This Revolutionary Door Security Gadget will Secure You During Holiday!

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Portable Door Jammer

Has it ever crossed your mind when you are in your hotel room or Air Bnb room feeling insecure? The terrible thoughts were scenarios like intruders crashing in while you were resting in the room.

We could never predict unfortunate events; it can happen anywhere at anytime at any place. You may have a secure and locked home, but you also want to stay safe during your vacation stay.

Just imagine this, while having a relaxing session in the hotel’s jacuzzi, you suddenly hear some loud noises from the door? That would be a bummer to your whole holiday plan if someone broke into your hotel room.

But what if we tell you there is a life hack gadget that can save your life from these possible incidents? Check out below!

Portable Door Jammer

Portable door stopper


This travel sized portable door jammer is made of strong alloy steel, tough but lightweight. On average it weighs about 11.3 ounces converting to 0.3203 kilograms.

It could be used in all types of flooring materials be it carpet, tiles etc.

As we have different gap sizes at the bottom of the door, a three-size spacer keyring set is provided to fill up the gap above the doors that have large gaps at the bottom.

This gadget works only for in swinging doors meaning it only works when you are in the room. Not to be used when you are out the room.

There is an emergency quick-release feature in case of emergency, so you do not need to be so panicky if it happens.


How does it Work?

The installation for this gadget is super quick and easy. You do not require any tools. That is the best part, as you would not like to add any baggage when travelling.

  • 1st Step: Firstly, ensure doors are close and you are inside the room, not outside.
  • 2nd Step: Place the gadget under your door and turn the screw.
  • 3rd Step: If the gaps do not fit entirely, utilize the three-size spacer keyring set to fill the gap above the door too, making it even stronger.
  • 4th Step: Do run some tests, with your friend or someone else you can trust just in case you did not fix it correctly.
  • 5th Step: Make sure the other person, is outside the door. You will be inside the room to install it.
  • 6th Step: With your friend doing a test break in, you can see how sturdy and solid this door jammer is.
  • 7th Step: After you feel that, it works. You can now relax in peace in your hotel room or Air Bnb room.

For the video for more illustration, refer to the below:

Gadget Lab

Based on our personal experiences, choosing the correct size of the door jammers are vital. Choosing the bigger size ones seem to be more sturdy, strong, and solid.

As a traveler myself, I cannot be drilling holes on the doorstep of my hotel and AirBnb. Thus, this simple gadget is my lifesaver and my peace of mind for added protection while I travel around.


In addition to using, it on doors, it can also be used on windows. It can work as a window stopper especially if you are facing a really strong wind. The various sizes can cater for different areas around the house which have gaps and holes.

If you have family members who often intrude your privacy in your room, this door jammer is going to prevent them from entering your room without permission. Have your unlimited private time in peace with this added feature below your doorstep.

Overall, this gadget is really great for usage during traveling, rental apartments, or temporary stays.

It may not be as strong as the traditional lock, but this added protection could prevent possible incidents like unexpected break ins. At the minimal, if ever a break in happens, it could give you the extra time to be prepared if you foresee someone trying to force in. Those spare minutes may save your life!

Furthermore, due to it’s small sizing, it fits the luggage well during traveling.


portable door jammer for traveling

So, what are you waiting for? Buy now here!