10 Hacks to Increase Productivity and Efficiency at Work

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how to increase productivity at work

Do you always feel that you overwhelmed to finish your task? You have deadline set up for each task, but at the end it didn’t go as per planned? In this article, we’re going to share you some hacks to increase your productivity at work:

1. Start Early

In a race, stealing the start is a bad act since it violates the rules and sportsmanship, but it is an advantage for the practitioner. Instead of applying it in the game, try to implement it in your work. Stealing the early start can be done in order to be more productive in life.

Stealing a start can be started by getting up earlier than usual and going to work. Besides being able to avoid traffic jams, leaving early can make getting to the office faster. And in the office we can immediately do the work that was previously prepared. By working earlier, the completion can also be faster. If there is still free time, you can use it to relax for a moment while planning what you want to do on the next day.

2. Create Goals

Feeling lazy is a natural thing in human life. But that doesn’t mean you can be lazy forever. But how do you get motivated to get back to work? One way is to create notes that contain what targets you want to achieve.

The memo containing the target you want to achieve, put it on your desk. This can be a reminder for you that if you’re procrastinating too much, then this desired target will not be achieved. This can be the best motivation to get back to work and be a more productive person than before.


3. Schedule of Activities

After a long vacation, of course, the enthusiasm for work is still at a low point. Even though the body is in the office, most likely your mind is still drifting somewhere.

In order to get back excited about going back to work, try to schedule activities. Do whatever has to be done tomorrow. Make sure all these things are completed according to the schedule that has been made. No need to do everything in one day at once. Make a schedule that makes sense so that work can be enthusiastic.

4. Prioritize

There’s a lot of work waiting in line to be done? It feels like the work is heavy and takes a long time to complete. If a solution is not found, it is possible that only a small part of the work will be completed and other work will not be completed according to the deadline.

Stop doing everything at the same time and start making notes on which one to do first. Make sure to do work that has a deadline that is closer and whose deadline is far from being done later. Also add a note of how long the work was completed so as not to drag from the deadline. The sooner you do it, the more you can move on to other jobs.

5. Stay Away From Things That Can Disturb

When trying to complete all the work on time, there will always be distractions that can make us shift our focus from work to other things. The easiest example is a smartphone. There’s just a desire to open a smartphone and see what’s going on on our social media. Providing opportunities to see social media can actually make us not focus on work and procrastinate. Once we realize it, we have already spent several hours just looking at social media.


Therefore, try to look at the smartphone if an important notification appears from a client, boss, or family. Apart from that, as much as possible don’t open your smartphone so you can focus on work. Not only smartphones, other things that can also interfere with work focus should be removed.

6. Practice Working Faster

Wanting to be a productive person is everyone’s desire. Able to multitask, high enthusiasm for work, complete all work quickly, then can rest afterward. However, boredom, lazy, and tired can be a barrier. There is one tip that can be done to be more productive: by working faster than usual.

This is definitely not the easy way. Working with normal mode is sometimes hard. But for positive things it takes hard work. If you want to be productive, you have to work faster than usual. The trick is to practice. Try to really focus on what is in front of your eyes and stay away from any distractions that can slow down your work.

7. Dare to Say No

Sometimes we live to satisfy or please many people. In the world of work it can be even worse. Employees often say ok, yes, or agree in order to get a positive benefit from the crowd or boss. If this is also applied to work where when we are having a lot of work and then we are given another job by the boss and we say yes, then the work will pile up and may not be finished.

Sometimes it’s okay to say no when conditions don’t allow us to do the work given. When there is a lot of work and you want to add more, just say no preceded by an apology. This is much better than just accepting the work that is given and the work and those in line are not finished.


8. Take a Break

It’s okay to work continuously with the aim of getting the job done quickly. But surely you will experience fatigue someday. And if you are really tired, the body must be rested. How long it takes to take a break can vary from person to person. Some take a short break and then get back to work again and some take a long time.

Knowing your own limits is an important key to being a productive person. If you are tired, take a moment to rest. Don’t wait until you’re really tired and take a break because it can be hard to start working again. If you feel almost tired, take a break immediately and then return to work.

9. Exercise and Diet

Exercise and diet are important keys in helping you become a productive person. As we know that exercising regularly can have a positive impact on health. With exercise, the body will be fitter, stronger, immunity will increase, improve posture, and so on. This makes us stronger in fighting disease and having more energy in dealing with daily activities that are getting harder and harder.

Then what about diet? Diet also determines a person to be healthy and strong. It is impossible to exercise regularly but eat carelessly because the benefits of exercise will not be achieved. There are many diets and determining which diet to follow can help to strengthen the body. This combination of exercise and diet can make the body more energetic and this more energy can help in completing work at the office.

10. Don’t Try Multitasking

Multitasking is a person’s ability to do more than one thing at a time. People who can multitask can divide their focus into several things and do them well. As a result, the work that can be completed can be more than usual. But multitasking can’t be done by everyone.


There are some people who can multitask and some who can’t. If you are one of those who can’t do it, it’s better to just work like normal. Do the work one by one until finished before doing other work. If you force yourself to multitask, the work isn’t even finished.