Being Lazy Too Much? Here are 7 Steps to Stop it!

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how to stop being lazy

Sometimes, the feeling of being lazy to do something can suddenly come and you don’t know how to stop it. Although, it is normal to happen in every person.

Everyone will experience it, you are no exception. The phase feels lost motivation or desire to do something productive sometimes hampering activities and work.

Feeling lazy should not be maintained for too long. Because it will bring harm to yourself in achieving your goals, make you become unfocused, and feel unhappy.

Here are ways you can try to stop being lazy:

1. Find Out The Cause of Laziness

To be able to stop being lazy, the first thing you have to understand and know is what causes laziness.


Usually, feeling lazy arises due to feeling bored with an activity. Monotonous and less challenging daily routines can sometimes lead to feeling lazy to do it.

In addition to boring routines, loss of self-motivation for these activities can also cause feelings of laziness.

When the goals are out of line or when excessive fear or anxiety about the activity strikes, you can lose interest and motivation to do it.

So it is important to know the cause in advance so that you can find ways to stop being lazy.

Solutions will arrive in accordance with the main problems. After that, you will find the spirit back when the solution is right for the cause you feel lazy.


2. Make a List of Activities to Do

Another way to stop being lazy is by making a list or a daily schedule. Making a list of activities that must be done is believed to be very effective as a way to eliminate feeling lazy for some people.

Because, by having a daily schedule you have targets that must be met. Moreover, when there are many activities to do, you often find it difficult to choose priorities and end up lazing and doing nothing.

When having an idea of ​​what to do on that day, daily activities become easier to predict and carry out. This also can minimize the possibility of work or things that are missed and forgotten to do.

3. Balance the Rest and Activity

Resting from all activities and routine work is a crucial thing to do. However, make sure everything is in accordance with the schedule and demands for your obligations and responsibilities.

In many cases, an imbalance in time for activity and time for rest will make you tired. Therefore, the motivation to do something becomes thinner or even disappears.


As a result, it makes you lazy to do these activities and work.

You need to pay attention to the division of your work and rest time in order to stay in a balanced portion.

You must maximize your rest time. For example, when it’s time to go home for work or on weekends, focus on what’s outside your work. You can focus on spending full time with family, friends, and yourself.

When you are in office hours, you can take a break to rest 10 to 15 minutes per two hours. This is one way to eliminate excessive laziness and is also useful for your mental health.

4. Consumption of High Protein Food and Exercise

Feeling lazy sometimes is not because you are really a lazy person, but because your body is feeling weak, tired and lethargic.


When the body is in a state of lack of energy like this, you cannot force the brain to work at its full potential.

In fact, when you already have a lot of deadlines, this condition will certainly add stress and thought burdens.

Multiply the consumption of food and energy-boosting drinks. Avoid consuming sugary foods and high fat, because unstable sugar levels can make you weak and sluggish.

You are recommended to eat foods high in protein that can increase energy and maintain blood sugar levels such as eggs, yogurt, tuna, and almonds.

In addition to maintaining food intake, ways to eliminate laziness caused by body conditions like this by exercising regularly. Exercise can help the body become fresher and fitter for activities.


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5. Look for Motivation from the Surrounding Environment

Sometimes encouraging yourself is difficult. So, it doesn’t hurt if you look for motivation from other people around you.

Try also to avoid the environment filled with toxic people. This can be very dangerous for your mental health, especially if you don’t have a strong hold on your life. When conditions are lazy, of course it is difficult for you to get up alone.

Whatever you see, hear and think greatly affects the brain. Because basically, since childhood humans have indeed been formed by external factors.

You can start by looking at people who have been successful or successful in your social environment.

Approach them and don’t hesitate to share experiences and ask for motivation. Example of their diligent nature, and ask for help to those closest to remind and motivate is an effort and a way to get rid of laziness in yourself.


6. Stop Procrastinating

Putting off work or an activity is one form of stop being lazy. The desire to delay sometimes feels so great, with various excuses that affect it.

For example, you might feel that you have a few more days before your assignment deadline, so it’s okay if you relax a little and laze now.

Believe it or not, thoughts like these are the main root of feeling lazy. You must stop doing this habit whenever possible.

You must start to feel the pleasure of relaxing time when all the work is done on time, so that you no longer have the burden and are free to laze around without guilt.

Familiarize yourself to start work on time. You have to fight laziness to get rid of laziness itself and stop procrastinating.


Make sure you have in mind that procrastinating will only bring problems in the future. Delaying something that can be done on time just for the sake of laziness is futile!

7. Set Clear Targets

Having a target is also one way to stop being lazy at work. Because by having a target, you have a place and certain things to go to.

You are free to make targets according to your needs such as weekly, monthly and other targets. Make a list of your needs and set targets early.

When you remember the initial and final goals of what will be done, you will always feel excited when starting a job or activity. If feeling lazy starts, remember your final target and original goal.

Bottom Line

As you read above, there are some factors that causes laziness which are negative environment, boredom, tiredness and unclear goals.


It is very normal to feel lazy sometimes. But it happened too often, it could prevent yourself from achieving your success in life.