Japanese Women’s Secret to Always Stay Ageless and Look Young

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Look ageless is a dream for many people. Despite increasing age, most of the people do not want to look old. That makes many people want to compete to anything that keep their face young.

There are several secrets that you can get from Japanese. Japanese people are known to be able to maintain the youthfulness of their skin. A writer in Japan once explained that women aged 35-40 years in their country look like they are in their 20s. 

One of the example, Ms Mizutani a woman that pictured with her daughter and people were saying that they are barely distinguishable – Although her daughter is 24 years younger than her.

So, here are 14 secret from Japanese Women to always look ageless and stay young:


1. Stay Away From Junk Food

The secret to staying young is by not consuming junk food.

If you don’t know what is junk food, these foods are usually served instantly and sometimes use some instant ingredients.

This food is indeed a favorite food for most of the people. But not with Japanese citizens, although in Japan there are many junk food providers. 

As a core food, they prefer food with vegetables and raw ingredients. Therefore, there are many food service providers that are serving raw food. Raw food actually contains vitamins and nutrients that are still complete because it has not been processed and mixed with any ingredients.

2. Consume Foods That Rich in Nutrients

The skin needs nutrients from the inside to stay healthy. Some skin cells must be exchanged if they are dead. This repair process can be helped by taking a balanced diet, to fulfil food that contains some nutrients necessary for the skin.


Eat lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily food. The substances and ingredients contained in fruits and vegetables are very rich in fiber and vitamins which are good for protecting skin health plus. Vegetables and fruits are also low in fat and certainly will make the body healthy.

Don’t forget the dairy products, beans, and poultry to supplement them. By giving the body the necessary intake, the skin is also not reluctant to show its youthfulness. Nutrients needed to support the whole body system include protein, vitamins, essential fats, carbohydrates, and many more. With a healthy body, the skin is also affected by the good effects.

Furthermore, nuts are believed to be the best food to avoid ageing. You may find some nuts on the some foods such as soybean, almonds, and others. So it’s not surprising that adult women in Japan look younger than they’re actually are.

Dr. Oz also explained that one of the keys to staying young is protecting your digestive health. And to guard it you need 25 grams of fiber every day. Fiber works by protecting all the nutrients you eat in the body and releasing those nutrients when needed. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.

You can try the following tips:


  • Determine foods that contain wheat as breakfast or snacks.
  • Try brown rice or pasta made from wheat.
  • Eat oatmeal for your breakfast.

3. Red Wine

One of the secret from Ng Yuen Fong, a 50 years old mum who look like 20 claimed that she loves to drink red wine. Is this a coincidence or is red wine really help to reduce ageing?

Particular organic red wine is rich with antioxidant that are very good for skin. Antioxidant help to fight ageing and free radical by restoring elastic fibers and collagen.

If you wish to stay young like Ng Yuen Fong, you should drink more of antioxidant drinks! Check out the list of antioxidant drinks here.

4. Drink tea

The Japanese believe that drinking tea can slow ageing in the beginning due to the high antioxidant content in the tea.

Women in China also does the same to look physically young. It can be proven that Japanese citizens look younger than their actual age.


You can also drink tea regularly at home. Getting tea is also quite easy because there are many available in stores and markets.

5. Wearing Sunscreen on The Facial Skin

It is true that sunscreens can help fight the effects caused by the global warming that make sunlight not as healthy as before. Because the atmosphere that is on the earth thinning and causing the sun to absorb the skin will be excessive and cause black spots on the skin.

Japanese people usually use sunscreen on their children from childhood until when they reach adolescence, so that the condition of their skin apart from the black stains caused by sunlight first.

Sunlight can cause skin damage and make it dry and dull. To get the skin that is loyal to its moisture, you must be extra careful in the sun. The sun is actually a good source of vitamin D for the skin. Instead, it can be said to be good if it remains in the sky just before 9 o’clock.

After 9 o’clock, the light begins to turn ‘a little cruel’ on your skin. If you are the person who often feels outdoors during the day, wear sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen or sunscreen that you polish on your skin should have a minimum of SPF15.


6. Massaging The Facial Area

Massaging the face is one of the way to make the face look younger. This is generally done by Japanese women after they have cleansed their faces with facial cleansers. They will massage the face of the eyebrows, cheeks and forehead that play a role to facilitate the flow of blood on the face so that the face looks fresher.

7. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Wash your face twice a day for youthful skin. The various activities that you undertake every day must sacrifice the maintenance of facial hygiene. Dust, dirt, and fumes from motor vehicles become pollutants and disasters for the face. Especially if you are ignorant of facial hygiene, sometimes you don’t realize if there is an impact behind the activities that you do every day outside the room.

Cleaning your face should be your routine habit for both men and women. The recommended time to clean the face skin is when you wake up and approaching sleep. These two days are very efficient at protecting your health and hygiene so that you always look young.

Clean your face with a cream that is right for your facial skin. If you haven’t found a product that cleans dirt on your face, you can use baby bar soap. The content of baby soap play an important role to help those who have problems with a dull face due to a pile of dirty substances that come from outside.

The correct rules in the process of washing your face:


  • Wash your face with warm water first, the intention is to open the pores of the facial skin.
  • Clean your hands, then wet baby soap so it is easy to wipe.
  • Then, take the soap through rubbing (squeezed) on both hands.
  • Continue by applying it to the face evenly, leave it for a few moments.
  • Wash your face to clean it. Use warm water at the beginning, then after the soap disappears take advantage of cold water to reduce the pores of the face again.

