9 Tips be Emotionally Strong and Independent

how to be emotionally strong and independent

Independent is an attitude and a firm stance on oneself and does not depend on others both financially, accommodation, and emotionally strong.

An independent person is someone who rarely bothers others. They are also not spoiled, are not afraid to make their own decisions, and are not awkward going anywhere without company.

Independent people are always admired. They are the antithesis of ‘spoiled children’ who are often made fun of. No wonder, many people want to have this attitude.

However, becoming an independent person cannot be done in the blink of an eye. Self-accustoming, especially if you have always been pampered from a young age, becomes such a formidable challenge.

To help you become an emotionally strong and independent, here are 9 ways we recommend.

1. Learn to Think Independently

Independence can also be seen from the way we think. An independent person is characterized by his ability to think for himself without being easily influenced by others. However, the ability to think for yourself clearly needs to be trained.

Increasing reading and experience can train our thinking. Likewise with getting used to making decisions with personal thoughts. Initially, you must often make the wrong decisions.

But don’t worry. Practice makes perfect! The more practice, the better decisions you will make later on.

2. Don’t Rush to Say ‘Please’

Some of us are used to being pampered since childhood. So that we have the habit of “asking for help” even for trivial matters. We feel entitled to help as we used to continue to be helped by our parents.

If you want to turn into an independent person, plant in your mind that this habit is very bad. Although trivial, however, the habit of asking for help will make you fail to become a person who can stand on his own feet.

Hold on to quickly ask for help. As long as you can do something yourself, then do it yourself. Don’t be a person who depends on other people’s help.

3. Wandering

Our efforts to become independent individuals are sometimes hampered by our parents. They constantly pamper us as their favorite child.

Their intentions may be good, but the effect on us can be bad. Especially when we are adults.

So, if you are facing this situation, try to consider staying home or wandering. Automatically, you have to take care of yourself 100% when you live without parental care.

This choice is not easy. But over time you will get used to it. In the future, your parents will be happier if their children are able to take responsibility for their own lives.

4. Responsible for Personal Affairs

For those of you who are still too young to leave home, you can learn to be independent by taking care of your own needs.

For example, washing your own clothes, cleaning your own room, and getting up yourself without having to be woken up by your parents.

It would be even better if you also help with the housework. Or, when your parents left, you took over their jobs which you could have done. For example, cooking water and mopping the floor.

Little by little it became a hill. From these little habits, you will be able to erode the spoiled nature, as well as cultivate an independent and responsible personality.

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5. Get to Work

Among the various options for eliminating self-reliance, earning a living may be one of the most effective.

Yes, by starting to work, you come to know that making a living is not easy. You will also be more appreciative of the work that other people do.

The hope, understanding like this can make you no longer spoiled. So, you can change your attitude to be more independent. Moreover, during work, you are definitely required to take responsibility for what you do.

But what if you’re still in school?

For those of you who are still in school, you can skip these tips. However, if you are interested, you can try a part-time job nearby.

For example, being a tutor for younger children. Besides being able to learn to be an independent and emotionally strong, this activity can also make you continue to remember past lessons.

6. Learn Leadership Skill

Learn leadership skill to get used to being an independent person. Because a leader is definitely required to have that attitude.

More than that, a leader must also have a good sense of responsibility and various other good qualities.

How do you learn leadership? Easy. Theoretically, you can read his theory in books and attend various seminars.

As for the practice, you can go directly to organizations at schools, universities, and village organizations. For those who are already working, you can apply as a project leader.

It doesn’t matter if the scale is still small. Because after all you will still get an extraordinary lesson.

And later on, you may get the opportunity to join and even lead a much bigger and more important organization.

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7. Helping Others

Instead of asking for help too often, give more help to others. Yes, giving help to other people can surprisingly make you become an independent and emotionally strong.

Why? Because this behavior can hone your sense of empathy and wisdom.

Empathy, for example. When your empathy is honed, you will no longer be a spoiled and orderly person.

Likewise with wisdom. Wisdom will make you less spoiled because you will know that spoiled people are generally hated by others.

8. Don’t Be Too Sensitive

Don’t be overly sensitive if you want to be independent and emotionally strong. Because independent character is also characterized by a person’s ability to manage his own mental state.

Now imagine that you are easily offended by what other people say. You will complain more often and ask for ’emotional support’ to relatives or friends.

On the other hand, if you ignore other people’s words, you won’t need emotional support anymore.

It’s true, heartache is not good. And venting is not wrong as long as it’s not excessive.

However, you must be able to control your own emotions. Don’t get hurt a little and then the mood becomes down because of it.

9. Avoid Dependence on Spouse

Some people have been able to live without dependence on their parents. But they apparently are still very dependent on their spouse.

Dependence on anyone, including the spouse, is not a good thing. Feel free to date, but don’t lose your independence. Because your relationship may not last a lifetime.

And, for those of you who are still single, don’t be in a hurry to find a spouse for reasons such as wanting to be driven anywhere or wanting to be helped financially.

These reasons will make the relationship that is built is not healthy. Your character is also distorted by this spoiled habit.

Bottom Line

Those are 9 tips that we can share for those of you who want to become an independent and tough person. In general, it can be said that to be an independent person, a big commitment is needed.

Because you have to train yourself not to ask for help a little bit. You also have to be able to take care of your own needs, from shopping for personal items to earning a living.

However, no matter how difficult it is, if there is a will there is a way. Even if you were raised as a very spoiled youngest child. Just follow the nine tips above in an orderly manner. Hope it is useful!

Written by Alexandra Stonem

Alexandra is the content reviewer & senior author at Life Hack Solution.