Organize Your Home with These 7 Tips from Lifewit

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Owning a large number of items may cause havoc in the home, especially if you do not know how to handle or arrange all of your belongings.

Because a house is mean to be a comfortable environment, it is important for it to be clean and neat. It is usual for your drawers to be overflowing and items to be disorganized and cluttered everywhere.

Consider how aggravating it will be for you if you are looking for something specific yet wind up having to sift through mountains of items.

We have actually explored the internet for some of the greatest organizing life hacks available to help you tackle your mess. As a result, here are some of the finest home organizing hacks you will ever come across.

1. Utilizing drawer organizer

Having organizing skills could really help you to keep everything clean and organized. However, employing an excellent organizer could make things much tidier and provide you with a large capacity to store your belongings.


There are numerous drawer organizers available on the internet. These drawer organizers have the potential to extend your wardrobe, and there is no need to doubt their durability.

This is one of the drawer organizers that is ideal for those who struggle to manage and arrange their drawers.

Head to Amazon and check out Lifewit’s store to get your organizers that always keep your house tidy and neat.

2. Owning large capacity clothes storage bag

Clothing storage bags are another must-have item that you must have at home. This will assist you in storing items that you no longer require. For example, you might use these clothes storage bags to keep your winter coats because you will not need them in the summer. You will have more capacity in your closet because of this, and you will be able to find items more easily.

Meanwhile, you might keep your storage bag in your storage room. This storage bag will keep your garments clean, and you will be able to access them whenever you need them rather than tossing them away.


3. Try hanging your clothes vertically

This is one of the greatest alternatives for those of you who are having trouble storing and fitting your clothing in your narrow yet tall closet. Therefore, you will need any inexpensive metal chain you can purchase at the store, as well as an S-shaped clip to hang your shirts and other clothing.

However, if you are unable to purchase the metal chain and clip, consider utilizing shower curtain rings or metal can ring. This will produce the same result. This will undoubtedly increase the amount of room in your closet while also maintaining your items looking neat.

4. Create your own rack that will instantly dry your clothes

It became an everyday problem that sometimes it may not be possible for you to dry your clothes in the dryer. Moreover, if you try using those foldable drying racks that have many bars for hanging wet garments, they are insufficient for large loads of washing.

Additionally, hanging damp clothing on top of wet clothes greatly extends the drying period and can even leave your garments smelling a bit stinky. Therefore, the remedy to this problem is to create your own drying rack that will instantly dry your clothes.

To create your own drying rack, you will be needing a 1×2 board from your garage scrap pile and cut it to fit over a couple joists overhead in your basement laundry area. Next, use a heavy-duty nail in each joist to secure it.


5. Utilizing clippers to hang extra clothes or your whole set of outfit

This not only saves room in your closet, but it also allows you to put more things on your hangers. This is a clever hack for those of you who like to prepare your clothes in advance.

This will save you both time and closet space. You no longer need to look for a pair of clothes because you planned and prepared them ahead of time.

6. Try hanging your bags

Instead of storing your bags in your closet, try hanging them. Bags take up a lot of room in your closet; thus, hanging them will provide you more space to store and retain your items.

Most of the time, you may be too weary to put your bags in position, and they wind up on the floor, where they will most likely be wrecked. So, why not try to put in some hooks to any available hanging space? These can assist you in keeping your luggage or accessories from lying on the floor.

7. Packing your clothes in a flash when you are moving

There is actually no need for you to take your clothing off the hanger or fold and store them in boxes. So, simply take a handful of your hanging clothing and wrap the tips of the hangers together using pliable electrical wire or a zip tie.


Spread a waste bag over the garments and lift the hanger tops through a hole at the bag’s bottom. Lastly, tighten and knot the garbage bag handles together.