10 Things Cat Hates That Might Surprise You

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things that cat hates

Choosing a cat as a pet is interesting. Cats are not loud, not smelly, and they are actually funny. But keeping a cat is not as easy as a baby. In fact, cat has a complex nature. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes it can be grumpy, the wrong response can even get us scratched or bitten. In order to prevent this from happening, there are a number of things you need to know before getting a cat. There are a number of things that cat hates, along with the explanation.

1. Cat Hates Cold Temperature

Whether it has furry or not, cats prefer warm temperatures. This will keep their body at the normal temperature. Therefore, those of you who raise cats and like to put them in the room, pay close attention to the room temperature so that it is not too cold so that the cat can feel at home playing in the room.

2. Cat Hates Too Frequent Changes

We humans are always taught to be prepared for change. If you want to move forward, you must be able to adapt to changes. Unlike cats, this furry animal really hates change. You can see that when you move, for example, the cat’s mood will immediately change.

Cats are animals that hate change. They are happy with their life just like that. As long as it’s comfortable, it will make them comfortable and happy. You don’t need to move house, you move the litter box or their favorite toy, they will definitely be annoyed.

3. Cat Hates Several Smells

Cats have a sharp smell and also a high curiosity. They will approach foreign objects and then use their keen sense of smell and smell the objects in front of them. By their smell, the cat can tell whether the object is safe or dangerous.


Because smells are very sensitive, cats are very sensitive to any smell in the house. If you have a cat pet, you must be aware of smells that can make your pet cat uncomfortable. Cats really hate citrus, banana, mustard, lavender, and eucalyptus scents. Not to mention that there are several types of essential oils that are toxic to cats.

4. Cat Hates Noise

Humans alone can feel uncomfortable when they hear noise. Cannot concentrate and rest if you hear loud noises for a long time. What is felt by humans can also be felt by cats. Given that cats are sensitive animals and have a sharp sense of hearing.

Cats really hate noise. Upon hearing a sound, the cat will usually react in surprise while jumping. If the sound lasts long enough, the cat will feel uncomfortable and move to another place. The cat will move to a quieter place to do things it usually does, such as relaxing or sleeping.

5. Cat Hates Foreign Animals

Cats are independent, independent, and territorial animals. You will often find videos where cats are angry at other animals. Even fellow cats, cats can go from being calm to uncomfortable, hissing and showing their sharp teeth.

This is because cats cannot immediately get along with foreign animals. What’s more, if your cat has lived in the house for a long time, it’s clear that the house has been marked by the cat as its territory. If a foreign animal is brought into the house, the cat will perceive the animal as a threat. It takes a number of tricks and patience to be able to introduce cats to other pets.


6. Cat Hates Stomach rubs

Every pet has preferences and hates. In dogs, this one animal does not have a problem if its stomach is stroked. Instead of getting angry, the dog is happy and thinks that his owner is playing with him or giving him compliments. But for cats, don’t you carelessly stroking their stomachs.

Cats are different from dogs that’s obvious. So you need to find out what to do and what not to cats. Stroking your cat’s belly is one of the things that you shouldn’t do because cats hate it. For cats, the stomach is a vital and important part. Never mind being touched, cats rarely want to show this important part.

7. Lack of Attention

Who said that the cat didn’t need attention? The name of a pet certainly requires attention from the owner. In this case, however, it is necessary to know what limits are sufficient to pay attention to the cat. Because it is too much or not enough, the effect will not be good for the cat.

Time for the attention we need to pay attention to. Do not carelessly pet the cat when the cat is in “me time” or alone. If the cat wants to get attention from its owner, the cat will give a code. The most common code is that the cat will approach the feet or other body parts of its owner.

8. Too Much Attention

Cats do have a complicated nature. Sometimes he needs attention, at some point he doesn’t like to be given excessive attention. Cat lovers must have felt this way when they really wanted to pet and pay more attention to cats, but the cat refused and ran away.


It is complicated for this little animal. Cats do not like to be given undue attention from their owners. This is because cats have an independent nature. Paying too much attention to stroking their heads will actually irritate the cat. So we must respect this limit if we want your hands to not get scratches or bites.

9. Water

There are lots of videos on the internet that show people having great difficulty when they want to bathe a cat. Cats can rebel uncontrollably once their body is touched by water even if only a little. It is not the bath that is hated, but the water. But it can’t be helped, taking a shower will definitely use water instead.

Cats really hate water because it can make them wet and they have to dry themselves off. That’s why it’s very difficult to get a cat to bathe. Although they are known to be clean animals, cats should be bathed at least once a day to keep their bodies clean. For advice, don’t bathe cats for too long, choose the right shampoo, and a towel to help dry their bodies.

10. New People

It takes more time for a cat to get used to its owner. Especially if you choose to keep an adult cat. It takes hard work and patience to make cats feel like you are a safe person and that they dare to come out to interact. They will show the same reaction when they see people they have never met.

Towards strangers, cats will usually stay away. The same reaction as us starting to raise a cat at home. We can’t force a cat to go out and get acquainted with the stranger. Forcing a cat out can actually make them feel cornered and attack them back. If indeed the cat is interested, so that those who go out alone to meet the stranger do not need to be forced.