8 Signs That Your Partner Loves You Without They Saying

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signs your partner loves you

Have you ever thought how deep is your love between you and your partner? Do these questions come rushing to your mind when your relationships are facing issues or difficult times? In this article, we’re going to show you 7 signs that your partner loves you without they saying a word.

First, you need to know that the perfect relationships never exists unless you both are some saint or goddess. It’s impossible to hear that there were no fights or conflicts between a couple.

In every Instagram-perfect couple photo you have seen in your social media, there is surely some sadness and anger behind the smiles of that happy couple. No matter how kind or nice a person is, there surely are times when you lose patience during a downtime of your life.

Thus, a relationship is not all rainbows and unicorns, but it is more on how you manage a storm or downfall as a team and not as an individual. Successful relationships are those that are so stable to the point no matter how bad the situation is. They are just inseparable as they both know the true meaning of “what matters most in life?”.

If you are in a conflict with your partner and unsure if he/she still has feelings for you, below will be some signs that your partner still loves you and treasures you.


1. Your Partner Prioritize You No Matter What

signs your partner loves you

No matter the events and stage of life you both are facing, your partner always prioritizes your needs above theirs. They are willing to put your happiness above their own as they are only happy when you are happy.

The willingness to do it undeniable to the extend they may forget to take care of themselves. In this case, remember not to take their selflessness for granted so that they do not reach the emotional drainage stage. It takes courage and pure unconditional love to do so.

Treasure them if you had found one. This is a rare gem of life, for those who are consistent in loving their partner this way. Most people do this for only the first few years of the relationship. This is where the relationships may not be as happy as it used to be if one party starts to wear off. The best feeling a partner would love to hear does not even costs money.

“You are always my priority!” is a simple yet meaningful phrase couples should practice when in doubt for any situations in life. It gives a level of comfort to your partner to feel more secure and safe that your relationship is not affected by external factors.


2. Your Partner Solves The Problem as a Team, Not as an Individual

signs your partner loves you

If you ever notice, if your partner often uses the term “We” instead of “I” when communicating it indicates a lot of meaning to your relationship status. For example, for unmarried couples they may randomly talked about “How many kids should WE have in the future?” instead of “How many kids I want to have in the future”. Well, this is another signs that your partner loves you unconditionally.

The term “We” and “I “shows an unconscious thinking of your partner if you still play a role in their future. Besides noticing the signs, they communicate, another way your partner shows that he/she loves you is by them letting you share your problems comfortably to them.

Making your partner feeling like they do not judge you and being able to share the problem and solving matters as a team is a form of great support system for your mental health and happiness as a couple.

During your partner’s downtime, they may be emotionally unstable and may talk about things they do not mean it. At this point of time, a partner who stays patient shows how much they value the relationship and love you.


Being the patient one and working out to solve the issue as a team means taking care of their feelings with every action and steps you conduct. This is not an easy step as some partner gets emotionally drained if their partner continues having mood swings and at the same time not giving enough love back or not showing appreciation for the effort made by the other partner for trying to solve the matter as a team. It may feel one sided, and your partner who was there during your downtime may feel neglected. Thus, if you found one that stays, treasure this gem of life!

3. Your Partner Supports Your Goals and Dreams

Your Partner supports your Goals and Dreams

In our early adulthood, as we are in a relationship with someone, we will come to a stage where we will be discussing about our major goals in life. Having dreams and goals in life is what keeps us moving forward in life. It is important to have a sense of direction to keep our goals met.

In pursuing your dreams and goals, it would be best if you have a partner that could support you in this huge element in your life. Having a common goal and dream is what makes a relationship lasts longer. Even though, there are also many cases where men work on their own business and getting rich without the help of their spouse.

As long we both parties can chase their dreams and goals without affecting the relationship. Giving support to your partner plays a very important role in a relationship. Some may say “Every guy’s dream is to be rich and own a Sports car!”. Some may say “Every girl’s dream is to get married at their goal age before they get too old, as nobody wants an old married photo, right?”.


Discussing your goals and understanding the concern from both sides are equally important. If your partner does not truly support your goals, it may be a bad sign. As eventually you will not be a happy person as one of your major goals which are important to you is not important to in your partner’s view. It shows how they do not truly taken care of your needs and dreams.

4. Your Partner Shows Commitment

signs your partner loves you

Loving a person is never made easy, we need to compromise certain things in life. No pain, no gain is a saying which is true. Every good stuff takes effort and sincerity. Staying consistently committed to your partner may sound like an easy task for new young couples. This is because they had not reached the stage where reality sets in.

At the early stage of a relationship, both parties will say yes to everything including not being themselves or even agreeing on things they used to dislike.

Staying committed to a partner means being by their side no matter the bad and good times. There will always be a stage where problems arise as no person is the same. Everyone is different in their own way. Thus, couples should always be transparent and reconcile the differences and solve this root cause together in a peaceful manner.