8. Keep Skin Moisture and Always Hydrated

To determine whether your skin is healthy or not, you can pay attention to its moisture. Moist skin becomes a characteristic of youthful skin.

Obtain skin moisture is not difficult. The first thing you can do is applying a moisturizing cream with a quality every day.

To make skin look younger is not that efficient without the help of internal measures. Therefore, protecting your body and skin stay hydrated must always be remembered. Drink water and eat fruit or vegetables with lots of water to get a healthy skin.

9. Stay away from Stress

Stress can be one of the factor of ageing. Problems in life always come and go. For sure, this kind of thing often makes you stressful.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how heavy the burden of the mind that you carry, try as much as possible away from stress.


Various Steps to Get Rid of Stress

There are various steps to get rid of stress you can take, such as by seeking entertainment during a moment when stress hits you. There are other solutions to avoid stress, such as doing meditation every morning before working outside the room, listening to relaxing music, positive thinking, laughing therapy as soon as possible, and taking a walk as a form of brain refreshing.

Don’t let stress be your obstacle to going forward. Confront stress with lots of fun steps. There are times when you need a moment to forget all the burdens of life that until now have been shackled. Enjoy the life you get with gratitude.

Be Happy

People who always carve a brilliant smile on his face certainly looks more refreshing and cool to look at. It is undeniable indeed if one aspect of happiness is to have a lot of things. But you must know, happiness will be easily obtained if you are graceful to be grateful for what is owned now. A family that is always there when you need to be fit to let go of fatigue, partners who always accompany you to laugh or sympathize with something that you just experienced.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Since 1986, researchers who came from the Kentucky Campus named David Snowdon studied 678 nuns to get the secrets of the brain, especially what happened to the brain together with increasing age.

The results of his research, known as Research Nuns, successfully found ways to live with an active mental life along with increasing age. One of the findings is that a positive emotional state at an early age will help eliminate anxiety and can extend life. In fact, there is one research that shows the relationship between a person’s attitude and physical and mental health.


10. Lift dead skin cells with exfoliation

A layer of dull skin can become brighter by exfoliating the outermost layer of rough and cracked skin. Underneath this outermost is a soft and radiant skin.

However, its existence will not appear by itself. You need exfoliation to help bring out its beauty. Many facial peels on the market are easily available at pharmacies with varying prices.

Remember to choose wisely. You are not conducting experiments on animals, your skin is for the purpose of the experiment itself, so make sure the product is of the highest quality.

However, if you are very concerned about using a peel, try exfoliating.

Here are the steps:


  • Tie your long hair back with a hair tie so that it is not in the face area. If you have a bang, pull it back so that the bangs don’t close and hold the bandage.
  • Dip a clean wipe in hot water, then place it face down for 1 – 2 minutes to allow the pores to open.
  • Clean your face first with your own product or cream, or use baby soap like before.
  • Make an exfoliation potion by mixing 3 tablespoons of sand sugar with a tablespoon of water. Place in a bowl.
  • Use your hands to apply the ingredients on the skin, use the fingers to smooth it all over the face.
  • Use a clean towel to rub pasta on your face in a rotating motion. It has the purpose of expelling dead skin cells. Work hard until all faces are successfully infiltrated.
  • Clean the face with warm water, and rinse with cold water.

After making sure there are no pasta marks on the face, dry your face with a clean towel.

11. Exercise

James M. Rippe, M. D, a prominent cardiologist and founder of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute, explained that if you look at all the high risk things that cause death, one of the easiest things to predict is your health.

In addition, an older person who has good heart health is much healthier than a person who is young but not physically active. By increasing your physical activity, you can turn your biological clock back.

12. Get Enough Sleep

One study carried out by the Chicago Medical Campus found that shortening your sleep duration from 8 hours to 4 hours will affect your glucose content and endocrine function for less than 1 week.

This change will look like the initial stage if you have diabetes. Some researchers also conclude that lack of sleep not only results in you having a poor start every day, but you will be prone to several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and memory loss.


13. Skin & Facial Care

Japanese women also pay attention to the physical health of their bodies by undergoing treatment. They normally use creams that contain whitening so that the skin colour can look more even.

And we also shouldn’t be surprised if so many care products come from Japan. It’s not just that their skin looks pure white, it also supported by the weather in their country.

Yes, it’s true that the country in Japan has winter because it is almost close to the polar regions with not much sunny and hot weather.

You must dare to spend more money to get a variety of beauty products that have good quality and are recommended. Look for care products that are right for your skin shape and make sure it doesn’t contain chemicals.

If you want to try herbal products, first check out whether it has been certified or labeled safe by BPOM. It is highly recommended to consult with the right people so that you don’t choose the wrong product.


14. Stop Smoking 

Cigarette smoking routine is not good for health. Various respiratory diseases can be triggered by smoking. Not only that, skin damage can also be caused by smoking routine. Stay away from cigarettes right now, because there are so many dangers from smoking.

You might not rarely see smokers who have healthy skin, white, and not contracting a serious illness. That might happen because there are aspects that you don’t think about. Maybe that person is also sensitive to his health, always meet the needs of his body with prime, even though he has the habit of smoking. But don’t make that estimate as an argument to keep smoking. Even so, smoking is still not good for yourself and people around you.

Maybe you will be surprised if one day that routine will make you experience ageing in the beginning and contracted lung cancer or throat.

Bottom Line

If you follow these tips, we will make sure that it will help you to reduce ageing and look young.

Don’t forget to share this secrets to your family and friends. Remember, sharing is caring!