10 First Date Tips – First Impression Matters!

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first date tips

The moment of the first date is a very important moment in starting a relationship. Why? Because if you make a mistake at this moment, it can affect your relationship. Can it continue or even just break up, something like that. That’s why many people are confused when they have to do this first date. They are afraid that they will make mistakes that can make the first date get a bad impression and the partner asks to break up when the date is over. In order not to be stressed and confused, here are a number of tips when going on a first date.

First Date Tips #1: Choose the Right Location

Doing the first date cannot be arbitrary. Because at this moment the couple will assess whether this relationship can continue or not. If you feel that the first date is bad, people today don’t hesitate to end the relationship right away and just disappear.

One of the tips for making the first date go smoothly is to determine the location of the date. The right date location can make dating feel good. Find a dating location that matches your partner’s favorite place. Cafes, malls, restaurants, whichever one you both can enjoy quietly and without distraction.

First Date Tips #2: Learn Body Language

Do you think that only in the world of work it is necessary to pay attention to body language? Apparently not. Body language is needed at all times. The goal is clear so that people who see us, do not give a bad or negative impression. Especially at important times such as the first date where if this moment is broken, you cannot return to the way it was before.

Find out what body language is like when it comes to dealing with the opposite gender. Obviously dealing with the opposite gender will be different when dealing with HRD during a job interview. Body movements and facial expressions need to be considered because not only can we judge our partner, but our partner can also judge our attitude.


First Date Tips #3: Humor

Nobody likes a stiff partner. Stiff here means a person who is always serious and has no sense of humor. Life is full of problems, having a first date with your crush is one way to relieve problems and stress a little. Not that it adds to stress.

In order for a first date to leave a good impression, humor is needed. A little sense of humor is more than enough to melt a bad heart. It can even dilute a hot atmosphere. If you are a clumsy person, learn to be able to throw a humor or two. This is not just for the sake of the partner but also for yourself.

First Date Tips #4: Follow Up

Have everything prepared for the first date and the first date worked out well? Very nice. But it is not enough if it is not followed by a follow-up. Many people fail in relationships because they think their first date was a success but forget to follow up.

Successful first date is just the first test you must pass. There are still more tests that you also need to do. Follow up by planning the next date with the person. Maybe you can do it sooner or later, depending on the time of each party. In addition to preparing plans for the next date, also give feedback via chat about the impression of the first date that was carried out.

First Date Tips #5: Let Him/Her Tell the Story

It is understandable that the moment of the first date is a very important moment. There is a desire for us to tell a lot to our partners. But, dating is done by two people, if only one person keeps telling stories, you might be considered a selfish person and want to be a person to be heard without wanting to hear other people.


Don’t be the one who keeps talking, the one who has the story is not only us but he also has it. Provide opportunities for couples to tell what has been experienced and also tell about themselves. The point is to make sure that the communication is smooth between the two of you, each of you has the same opportunity to tell what you want to tell.

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First Date Tips #6: Be honest

Honest is one of the important keys in living life. Honesty is also needed in the world of work, school, and relationships. No one wants to be lied to by their partner right? For that, when going on a first date, try to promote honesty when telling yourself.

There is no need to make up or exaggerate stories to amaze your partner. Tell what it is according to reality. If you really want to take a relationship seriously, he will definitely accept us. If there is anything you don’t want to tell, just explain to him that it’s not ready to tell.

First Date Tips #7: Clothing

It’s impossible to go on a first date wearing makeshift clothes. Keep in mind that the first date is decisive for the next date. At the time of this first date, each party will judge whether this partner is compatible with him or not. Is the relationship worth continuing or not.


Think carefully about what you will wear. Try to use pick clothes suitable for the date location and the weather. Make sure the clothes you wear are not too tacky so they can attract people’s attention. Choose a comfortable material so it’s not too hot and not too cold. Don’t forget to complete your look with some light accessories and makeup. Consider some aftershave or pheromones perfume as well because how you smell can make or break your first impression no matter what you wear.

First Date Tips #8: Stop Exchanging Messages, Save To Meet Directly

Some are confused when they want to go on a first date, some are actually very excited. So excited, this person kept on chatting with his girlfriend until he lost track of time. Once you have set a date for the first date, don’t exchange messages until you lose track of time. Save it to meet in person.

Not all of these things have to be discussed via chat. Maybe in chat you look fun because the topic of conversation will not end because there is time to think and find new topics. Better to save the topic of conversation when you have met in person. Sometimes people are fun to chat but can be boring when face to face. Avoid things like this.

First Date Tips #9: Don’t Make Things Complicated

If there is something easy, why do you have to make it difficult? That’s what a lot of people say. The date is already in trouble because there are many things that must be prepared before going out to meet a lover. Moreover, the first date is the main key to determining the continuity of the relationship.

Don’t complicate the first date by figuring out what to do perfectly. Find ideas about dating that are simple but meaningful you can definitely do. If you are lacking in creativity and spontaneity, you can find out on the internet or ask a close friend. As easy as dating at a cafe or mall is one simple way to have a first date.


First Date Tips #10: Prepare the Topic

On a date, there’s no way you would look into each other’s eyes and be quiet all day long, right? There will definitely be a conversation between the two of you. Exchange of information that can be useful or not to fill dating time. What will matter is that one or even two people turn out to be quiet people.

Dating quiet people is a tough task to solve. Because it is impossible for a date to be silent on each other, one must have the initiative to open a conversation. If you are a quiet person, then prepare a conversation topic that is interesting to discuss. Try to find topics that can be developed in any direction so that the conversation does not end and the date remains exciting.