Tips to Deal With Depression in Your Twenties

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how to deal with depression

Depression creeps into our soul without us realizing and slowly feeding our soul could lead us the unknown murderer of our happy soul to negative thoughts. It is important to know how to deal with the depression before it’s too late!

According to the WHO, close to 800 000 people took their lives due to suicide every year, this also means every 40 second, 1 human dies of suicide.

This is a human problem that happens since the ancient times just that in different methods had evolved for example, with now all over the counter drugs available for mild sickness: people would take sleeping pills in a high dosage to end their lives.

How Does Depression Feels Like?

Honestly, you wake up feeling like reality is not a dream anymore, it sucks. Sleeping and not getting out of bed would be your preferred choice.

Even your favorite food does not taste as good anymore, the hobbies you used to enjoy does not bring you the joy you used to have. Nothing heals you.


With all the luxury and money you have, you are just no happy and motivated. You typically do not enjoy things that used to make you happy, the problem now lays in your sick mental health.

You are facing a very bad mental hygiene. Depending on the type of cause of depression.

If it was due to a relationship break up, you do not like hearing music anymore as most music are love themed. It brings back more bad memories than ever.

Watching movies with happily ever after is not your happy pill anymore. It becomes a painful memory to your soul.

You’ll even try avoiding those shows and series which used to make you laughed so much.


How to Deal with Depression?

1. A New Spotify/YouTube playlist

You can follow Ted Talks or Sadhguru podcasts in Spotify or You Tube. These motivational talks could be the medicine to your soul and deal with your depression.

Sometimes our soul needs to be healed by some positive talks about life. When normal music does not heal you, these sorts of talks really could give you some insight on how to have a clearer insight about life. If you want to know how music helps with depression and anxiety, check out: Benefits Of Music On Our Mind.

Life is not all about that problem that you are facing. There are many other things in life for us to enjoy.

2. Take Up a New Sport With Your Friends

If you are someone who do not do sports, here are some interesting recommendations to start of some sport activities.

There is an indoor rock climbing also known as Bouldering with many levels for you to try from Beginners, Mid-learners to Professionals.


Liking the sun, why not try real Rock climbing around your country. This is a popular in your twenties when you are at best health to go on an adventure on these kinds of sports.

3. Before Bed, Do Yoga or Meditation

Facing depression, would means not able to sleep at night and having an overthinking mind.

We need to realign our mindset and fill it with a healthy activity like learning up Yoga or Meditation before heading to bed. You can turn it into a regular practice and even visit a yoga retreat once a year to help reset and calm your mind.

Get an exercise mat and place it beside your bed. You can also use your bed to do meditation and some simple yoga moves.

Cleanse your mind and soul before bed, make it a habit and this will really help you in healing your soul.


4. Fill Up Your Days With More Activities

Being busy and having tasks is a good way to make your days more productive, you come home, feeling tired and you will have a good night rest as you will not have much to think of.

Weekdays are always filled with 9-5 jobs, we head out and reach home late, have our dinner and sometimes even have activities after work, we are able to feel tired and sleep well.

Keeping yourself with productive hobbies is important and a healthier option.

5. Socializing

Another way to deal with your depression is by socializing. Having your close friends from high school and college, you can broaden your social circle from your workplace too.

Joining and volunteering social clubs from your workplace could increase your network and help you develop more self-confidence when meeting new friends.


Talking to new friends and sometimes meeting a good friend who you can click with could be your new little happiness.

A friendship goes a long way. Meeting new friends not only broaden your views and interests.

It also gives you more hopes and thoughts that the world around you is so big and there is so much more to discover in this world.

Getting some insights and ideas of fun activities with your workplace colleagues is a very convenient way to distress as you can always plan activities after work to distress giving the convenience of all located at a same workplace.

Workplace is 5/7 days per week go-to place, it should be a happy place to go to, this contributes to daily happiness.


Bottom Line

Remember that your problems are sometimes only an ant-size compared to the world problems.

The current pandemic the whole wide world is facing: ie Covid-19 is teaching us a lesson of how precious life is.

Many people out there are striving their best to have a higher chance of survival while some people are busy stressing out to have a luxury life.

We are lucky enough to have the basic health today to be able to live a life some people from another side of the world had been wishing for.

Are you chasing for a better chance of surviving a disease or are you chasing a better-quality life?


Know the difference between the 2 different struggles and consider yourself lucky today.

Sometimes, we have taken for granted so much in life that most of us had forgotten so much we had been blessed with.