10 Tips to Improve Your Work Spirit

4 mins read
How can I improve my work spirit?

Tons of work that are pending to be done and the pressure at working place can make employees feel unmotivated, depressed, and stressed. If it is too intense, it is unlikely that the work can be completed on time with satisfactory results.

In this post, we’re going to share you 10 tips to improve your work spirit!

1. Set Goals That Are Measurable

Without a purpose, whatever we do will feel pointless. There must be a goal to be achieved whenever you work. The problem is that when someone sets a goal, the goal is often too far away and doesn’t make sense.

Setting goals that are too high and too far can actually make you even more depressed. Work should be done calmly, relaxed, but can be completed on time. This will make the pressure felt less heavy. Make a close goal first so when that goal is achieved, you can feel happy. After you are happy that the goal is achieved, then you can start making another new goal.

2. Plan What You Want to Make

If you want to do something, you have to make a plan first. For example, each time we want to go on vacation, we must make an itinerary first. Why make plans? The goal is to make sure what we do on that day is as planned.


Making plans before work can help you to relive your work pressure. If you don’t make plans at all and in your office you do a lot of work that doesn’t even mean that the work must be completed in the near future. Surely your work will be messy and can make you more stressed.

3. Help Out Your Team

Difficulties at work do not only happen to one employee but can also happen to other employees. So, don’t rush to judge that you are just an employee who are tired and suffering because of a lot of work. Your co-workers might feel the same way. And this tiredness can also make work morale down.

If your morale suddenly drops, instead of complaining and doing nothing, try to help your coworkers’ issue. Helping a friend’s work sincerely, of course, can make a feeling of relief. Just try to help your coworkers who are having a hard time and in the end get a thank you. It will be very happy and after that then continue your work with that feeling of pleasure.

4. Self Reward

Self reward is something that is important to increase work spirit. Everyone needs a gift or award, but sometimes, we don’t get what we expect. Disappointment usually happen after we’ve done a good thing but not getting any reward. But does the reward have to come from someone else? Of course not.

If no one gives you appreciation for what you have made, then you are the one who should give the reward to yourself. Don’t depend on others to find happiness. When you succeed in doing something, give yourself a reward, for example, like buying things you like or treat yourself at your dream restaurant.


5. Learn New Things

All employees must have experienced difficulties at work. Tried with known ways but still can’t find a solution. Upset and stress can happen at this moment. But it’s good not to push yourself too much. Maybe one way to find a way out is to learn something new.

Work is just doing what is in front of your eyes but also a place to learn. If you find difficulties and can’t find a way out, maybe the solution is somewhere else. The trick is to learn new things. Take a break while looking for information on the internet or books. Maybe from there just found a way out.

6. Reduce Multitasking

Different people has different abilities. Some can do multiple jobs at once and some can’t. The ability to do many jobs at the same time is called multitasking. The positive of multitasking is that there can be a lot of work that can be done. The negative can even make you not able to finish anything.

If you are one of those people who can’t do a lot of work at the same time, it’s better to just focus on one work at one time. This helps you to be more focused and calm at work. Do the difficult jobs first and then the easy ones or do the ones with the closest deadlines.

7. Diet and Exercise

If you say that diet and exercise are not important in terms of supporting work performance, then you’re wrong. Precisely by eating nutritious food, exercise, and rest can make a person work optimally. If your body is not in a fit condition, how can you be enthusiastic about work?


Take at least 1 or 2 hours a day to exercise regularly. After exercising, don’t forget to consume nutritious food. Continue to rest your body to recover. This combination of diet, exercise, and rest can make the body healthy and fit. If your body is healthy then you are ready to face a heavy routine.

8. Drink Water

About 70% to 80% of the human body consists of water. Keeping the body properly hydrated is a must. The trick is to always drink enough water. Drink a glass of water before thirst so that the fluids in the body are maintained. If there is not enough fluids in the body, then the body can’t work optimally.

If you are very busy at the office and find it troublesome, just put a water bottle on the table so that you always remember to drink water.

9. Listen to Music

Believe it or not, it turns out that listening to music can improve a person’s mood and spirit. Driving a vehicle, while exercising, studying, and working, can increase his enthusiasm by listening to songs. This has even been proven from a number of studies. If this can help boost morale, then you can give it a try.

In order not to disturb others while working, you can listen to songs using a headset that is connected to a cellphone. Prepare a song that you like and listen to it while you work. It could be that when working hours are over, you even manage to complete a lot of work.


10. Take a Short Break in The Middle

No one can work long hours. There will be times when your body will be tired. Forcing yourself to keep working is better not to do because of course the concentration has dropped. The work may not necessarily be finished. Even if it is finished, the results will not necessarily be satisfactory.

If the body is tired and no longer in the spirit, it is better to take a moment to rest. Machines just need a break so they don’t overheat, let alone humans. Take maybe 10 to 30 minutes to rest. You want to sit back, walk around the office, or even drink a cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter. Continue working when you feel recovered.