12 Hacks to Keep Ants Away From Home Permanently

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how to keep ants away

Ants are one of the most populous animals in the world. Animal experts estimate there are at least more than one million ants per human on this earth. Therefore, the expert also said almost all the house have ants.

Ants will come out of their nests to find food, especially in the rainy season and when there is food splattered or spilled drinks on the floor. The question is, how to keep these ants away from home?

How to Keep Ants Away From Home Permanently

1. First, Find The Ant Nest

The first thing you need to do is by finding the ant nest. According to the research, the ant queen can laid up to thousand eggs per day. So, no matter how many ants you killed, the new one will just keep appearing.

The first thing you wanna do is to find their nest. Before that, you need to know that ants will always move in a row. They will always move from their nest towards the food source.


Hence, follow where they’re heading to and you’ll know their nest location! The next step is to repel them using things that will be listed below.

2. Pour Boiling Water Pot Upside Down on It

Banish the fire ant colony around the yard of the house by placing a flower pot upside down above the anthill hole. Pour boiling water through the pot water drain and the ant won’t come out of the nest.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar can actually kill or keep ants away. If you see a row of stubborn ants on the edge of the floor or on a table, you can get rid of them by applying vinegar solution mixed with water, or just vinegar liquid.

The smell of vinegar may not last long in the human sense of smell, but it is for ant! Vinegar is known of it function as ant repellent and killer.

4. Insect Repellent Lime

Anti-buffer lime can also be a surefire way to eradicate stubborn ants at home. This chalk is made of calcium carbonate whose scent is not liked by ants or other insects.


The way to use it is easy. Simply draw a circular line around the ant inlet and exit points, such as at the bottom of the wall where many ants often roam.

Keep the rest of the lime in a place that is difficult for children and pets to reach at home so that it is not played haphazardly or even accidentally eaten.

5. Flour

If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can actually drive away ants using wheat flour.

Simply sprinkle a row of flour along the back of the kitchen shelf and wherever you see ants in and out (ant nests). Ants will not be able to break through or cross the line of flour that you have sown.

6. Lemon

Acidic lemons can also be used as a way to expel natural ants as they don’t like the sour aroma of lemons.


The trick is simply by putting lemon juice into a spray bottle. Then, spray lemon juice in the cracks of the door and window. You can also drip lemon juice into the hole or gap where ants enter. Finally, spread a small slice of lemon peel around a crack in a door, window or on the kitchen floor.

In addition to expelling ants, lemons are also effective at getting rid of cockroaches and fleas. Just blend 4 lemons and mix with two liters of water in a bucket. Then, flush the floor of your house, or mop using lemon water. After that, mop the floor again with clean water and dry it.

7. Pepper

Pepper can also be one of the natural ingredients to drive away ants in your home. If you have started to get a lot of ants, you can sprinkle ground black pepper or ground chili on the edge of the floor. The hot and spicy pepper and chili aroma can make ants reluctant to rise to the surface.

8. Salt

The method is the same as using pepper. Sprinkle salt with a line thickness of about 3 to 5 centimeters along the ant nest, or you can sprinkle it on the entire edge of the porch. Trapping access in and out of the ant with a long stretch of salt. As a result, the ants will not be able to get out of the nest and into your home.