10 Hacks to be Calm in Every Situation

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how to be calm in every situation

Calm people generally don’t bother of other people. Calm behavior are also more respected because they are not easily carried away by their emotions in every situation.

On the other hand, people who are easily worried, panicked, and angry tend to be viewed negatively. They often bother other people and make decisions that they regret later.

In terms of health, someone who is calm will live more peacefully. They are also more youthful and less stressed. There are not many enemies because he can resolve conflicts more wisely.

If you want to be a calm in every situation, here are 10 ways you need to do it.

1. Avoid Being a Personal Perfectionist

Not a few people who have a sense of grudge basically have a perfectionist personality. There is a little that is not up to their standards, they will panic and worry. When they see other people behaving inappropriately, they will be disappointed and angry.


Hoping that everything goes well is not wrong. However, if we are too obsessed, then we ourselves will be harmed.

Therefore, try to reduce the perfectionist nature. Lower your standards and accept that things don’t always work out the way we expect.

2. Understand That Acting Rashly is Not Good

Understand that your rash actions will not bring any significant benefit. The panic that you express will not solve the problem. And the anger you release will not cause the situation to settle down.

Conversely, if you are calm, then problems and conflicts that occur can be resolved better. Because when our heads are cool, our words and decisions will make more sense.

Keep that view in your head. Thus, you can learn to be a calm person in every situation.


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3. Calculate Profit and Loss

Instead of acting according to emotions, learn to act according to profit and loss. For example, you are a new employee in an office. A senior in the office often underestimates your abilities.

Your heart hurts to be treated like that. But on the other hand, you have to pay for the large amount of parental debt. If you just follow your heart, you may immediately resign.

Your mind will indeed be calm for a moment. However, then what? Isn’t your parent’s debt unpaid?

Instead of resigning, you should address the senior. Because after all, you need the job to help parents.


4. Learn to Control Emotions

Learn to control your emotions in various situations. When angry, take a deep breath and find a quiet place. When you’re panicking, sit down and think of possible solutions.

It should be understood that everyone basically has emotions. It’s just that, there are people who can become masters of their emotions, but there are also those who become slaves to their emotions.

When you only follow your emotions, of course you are only a slave to it. You will easily get nervous, panic, angry, and sad because of some things that may be trivial.

5. Learn More Empathically

One way to become a calm person in every situation is to learn to be more empathetic. This is especially important if your restlessness takes the form of outbursts of anger at the other person.

If you are a little disappointed and emotional with the other party, it is an indication that you are not able to understand the other person. So you measure everything from your own perspective.


For example, you grew up in a well-to-do family and got scholarships to go abroad. When you were a teacher, you were known to be tough on kids you thought were stupid.

In fact, the stupid student may become like that because he is economically disadvantaged and has family support.

If you are willing to empathize, that is, by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, you can certainly be more tolerant. You will also appreciate those who are less successful in this life.

And in return, you will be more loved by those around you.

6. Overcome Past Trauma

Many people have a tendency to worry and panic easily because of past trauma. Some have been robbed in the past, cheated on by their partners, and had serious accidents.


Such incidents can frighten a person in his subconscious for a very long time. So, if the condition is so, you should treat the trauma first.

Please discuss this matter with the closest person. If necessary, do not hesitate to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. This way, you will be able to move on from the traumatic event and become a more stable and calm person.

7. Leave Everything to God

If you are a religious person, you can set the mindset to surrender everything to God. This kind of mindset does not mean the mindset to give up easily.

Of course, efforts must be made. However, we do not insist that all kinds of efforts must be successful.

We must understand that everything has a process. And that everything that happens is the will of the power. With this way of thinking, our minds will be calmer and less rushed.


8. Postpone Making Decisions While Still Emotions

Our restlessness most often causes problems when we have to make a decision. With our heads rumbling with worry or anger, we take a hasty attitude.

That’s why, when we realize that we have this tendency, we should postpone making decisions while our heads are still hot. Try, calm down first.

After that, just make a wise decision. Over time, you will definitely be able to make decisions more quickly but with a cooler head and heart.

What if the decision must be made immediately? In that situation, you need to ask someone you trust for help.

Ask a friend or relative to come discuss the decision. So you don’t make a mistake in the future.


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9. Reduce Consumption of Certain Foods and Drinks

Consumption of certain foods and drinks can cause our emotions to be more unstable. For example, alcohol and drinks that contain high caffeine.

Therefore, if you are in the process of becoming a calm person, reduce the consumption.

Because like it or not, our condition is influenced by what we eat. In the body, food will be processed in the digestive system. Food substances will be used for the production or trigger certain hormones.

Caffeine, for example, this substance can trigger the secretion of adrenaline which makes a person’s heart beat faster and the mind more anxious. As a result, excessive caffeine consumption continuously tends to make a person less calm in various situations.


10. Apply a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to avoiding the consumption of caffeine to alcohol, to calm the mind, we also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Eat foods that are fresh and contain lots of vegetables. Reduce sugar and junk food that contains excess oil.

The rest, exercise regularly according to body condition. For example, walking for the elderly and jogging for the young.

Do not forget, adequate rest at least 6 hours per day. With a lifestyle like this, your body will be fresher so your mind is also calmer.

Bottom Line

A calm personality is a personality characterized by the nature of not being easily carried away by emotions. This personality will bring many benefits to the owner, such as getting respect and being able to make wise decisions. Be a calm person in every situation!