14 Hacks to Prevent and Get Rid of Lizard From Your Home

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how to get rid of lizard at home permanently

Having trouble of lizard that keep coming to your house? You’ve came to the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you all the hacks to get rid of the lizard from your home permanently.

After getting rid of them, we’re also going to share you some tips to prevent these lizards from coming to your house anymore.

There are various hacks that we’re going to share starting from natural to unusual hacks such as using glass traps. Check out below:

1. Tobacco Powder Bag

Tobacco Powder

Tobacco is a natural ingredient that is effective in repelling lizards. Tobacco is poisonous to lizard and they hate the pungent smell of it.


To make the tobacco not messy and doesn’t give an ugly look into your house , here are some things to prepare:

  • Tobacco powder
  • Little plastic
  • Rubber

After everything is prepared, you can start making lizard repellent by inserting tobacco powder into a little plastic. Then, tie it with rubber and make a hole in the plastic so that the smell of tobacco can spread.

How to Get Rid of Lizard From Home

With the tobacco powder that you made, place it on each entry of your house such as windows, doors, holes, pipes.

If you also hate the tobacco smells, you can always place it outside your house. For example, outside the window or door.

2. Peacock Feathers

Why does a peacock feather scare away a house lizard


You might want to ask this question: Why does a peacock feather scare away a house lizard?

Peacocks are the natural prey for the house lizards. They might known as the lizard’s biggest enemy that always hunt them down. Hence, it is a nature for the lizards to fear of their predator. Whenever they spot a peacock feather, they will quickly assume it is the predator that hunts them down.

You can place the peacock feather in your kitchen or the area where the lizards were come.

Note: This trick might not work all the time. In case it doesn’t, please try the other point to get rid of lizard from your home.

3. Eggshells

do lizards hate egg shells


If you’ve just finished cooking with some eggs, don’t throw them away first. Fortunately, you can utilize these eggshells to get rid of the lizard from your home.

The fond smell released by the eggshell turns out to be disliked by lizards. Lizards can’t stand the smell of eggs!

Therefore, you might want to leave them for 1 day to repel them from getting to your house. And in the next day, you can throw them for hygiene purpose. To stay hygiene, we recommend you to put only in the kitchen area.

4. Using Pepper, Onion, and Garlic

Garlic pepper onion to repel lizard

Spices such as pepper, shallots, and garlic has the pungent smell that hated by lizard. This trick might be the cheapest option you can choose to get rid of lizard from your home.


The way to make this “concoction” repellent lizard is very simple. Simply puree these three spices in a blender so that they are perfectly smooth. After that, mix the spices that have been mashed with water and fill them into a spray bottle that is no longer used.

Voila! The lizard repellent mixture has been successfully made. Spray this liquid into the corner of the room that is often occupied by lizards.

5. Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder to get rid lizard permanently from home

Just like cockroaches, lizards hate the strong smell coming from coffee powder.

To make it neat, you can place the coffee powder inside a cup. Then, place it on the places they often appear. You might also want to place them behind cupboards or shelves where they often hide.


6. Spray Detergent Solution or Soapy Water

how to get rid of lizard at home permanently

This method is quite easy to do. Use a mixture of soap or detergent and water to get rid of the house lizard.

Here are some things you can prepare:

  • Water
  • Detergent or liquid soap
  • Used spray bottle
  • Put the water mixture with detergent or soap into the used spray bottle that has been prepared.

To use it, just spray this liquid on the body of the lizard who is hanging out on the wall. Spray repeatedly until the lizard gets dizzy and falls to the floor.

7. Using Mosquito Repellent Spray

Mosquito Repellent to repel lizard from house


Mosquito repellent can be a practical way for those of you who don’t want to bother mixing lizard repellent.

Lizards will immediately get drunk when they inhale the chemicals in this spray drug. The pungent smell of the spray medicine will immediately make the lizards run away when inhaling from afar.

Besides, you can also use the mosquito coil and place it in the corner of each room. Besides mosquito, it turnout that lizards also hate the pungent smell from it.

8. Using Mothballs


Mothballs, which are used to scent cabinets, can also be used to repel lizards. The smell of camphor, which is fragrant but strong, is hated by lizards.


To use it, you can simply hang camphor in the corners of the house which is often inhabited by lizards.

9. Use Lubricant Paint on Your Wall

Geckos rely heavily on their ability to crawl on the walls and ceilings of houses. This ability allows them to survive.

However, lizards can only stick to rough and textured wall surfaces. You can exploit this weakness so that the lizard can no longer approach food at home. For that, try to coat the walls with paint that creates a slippery effect or install tiles.

Based on the observations, the presence of lizards is less in the houses where the walls are tiled than those coated with “lubricant” paint.

Now, Make Sure They Don’t Come Back

After the grueling process of getting rid of lizards, of course you don’t want to repeat the process again.


For that, you must have thought about preventive measures so that the lizard does not come back or in other word, get rid of them permanently.

Check out some simple steps that you can practice at home:

10. Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The reason lizards stay in your house is usually because they can find food there. These foods are mosquitoes.

By getting rid of mosquitoes, lizards will not return home again.

To get rid of mosquitoes effectively, check out our complete guidance here.


Just make sure, there is no water standing by the remaining rain in the yard and cover the water reservoir tightly. In addition, clean sewers and drains regularly, at least once a week.

If you succeed in doing this, it is certain that the lizards will not return home because they no longer have a reason to stay in a mosquito-free house.

11. Maintaining Home Cleanliness

maintain home cleanliness to repel lizard

Apart from mosquitoes, lizards also love food consumed by humans. This animal loves to eat food scraps that fall to the floor.

Therefore, be diligent in cleaning up leftovers that fall under the table so that the lizard has no reason to visit.


In addition, start a culture of cleaning the dining table after finishing eating. Besides functioning to prevent lizards from returning home, this method will also make the house look tidier and cleaner.

12. Maintaining the “Lizard’s Predator”

Having a cat to get rid of lizard permanently at home

Cats are lazy animals. However, when they see something that is moving, they will immediately activate and approach it because of the curious nature of cats.

Therefore, the cat will always be a “predator” lizard who likes to make sudden movements. In fact, cats don’t actually eat lizards because they just love to “play” their catch.

However, sometimes cats can eat lizards when they are hungry. That way, the cat will of course become a “guard” of the house that can be relied on to ward off lizards.


13. Closing the Lizard’s Enter Access

Usually, lizards enter through the vents and crevices around the house. To cover the vent, you can use a mosquito net.

As for the cracks at home, you can use duct tape or double tape. This method will make it difficult for the lizard to find a way to enter the house.

Not infrequently, you will find a lizard trying to get stuck in a closed gap. If this happens, you can release them and throw them away from the house.

You can catch the lizards with this bug catcher without touching them.


14. On The Air Conditioner

Does air conditioning kill lizards

Lizard don’t like cold air because they are warm-blooded animals. Ensuring that the air in the house remains cool will make lizards think twice about living in your house.

Even though it sounds simple, this method might cost a lot. The reason is, in addition to the expensive installation costs, the electricity costs incurred are not small.

Bottom Line

Let us know in the comment section which hack works for you to get rid of lizard from your house permanently. And if you have some other hacks to repel lizard, do let us know in the comment section!