8 Tips to Know If Your Partner is Cheating on You

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how to know your partner is cheating

Ever wondered that recently your partner spent less time with you? In this article, we’re going to share you 8 tips to know if your partner is cheating on you!

Have you felt more insecure lately and your bodily instinct also do not feel right at all? People said human instinct is naturally true most of the time. Maybe your partner might not be physically cheating on you but cheating on you mentally.

Many relationships fall apart when one side starts cheating or making unforgivable mistakes for the relationship to continue working out. For a partner to cheat, there may also be some unfulfilled desire by their current partner or maybe lack of love from their current partner (neglected feeling) which causes them to do so. Whatever the reason is, this act is not healthy and unforgivable.

Check out 8 tips to know if your partner is cheating on you:

1. They recently changed their cellphone password

how to know your partner is cheating


Sharing passwords of your cellphone with your partner signifies trust and honesty. One day, if you are trying to hide stuff from your partner, you would step up to change your cellphone password without informing them.

This is to secure the fact if they accidentally saw something they should not know. Thus, if your partner had done so without informing you, signifies they must be hiding a huge secret from you. Somehow, when he or she cheats, you could just feel it.

Our cellphones are very personal device where we communicate with our family and friends. We keep many personal photos and capture many wonderful memories on our own using this device. All our personal messages flow into this device making it a special communication with all our friends with no boundaries limit.

2. Check if they had start making plans without you

how to know your partner is cheating

You know your partner well, you used to do everything together with them. Events and activities are always centered around you. One fine day, your partner starts telling you about hanging out with a bunch of friends, and they did not invite you.


He or she might give you a lame reason like distance and inconvenience to include you in the event. You start feeling left out and seeing a new side of your partner, that is a bad sign. He or she might be hanging out with a bunch of friends with the potential new crush among the bunch of friends.

3. They stop doing things they used to do for you

how to know your partner is cheating

Your partner used to drive for miles just to spend time with you in your place for the weekends, suddenly he or she stopped or reduced doing so.

Your normal routine seems to change bit by bit without you realizing. You also feel he or she stopped investing in you, like maybe he or she used to spend you on weekend meals during the dates, but recently he or she stopped doing so.

When talking about future commitments, he or she starts avoiding that topic too, which they used to not avoid it. Things had started to change very drastically. The change is just too much at one time, it hurts.


4. Their social media appears single status

how to know your partner is cheating

Do you remember the first time your partner chooses to place a picture of both of you to appear in their Profile picture in social media? It feels nice that he or she recognizes you to be part of their life.

It feels like they are proud having you to represent them in public. Recently its not the same. Besides distancing from you, you also notice your partner starts appearing very single status in their social media.

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5. Notice close engagement in social media

how to know your partner is cheating


This step might sound very absurd but sometimes knowing the truth takes a lot of crazy effort if the person means a lot to you. Have you ever felt very insecure when you see your partner surrounded with many good-looking people? This happens maybe if your partner does not give you the confidence that you are good enough for them.

You can do this experiment by posting a picture in social media to see if your partner notices it in the news feed. Leave it for a few days. The test comes when you find another person who you suspect might be the third party, in their social media account who posts on the same day as you.

You will notice he or she gave a LIKE in the other person’s post and not your post which happens on the same day. We as humans see what we want to see. Our eyes see what it wants to see. Remember this.

6. They reject video calls

how to know your partner is cheating 6

An important tip to know if your partner is cheating on you is using video calls. A partner who rejects video calls, are sometimes hiding their true self.


Maybe there is someone else in the bedroom with them. Honestly there is nothing more to hide from your partner if you feel comfortable with them. Your just wake up face and messy hair does not matter if you love someone.

7. They avoid physical touch

how to know your partner is cheating

If you feel recently, you had always been initiating hugs and kisses, and your partner does not initiate it with you. This might indicate they had loss interest in you and already had someone else in mind. Love language plays an important role in a relationship.

Dodging these acts from your partner signifies a lot. It could be a sign to know that your partner is cheating on you. A warm touch from your partner should come naturally, and not forced to. If you start feeling like your partner is treating you like a friend and not a lover anymore, you will end up feeling incomplete and the relationship will soon die due to unfulfilled desires.

8. They start initiating breakups

how to know your partner is cheating


Ever heard of this saying?  “I am leaving you for your own good. We need to end this.” Sometimes the reason behind this saying is because they do not see you as part of their future that they had initially promised you.

Someone who can imagine a future without you means they have someone else potentially in mind already. Nothing stops you if you really want it, you will make it happen. This is just a lame reason to escape from a relationship.

All relationships have ups and downs, its not about who was there when everything was good. True love is who was there when you were at the worst phase and never left you.

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Bottom Line

Relationships are not easy. We hear our friends who got cheated and breakup. Sometimes, we are the ones being the victim of a cheating drama. Being honest to your partner is very important, do not hide things from them. When you bottled up problems and open up to third parties, this is where problems might arise. Keep couple problems among you and your partner. Your partner should be your soul mate and only best friend.


On the bright side, your partner might not be cheating on you but probably hiding something huge from you. He or she might not want to burden with the issue which caused some overthinking from your end. However, you need to get this clarified before causing a fuss about it, as there might be a misunderstanding for certain change in your partner’s behavior. Find time to talk it out to clear the air.

From all that happen in life, we need to understand that change is the only constant. Nothing lasts forever. We need to adapt and move on, knowing that we had tried our best too and not regretting our decisions only when it is too late. The reality is none of us are easy to be with. We all suffer from something. So when you meet someone who is willing to stay committed to understand you and actually wants to grow with you. Do not let something silly like ego and pride to ruin it.