22 Winter Life Hacks That Help You Conquer All The Obstacles

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winter life hacks

Winter could really be the most disastrous time of the year for the majority of us. It cannot be denied that the cold weather is extreme and unpredictable. The days seemed to stretch on forever, despite the fact that there was little to do. The majority of us were advised to stay at home due to the dangerous weather that may endanger us at any point. Therefore, we are here providing you with the list of the life hacks that will help you conquer all the obstacles during the winter season.

1. Touching Phone Screen Using Winter Glove

During the winter, we all wear gloves to keep our hands from freezing. However, there are various challenges that we confront when wearing gloves.

One of the things that got difficult for us was to click on our phone. It’s difficult to click on the phone, especially when we’re wearing gloves. As a result, the remedy here is to draw an outline in acrylic on the fingertips of your gloves. This will make it easier for you to use and access your phone.

2. Removing spools

We must wear warm clothing and jackets throughout the cold months. When we start noticing spools on our favorite coat, it is really bothersome.

However, there is one quick and simple thing you can do to get rid of this spool right now. You only need a pumice. Take this and gently scrape it across the surface of your coat. This will remove all of the spools and you will be ready to go.


3. How to treat frozen phone

When you are outside with your phone for quite a while, it may cause the screen of your phone to freeze or stop functioning. Do not panic since this is caused by the cold weather.

Just quickly put your phone inside your gloves. Gently rub your hands, this will speed up the process as it causes friction. After several minutes, take your phone out and it will be perfectly fine.

4. To keep yourself warm while sitting

When you are outside, sitting on a bench or on top of the snow, it may be quite cold, to the point of being uncomfortable. You will need two materials to fix this problem: glue and synthetic winterize.

To begin, simply flip your jeans inside out. Make certain that the outline of your jeans is glued. Then, trim your synthetic winterize to fit your jeans. Keep in mind to apply the synthetic winterize on both sides. Even if you’re sitting on top of the snow, this will keep you warm.

5. Maintaining the fit of your beanie

Wearing a beanie to keep our heads warm is a must throughout the winter. However, we may find it difficult to ensure that the beanie fits precisely and does not slide around. As we all know, the cold and harsh weather conditions might cause our beanie to shift.


To remedy this problem, attach your beanie to your hair using a hairpin/hair clip. This will undoubtedly resolve the matter, and your beanie will never move again.

6. Snow clinging to your shovel

Mostly during winter, there are snow drifts in front of our house that obstruct the route. We must clean and clear the snow away from the walkway since it may cause an accident. Shovels are therefore used to shift the snow. However, it is inconvenient when the snow adheres to the shovel and refuses to come off.

You’ll need to use a cooking oil spray. All you have to do is spray the cooking oil on the surface of the large plastic snow shovel you’re using to pick up snow. The snow will no longer adhere to the shovel as a result of this.

7. Warming up your hands

When we are outside, our hands become chilly, especially during the winter months. There is one quick, simple, and effortless life hacks for keeping your hands warm when you are outside during winter.

The first thing you should do is grab a pair of socks and fill them with rice. Remember to tie them up so the rice does not leak out of the socks. After that, place them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to heat. Place them in your coat pockets to keep your hands warm.


8. Prevent icing on your car’s windshield

In the winter, parking your car outside could cause icing on your car’s windshield. So, how can this be avoided? You will only need one ingredient: potato.

You can cut your potatoes however you want. Remember to only use the insides of the potato. Grab your potato and gently scrub it on your car windshield. This will keep ice from forming and accumulating on your car’s windscreen.

9. No more wet socks during winter

It is very much important to layer your socks with a clear plastic wrap before putting on your shoes. The purpose of this is to prevent your socks from becoming wet.

During the winter, it is very common for shoes to become wet and we do not like that at all. Changing your socks all the time is very inconvenient. As a result, always remember to layer and wrap your socks in transparent plastic wrap, and you will never have damp socks again.

10. Tie your hair forward when the weather gets too cold

After being out in the outdoors for a long time, the weather might become exceedingly chilly. As the temperature drops, your face begins to get red. So you’re going to utilize your hair to protect yourself. This is how it is done.


Divide your hair into two sections: top and lower. Next, pull the tops of your hair forward, covering your forehead. Proceed to the following step by tying the bottom portions of your hair forward to hide your cheeks. This technique can help you keep your face warm.

11. Preheat your boots before wear

Preheating your boots before wearing them is one of the simplest ways to keep your feet warm. You will just require two tiny plastic bottles and boiling water.

Fill the plastic bottles completely with hot water, making careful to close the lid tightly so it doesn’t leak. Place the bottles in your boots and set them aside for a few minutes. After several minutes, remove the plastic bottles and this will make your feet feel warm while you wear them.

