10 Things That Can Reduce Fertility

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things that reduce fertility

The quality and number of sperm decreases will lead to difficulty of having a children. To prevent this, start by following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding everything that can reduce male fertility. Here’s 10 things that reduce fertility:

1. Stress

There is no person in this world who has never experienced stress. Stress can occur because a person experiences many problems in his/her life. The problem cannot be solved and continues to accumulate until there is a thing called stress. And this stress can be one of the reasons why a man can experience reduce in fertility.

It is true that life is full of problems that can make people stressed, but we must be able to find ways to eliminate or at least reduce stress levels. Unresolved stress can make the body experience hormonal disturbances which can later affect a person’s fertility. Men who are stressed, their sperm will be reduced and of poor quality. Check out our effective tips to reduce stress here.

2. Smoking

Due to the large number of smokers, it is very difficult for us today to find people who don’t smoke at all. It has been explained on every pack of cigarettes that smoking can cause many health problems. One of them is affecting male reduce in fertility.

Cigarettes are made of many chemicals that are harmful to health and nicotine is one of them. Nicotine can affect the quality of sperm. They are men who smoke, their sperm will experience a decrease in density and their movement is not as agile as normal sperm. In addition to unhealthy sperm, there is another possibility that men can experience impotence problems.


3. Exercise Too Hard

Exercise is recommended to do because it can make a person happy, form a more ideal body, and also increase endurance. This can be obtained if the exercise is done in sufficient limits. Done in excess, exercise can actually bring health problems.

You men who do sports too often can be at risk for reproductive disorders. Exercise is too strenuous and often can make a person not get enough rest, injury, and also infertility. If fertility has been disrupted, it will be increasingly difficult for men to continue their offspring.

Check out here to see if you’ve been exercising too much without you realize!

4. Hot Temperature

Sperm can not survive in the long term in the open. They will die very quickly if exposed to hot temperatures. Even while still in the scrotum, being exposed to high temperatures for a long time can also kill sperm. So it is recommended to always wear pants with good circulation.

In addition to using pants with good air circulation, men should pay attention to what habits can expose their genitals to hot temperatures. For example, like driving a motorcycle with a large engine ubication. The larger the cc motor, the hotter the temperature released by the engine. If this hot temperature hits the genitals for a long time, then the quality of sperm can decrease.


5. Lack of Sleep

The machine can experience problems if it is used continuously without taking a break. This can also happen to humans if they forget the thing called rest. When it’s time to sleep, you should sleep. Don’t sacrifice your health for work or other reasons. If you don’t get enough sleep, many health problems will come.

One of the health problems that can occur is fertility problems. For men who lack sleep, the body will experience stress. When you are stressed, your body produces hormones called adrenocorticotropic and cortisol. Both of these hormones can affect your fertility level.

6. Unbalanced Hormones

Hormonal imbalance problems can lead to a man’s reduce in fertility. The hormone that plays an important role in the production and quality of sperm is the hormone testosterone. If the production of this hormone is disrupted, it is not surprising that the number and quality of a man’s sperm are disturbed. What causes hormonal imbalance?

Hormonal disorders can be caused by several things such as stress, lack of sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, and drug consumption. Both men and women should pay attention to their lifestyle so as not to experience this problem. If there is a hormonal imbalance, then you should check up with a doctor.

7. Alcohol

Drinking alcoholic beverages has now become a lifestyle. When gathering with friends or meeting business partners interspersed with alcohol. It’s okay if you have self-control so you know when to stop. But for those who can’t control themselves, drinking alcohol in large quantities and often can actually interfere with health.


Hangovers are only one of the effects that are sure to be felt after drinking alcoholic beverages. One long-term effect is problems with fertility. Men who often drink alcoholic beverages can have problems with their sperm. Men who are heavy drinkers tend to experience a decrease in sperm quality compared to healthy men.

8. Age

It is true that a person gets married when they are willing and ready. Want to get married at any age, it doesn’t matter. It’s up to you whether you are ready or not to accept the risk of the choices you make. Please note that age can also affect a person’s level of fertility. Men who are young and men who are old must have different fertility levels.

Men are indeed old enough to still produce sperm. But the quality and quantity is not the same as those who are young. Men who are over 30 years old will definitely experience a decrease in the number and quality of sperm. Moreover, if you marry a woman who is also old, the chances of having children will be smaller.

9. Obesity

Often lazing around at times like this can make a person gain weight. How not to go up? Eating regularly but not exercising will obviously have an impact on weight gain. If continued, then this can lead to what is called obesity and if it has reached this stage it will be difficult to return the weight to normal conditions.

You guys can worry about obesity. In addition to appearance that can be affected, your fertility level is also affected. Obesity can interfere with the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in reproduction. If this hormone is problematic, then sperm production will also be affected.


10. Free Sex

Humans definitely need sex. The reason sex is needed is because sex can make you feel happier and more intimate with your partner. Seeing today’s more free association, many people are indifferent to the name mutually partner. Some even make free sex a lifestyle.

Is free sex and the habit of changing partners is good? If it’s for health, obviously this is not a good thing. Multiple partners and free sex will increase the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual diseases that can occur such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. These diseases can affect a person’s reproductive ability if left untreated.