Staying committed means you see dating as a long-term kind of relationship and not a trial. Even at the stage before marriage you had already made plans with them seeing them as your future husband/wife, marriage is no issue for you when the age is right. In the end, you are prepared to spend the rest of life with them. Planning the marriage should be a happy event to do together as it is a once in a lifetime moment in your life.

A happy couple will stay committed once all their major elements in life are understood and in line with their partner.

5. Your Partner Respects Your Interest

Your Partner respects your Interest

Have you ever realized, entering a relationship is enjoyable when you start exploring another person’s interest? This is the fun part of being in a relationship. As nobody is the same, there will be interests, hobbies and activities you may discover it with your partner. This is where your little adventure begins. As being a supportive partner means trying to give a chance or shot to something your partner enjoys or take pleasure.

An example of your partner respecting your interest is if your partner used to be someone who fear watching a horror movie. If he or she took the courage to face their fears for you that is one admirable quality and effort they are trying to make in order to spend time with you in something you enjoyed. Another way of respecting your partner’s interest is by not commenting negative views or opinions on their likings or interest. You cannot expect your partner to be 100% the same as you.


You can have some common hobbies with your partner and other common hobbies with your friends with similar interests. This will be healthier than forcing your partner to like what you like even after they tried once for you. Giving a chance to do something your partner loves is a very good signs of taking interest for you and him/her to have fun together. Sometimes you also discovered something new to enjoy. Remember that nobody is the same, respect each other’s differences and embrace their flaws.

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6. Your Partner is Loyal and Have Good Boundaries with Opposite Gender Friends

Your Partner is Loyal and have good boundaries with opposite Gender friends

No matter how many times, people mentioned that it is possible for us to be just pure best friends with no love interest intention. Well, this is not a healthy element for your relationships. Setting boundaries with friends of the opposite gender is key to protect your love relationship with your partner. Your partner may had mentioned they do not mind you going out with a bunch of them and make sure keeping your word for it mentally and physically is important.

It is important to discuss this matter with your partner before deciding on your own. If your partner is not comfortable for you to go out one-on-one with the single opposite gender friend, you should avoid this practice at all costs, as it may cause future problems of possible betrayal or any forms of cheating.


Your love partner should be your only opposite gender best friend besides being your soul mate. A partner who sets boundaries and respects this requirement from their partners are key to reduce one major issue for couples cheating on each other. The feeling of being cheated on is something unforgivable and a very hurtful thing to your partner.

Staying mentally and physically loyal to your partner is one of the signs you truly treasure your relationship and loves your partner very much.

7. Your Partner is Comfortable Being Themselves with You

Your Partner is Comfortable being themselves with you

If your partner makes you comfortable to be yourself in whatever situation you are thrown into in life, this is one of the good signs of a healthy love relationship. At the initial stage of the relationship, you both will be extremely clingy and would never want to be apart. This is cupid’s love spell for us humans to fall in love and get to know each other intensely.

Humans are made to be reproduced in this world. Thus, human needs are always ideally finding the right partner to live with for a perfect life besides chasing our careers for money. Anyhow, coming back to the topic of comfort level with your partner, at the later part of your relationship, each of us will start to go back to our normal lifestyles like how we used to be. And having space comfortably with your partner, is a good practice.


Having some of the routine done alone, without your partner is a sign of comfort, but of course not too much as your partner do not want to feel as if they are not needed. Being dependent on one another is also good as you both needs and wants each other.

Being comfortable also means you show all your true colors, being happy, sad, mad, angry, jealous, humorous and all sorts of reactions to your partner and not thinking how they will judge you is one of the good signs of trust and loves. Maintaining being oneself and keeping the good traits means your partner did not force a change in you. They love you for who you are. This means no pressure of not being yourself, embracing all change we have in all stages of life with the right and understanding partner will help you lead a happy life.

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8.Your Partner Enjoys Physical Touching You

Your Partner enjoys Physical touching you

Have you ever felt excited to finish your work of the day in the office, to off on time just to spend a simple date with your partner on a Friday night? It feels good when coming home to see your partner waiting for you to end the day together.


We as humans crave human’s love and touch from the ones we loved. Imagine having a tired and busy day, coming home to see your partner, and hugging them is sufficient to brighten your mood and regain back the energy level of the day. Love is powerful. It gives you strength and happiness with the right partner who fully understands you.

Physical touch among couples is important as it gives you the warm fuzzy feeling you cannot get from any other person. It is a romance between two souls who loves each other. You do not simply allow a random person to touch you. Thus the bond is just special between you and your partner.

If one day your partner stops giving you the physical touch that they used to give you, this may be a warning sign they had lost feelings for you. As this is a sign of lack of intimacy and it will hurt the feelings of the other party who got rejected and not knowing what had happened. Physical touch is undeniably a must among healthy couples with loving relationship. As this is part of a basic love language.


In short, love is never easy, but worth it. The truth is we are no easy to love, sometimes we get too angry. Too quiet or say things we do not mean it.

But with all that, still, some people decide to stay and love us in all our moods. May we all find someone who decides to love us even when we are unbearable. That is love.