13 Hacks to Make Your Hair Grow Fast Within a Week

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how to make my hair grow fast in a week

Either you’re not satisfied with your hairstylish work or regreting the decision of cutting hair too short. You wanted to grow your hair fast and return back to your old hairstyle within a week. Is it possible?

Can You Grow Your Hair an Inch Within a Week?

Well the answer is you can’t! Human hair is typically only grows a quarter inch to half an inch for a month. The speed is varies, but you can’t grow faster than that.

So, we’re just want to tell you that, anyone who tell you it is possible, it is a scammer.

Tips to Make Hair Grow Fast in a Week

Meanwhile, you still can achieve the maximum speed that can grow your hair faster within a week! In this post, we’re going to show you exactly how! Check out below:


1. Increase The Consumption of Protein

Apart from external care, internal care is also needed to stimulate hair growth.

Therefore, make sure you consume foods rich in protein so that your hair follicles get the essential nutrients needed to support hair growth.

Besides speeding up hair length, foods with high protein content such as milk, nuts and meat will also keep your hair healthy and not easily damaged.

2. Stop Hair Heating Tools For a Week!

Hair equipment such as hair dryers, straighteners and curlers can indeed beautify your hair. However, if you use them too often, the heat from these tools will make your hair brittle, causing it to break easily and fall out.

We actually have mentioned this on our article: 10 Habits That You Don’t Realize It Actually Can Cause Hair Loss.


So, if you want to grow your hair fast within a week, just stop using the hair heating tools for a moment. Instead, you can just dry it naturally with towel.

But when you are in a rush, you can use a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron, but with a temperature that is not too hot. Don’t forget to also use hair vitamins so that hair moisture is maintained.

3. Massage The Scalp Regularly

The next tips, is by massaging your head at least 3 to 5 times this week. This is to massage the scalp so that it can stimulate hair growth. This will help improve blood circulation to the scalp so that the hair growth process will be faster.

It is better to massage your scalp during shower. When shampooing, massage the scalp gently for 3-5 minutes.

Apart from being able to improve blood circulation, massaging the scalp will also clean the dirt on the scalp which causes the growth of fungi such as dandruff.


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4. Conditioner

Using conditioner after shampooing can also be a quick way to lengthen your hair.

In addition to accelerating hair growth, conditioners can also keep hair moisturized so that it prevents damage such as dry, brittle and dull hair.

Therefore, don’t forget to frequently use conditioner after shampooing. If you do this on regular basis, you can grow your hair fast within a week!

5. Stop All the Hair Dye Chemical For a Week!

Do you change hair color frequently? If you want to speed up hair growth, you shouldn’t dye your hair.


The chemicals contained in it can damage the scalp and inhibit the hair growth. So, if you want natural long hair quickly, reduce the contact with hair dye chemicals.

6. Reduce Swimming Time

The next way to naturally lengthen hair is to avoid swimming too often. The chlorine content in swimming pool water can damage it, making hair growth slow down even more.

However, if you find it difficult to reduce your hobby of swimming, you can use a hair cap when swimming. This is to protect your hair from being directly exposed to chlorine.

After swim, immediately rinse your hair using shampoo and don’t forget to use conditioner so that your hair is not dry and hair moisture is maintained.

7. Apply Green Tea on Your Hair Scalp

Green tea is one of the natural ingredients that can accelerate hair growth. The high antioxidant content in green tea can accelerate the circulation of blood flow to the skin, thereby stimulating faster hair growth.



  1. Brew green tea, then apply it on the scalp evenly.
  2. Wrap your hair using a towel, let stand for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

Apart from being smeared on the scalp, you can also immediately get the benefits of green tea by drinking it.

8. Apply Coconut Milk on Your Hair Scalp

According to the research, it turns out that coconut milk can also be used to lengthen hair.

You can prove it yourself by regularly treating your hair using coconut milk, at least 3 times a week. Apart from lengthening hair quickly, regular use of coconut milk to treat hair, can also smooth and soften hair.



  1. Apply thick coconut milk to the scalp to taste
  2. Cover with a warm towel
  3. Let it stand for 15-20 minutes.

After that, rinse it with cold water and you will feel your hair become softer!

9. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - how to make my hair grow fast in a week

The efficacy of aloe vera in nourishing hair is no longer in doubt. Aloe vera has always been the key to various ways of lengthening hair.

It’s no wonder that many hair care product manufacturers use this plant as the basic material for making their products.

However, to get the maximum benefits, it would be better if you use aloe vera directly, and not using hair care products that contain these plants.



  1. Peel the aloe vera and take the gel.
  2. Apply the gel to your scalp and hair.
  3. Let stand for about 20-30 minutes,
  4. Rinse your head with cold water.

For maximum results, you can add a few drops of honey to the aloe vera gel before applying it to the scalp.

10. Olive and Hazelnut Oil

Olive Oil - how to make my hair grow fast in a week

Olive oil and hazelnut oil are known to be effective in accelerating hair growth. Apart from washing your hair, you can do a scalp massage just before going to bed using olive oil or hazelnut oil.

Simply put 5 drops of olive oil or hazelnut oil on the scalp, then massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Leave it on overnight, then rinse in the shower in the morning.


Apart from nourishing hair, both olive oil and hazelnut oil can soften dry and dull hair and make it look shinier.

11. Apply Red Onion Juice on Your Scalp

The natural way to lengthen hair with red onion juice has been trusted for a long time.

The high sulfur content in onions is the key to growing hair naturally.

To apply, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Peel and wash one handful of shallots.
  2. Grate and squeeze so that the red onion juice comes out.
  3. Apply the red onion juice evenly on the skin, then let it sit for a while.

Then rinse and wash with shampoo as usual. Do this routine regularly and you can get long quick hair naturally.


12. Sleep Earlier

Get plenty of rest and reduce staying up late can help speed up hair growth.

This is because during sleep the body will regenerate new cells. If your sleep is disturbed, the automatic regeneration of hair cells will also be disturbed. Not only does it help to lengthen your hair naturally, it is also good for your body’s health.

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13. Egg White Mask for Fast Long Hair

The next natural way to lengthen hair is to use egg whites. Egg whites contain nutrients to speed up hair growth.

You can use this natural ingredient to become a hair mask that can lengthen your hair quickly.


Simply mix egg whites with olive oil and apply it all over your hair and scalp while massaging. Let it sit so that the nutrients are fully absorbed for a few minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Bottom Line

As we can see, you don’t need to use any chemical to grow your hair fast within a week. In fact, just by using natural ingredients, you can also grow hair quickly!

Let us know in the comment section below, how many inch does your hair grow by using the method above?