.


Keep in mind that mice don’t like pungent smells. Therefore, mouse must have hated the smell of the torn soursop leaves.

7. White Vinegar & Cotton Balls

How to get rid of mouse from house

This ingredient can be found easily in the kitchen. Rat noses are very sensitive, while the smell of vinegar is very strong.

Predictably, the smell of vinegar irritated the rat’s sense of smell!

Prepare the following tools and materials:


  • White vinegar
  • Container
  • Cotton balls
  • Rubber gloves

It’s worth noting that white vinegar is a tricky way to get rid of mouse at house.

Here’s how:

  1. Clean floors or areas that rats frequent
  2. Wipe / mop the floor using clean water
  3. Smear a cotton ball with white vinegar (protect hands with gloves)
  4. Keep a cotton ball covered in vinegar in the rat nest

Once the cotton balls have started to dry, re-grease them with white vinegar. Do this method over and over until you are sure the mouse has run away from the house.

Remember, always wear gloves when pouring the vinegar on the cotton ball! The reason is, the acid content in vinegar can harm the hands.

8. Pepper

How to get rid of mouse from house


Let’s try again using herbs. This time we will use pepper or black pepper powder. Not only rats, even the human sense of smell will also be disturbed if you inhale the pepper powder.

Just imagine, mice that have a more sensitive sense of smell will certainly run away. This kitchen spice has a spicy aroma and taste. This is certainly not liked by mice.

The texture is very small, making it very easy to use.

Here’s how:

  1. Sprinkle peppercorn in the corners of the house.
  2. Guaranteed, the rats in the house will run away and don’t dare to come back.

9. Used Tea Bags

How to get rid of mouse from house


How frequent do you drink tea? If it is often enough, from now on, don’t throw the bag away. Instead of throwing it away, it’s better to use it as a way to get rid of mice at home.

Why can tea bags be used to repel mice? Apparently, the peppermint content in tea bags can irritate rats’ noses. Of course this will make the mouse’s sense of smell very disturbed. If you have this, the mouse will give up and come back into the house.

Just do the following simple ways:

  1. Store the used tea bag in one corner of the room where rats often pass.
  2. As much as possible, keep used tea bags that are still damp.

Why? Tea bags that are still quite wet have a stronger aroma than those that are dry.

10. Cloves

How to get rid of mouse from house


Who doesn’t like the smell of cloves? This one seed can be said to have a fragrant and calming aroma.

Not infrequently, cloves are used as a drink mixture. The warm taste with a soothing aroma can make the body relax more.

Luckily that doesn’t apply to mice. The fragrant aroma produced by cloves is one of the things that rats really hate. This time, you also needs gauze.

Immediately, here’s how to get rid of mice using cloves:

  1. Put some cloves in the gauze
  2. Wait a few days for it to dry completely
  3. Place the cloves in the corners of the room where rats often pass

Also, make sure the cloves you use are really dry!


You can also make several packs of gauze filled with cloves, then store them in various corners of the house.

11. Durian

How to get rid of mouse from house

This delicious thick fleshy fruit is in fact very effective in repelling mice in the house. Still the same, we use this method to make moderately sensitive mice uncomfortable. The smell of rats will be disturbed by the smell of durian which is quite strong.

What a shame if you use durian meat? Take it easy! Just use the skin, so that we can still eat durian and use its skin to repel these stubborn animals.

The method is very easy, just save the durian skin in several corners of the house that is suspected of being a rat nest. You can also store it under the table, behind the refrigerator or near the drain.


12. Bay leaves

How to get rid of mouse from house

As we know, bay leaves are used as a fragrance for some cuisine including both meat, vegetables and other types of snacks.

Bay leaves are often paired with galangal, so that the taste and aroma of cooking becomes stronger.

Although the fragrance of bay leaves feels good on our noses, it is said that the same thing does not happen to mice.

Slice the bay leaves thinly and place them where rats often pass. This will make the mice feel uncomfortable and drive them away from the bay leaves.


However, there are some rats who are stubborn and eat the bay leaves instead. Uniquely, the content of bay leaves is known to be not friendly to the digestive organs of mice. So as to be able to kill him.

Change the bay leaves regularly when they are dry, usually take about 3 days, and see the effect.

13. Paris Plaster & Cocoa Powder

How to get rid of mouse from house

Some countries implement this method of repelling rats. That said, a mixture of pairs plaster and cocoa powder can make the rodent run wild!

After the two ingredients are mixed, sprinkle them on the areas where mice sneak into the dwelling.


First, the fragrant cocoa powder will lure mice to eat it little by little.

Well, this is where the Paris plaster works. This material will make the mice thirsty and immediately go out to find water. Just a little bit of Paris tape is enough to repel mice.

Don’t be too much, you will end up dying in the narrow corners of the room and it’s difficult to take it. Especially if the smell of the carcass has spread to all corners of the house!