Professional Fisherman Tells 12 Secrets to Prevent Sea Sickness

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sea sickness

Sea sickness is often to be an obstacle for travellers who are not used to sailing by boat. Sometimes even sea sickness is a fear in itself for some people. It is indeed a very unpleasant experience.

Nausea, stomach churning, vomiting until making your stomach acid comes out would really ruin your mood. Sea sickness occurs due to the response of the balance system in the ear to identify unfamiliar movements. Then, it comes the feeling of nausea to vomit.

But no worries, in this post, we have compiled 11 ultimate tips gathered from experienced Fishermans on how to overcome sea sickness as below:

1. Physical Preparation

Before making a trip, your body condition must be physically fit. When your body is not healthy, it is very easy for the body to experience sea sickness. Even a healthy body sometimes still suffers from sea sickness.

If you have never been to the sea and your body is not healthy, it is better to cancel the trip and don’t force yourself in. Unless you feel confident of your physical physique to be strong to the sea.


A statement by one of the fishing community, UAT; “I have been on several trips where my team has symptoms of sea sickness, but due to their determination to enjoy their fishing hobby, they managed to get through it and overcome it in a short time”.

2. Mental Preparation

In addition to physical preparation, you must also be mentally prepared. Well, it is about mindset and mental preparation, according to

Before go on the ship, be confidence that you won’t get sea sick even if the waves are big. Your heart must be dry and thick. Forget about problems and work, Unstable thinking is also a contributor to the symptoms of seasickness.

3. Eat Enough

Fill the stomach with food so that your stomach will not be empty. An empty stomach will easily be filled with wind and eventually wind that will cause nausea.

However, do not eat too much! Eating too much will cause nausea as the full stomach experiences a shipwreck that crashes into the waves.


Bring Food and Beverage Supplies

You can bring food and drinks as supplies to fill your stomach. Do not leave the stomach empty. Bring chocolate / sugar or fruit to reduce nausea. It is forbidden to bring soda or fizzy drinks as these drinks is actually bad for health and cause sea sickness.

4. Accupunture Pressure Point

Image Source: FishingBooker

According to the research, acupuncture just above the hand wrist is proven to relief the sea sickness and nausea. It has been practiced by China’s fisherman for so many years.

Gently massage this part with your thumb for few minutes and you’ll feel relieved soon!

5. Take Anti-Intoxicants

Take anti-intoxicants that are sold 1-2 hours before the trip. Remember to not be late for taking anti-intoxication medication do not be late (take medicine on board).

Anti-intoxicants are effective some time after ingestion and are not to cure intoxication, but to prevent intoxication. Anti-intoxicants usually cause drowsiness.


6. See as Far as The Eye Can See

Another tips to avoid sea sickness is by looking as far as the eye can see. Do not let us look directly under the water or look under the ship or the contents of the ship.

Try to distract your mind by enjoying the natural scenery such as seeing other ships, looking at the sky and seeing the clouds. Or if its at night, you can try see the beautiful scenery of moon and stars in the space.

7. Do Not Make The Fishing Tackle on The Ship

Making a fishing leader on a ship is one of the factor that will cause seasickness. It is better if the angler prepares all the fishing rods from home. If you didn’t manage to make it at home, you can make a simple hooker on the board.

Just like making a fishing leader is strictly forbidden to prevent the occurrence of seasickness. Especially if we make an FG knot network. Guaranteed that after making FG knot, anglers will feel a bit nauseous.

8. Avoid Strong Smell

Avoid the smell of ship oil by keeping away from the ship’s engine. Look at the direction of the wind that is blowing. Do not let the engine smoke on the angler’s body.


In addition to the smell of oil, any bad smell such as sweat and alcohol smell can also cause anglers to feel nauseous. That intoxication can be infective. There are some allergic anglers that smell like squid, so avoid those who can’t stand it.

9. Find an Anti-intoxication Position

If all you have followed all the tips, but still got the sea sickness, look for a position in the ship where there is not much shaking as a result of the ship being swayed by the waves. The most stable place on the ship is the centre of it!

10. Take a Fresh Breeze

Finding fresh air is very effective in reducing sea sickness. Can be done by standing at the end or side of the ship until you get fresh air while looking at the scenery around.

11. Vomiting

It might sound ridiculous, but vomiting does help to reduce your sea sickness! Therefore, when you feel want to puke, it is better to just vomit. After vomiting, it is recommended to fill in your stomach with some snacks or fruits so that you won’t feel bloated.

12. Prepare Some Medicine

If you realise that you’re always having sea sickness whenever on the ship, go to a doctor and ask for some recommendation to relief it.


According to Ecoventura, Bonine and dramamine are the best medicine to relief sea sickness. Always be prepared for the worst and get ready your medicine before sailing on the sea.

Tips for Beginner Who Venture into Sea Fishing Hobby

To new anglers who venture into the sea fishing hobby, start from a short trip before daring to follow a deep sea trip that takes more than 6 hours-14 hours. Then, when your body is getting stronger, you can join a hardcore trip.

Additional tip is to choose a fishing trip date outside the stormy sea and strong winds. The organizer is responsible for reviewing weather forecasts and tidal conditions. Only then can members of the conspiracy successfully face the fishing trip.

If you tried all the above methods and still couldn’t help to reduce your sea sickness, try to just sleep the in the ship journey and ask your friend to wake you up once reach land.