12. Keeping your feet warm

When it is extremely cold outside, do not forget to layer your socks with aluminum foil before putting on your shoes. By adding an extra layer of aluminum foil, you can trap the heat within and prevent it from leaving. Always remember to have that extra layer, and now put on your boots and you are ready to leave.

13. Use a stapler to keep yourself from slipping

During the winter, the ground is constantly blanketed with snow, no matter where we travel. Many individuals have slid and fallen to the ground as a result of the snow, which makes it extremely slippery for us to walk on. This little life hacks can save you from slipping in the winter.


You will only need one tool, a stapler. This instrument is very accessible and easy to find, and you may already have it at home. Therefore, all you need to do is staple your shoes’ outsoles. Make certain that your shoes are completely stapled on. This will save you from sliding when walking in the cold.

14. Frozen car lock

Parking your car outside not only causes frost on your windshield, but it also causes your car lock to freeze. This might be a daily struggle, and no one loves it. To be honest, this problem could be easily and quickly handled.

Hand sanitizer is the only thing you’ll need. Apply a small amount of hand sanitizer on your finger. Then, using that finger, lightly rub on your car lock. This will quickly eliminate the accumulated snow in that location. You may now effortlessly prevent any fuss before getting into your car with this.

15. Easy-to-make heat packs

One of the essentials to have when you are outside is definitely heat packs. Heat packs will help to keep your hands warm during the extreme cold weather. Do you know that you can make your own heat packs? Don’t worry cause there are only a few ingredients that you will be needing and the steps are really simple.

Things you need:


  • Small plastic zip bags
  • Table salt
  • Iron filings
  • Water gel powder
  • Water

Get yourself a small plastic zip bag. Next, add a spoonful of table salt, iron filings and water gel powder into the bag. In addition, add around a tablespoon of regular water and combine all of the ingredients. Remember to close the bag so the mixture does not spill. Basically, the procedure is completed, and you now have your own handmade heat packs to keep you warm at all times.

16. To easily dry your wet shoes

During the winter, your shoes might become soaked so easily that it’s more of a daily struggle. So, this hack will show you how to effectively and conveniently handle your damp shoes. Go fetch a couple of unused newspapers from your house. Put some newspapers inside your shoes to absorb any moisture. Arrange your shoes on top of the newspaper as well.

Then, wrap your shoes in multiple layers of newspaper. If you leave them for a few hours, the newspaper will absorb all of the moisture. Your shoes are entirely dry after this, and you may put them on right away.

17. Make sure to protect your pet’s paws before bringing them outside

During the winter, not only people, but also our dogs and cats, may suffer from very dry skin. This occurred as a result of their direct exposure to the snow, ice, and salt on the surface.

To keep your pet’s skin from becoming dry, it is important to apply Vaseline to their paws before taking them outside. This will keep them from developing dry skin, which will eventually cause their skin to peel. When this happens, it is going to be really painful for them and we do not want that.


18. Take quick showers to avoid having dry skin

In the winter, it is important that we pay close care to our skin. Our skin might get dry as a result of the weather. Many of us believe that the nicest part of the day during the cold season is taking a lengthy, hot shower, but this really causes your skin to become extremely dry.

The reason for this is because hot water will eliminate all of your skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin dry. According to research, showering with cold water is preferable throughout the winter season. It is said that the colder the water, the better for your skin it is.

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19. Always bring your dry shampoo everywhere

Many of us wear beanies especially in this cold season. To keep our heads warm, we always make sure to have on our beanie. However, we’re all starting to get that ‘hat hair’ problem now.

Wearing a cap or beanie causes our hair to get incredibly oily, and it often looks flat and unappealing. As the result, you should always have dry shampoo on hand. It will solve your problem in a few sprays. This will instantly give your hair a new and clean look, as well as make it more voluminous.


20. Make use of your orange peels to start fire

Do you know that orange peels contain a lot of oil? This makes it the ideal element for quickly starting a fire. Orange peels are extremely flammable due to their high oil content. This will also generate a lemony scent, which will be very calming and just lovely.

21. Use socks to make your toilet seat feels warm

When you really need to use your toilet the moment you wake up, a cold toilet seat could simply ruin a good morning. No one loves a cold toilet seat since it is very uncomfortable especially if you need to relieve yourself. This hack is only applicable for those toilet seats that are U-shaped.

You may use your socks and lay them all over your toilet seat before sitting on it. This will for sure keep your butt warm while you conclude all your business in the toilet.

22. Remember to park your car facing east to minimize ice

This winter life hacks is entirely scientific. Because we all know that the sun rises in the east, parking your car facing the east will therefore help in defrosting the car. As a result, always remember to park your automobile facing east.

Bottom Line

What do you think of these winter life hacks? If you want to see more life hacks, check out also our other life hacks content here.