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10 Tips to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

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It’s natural for us to yearn for a better self. In some ways, these feelings can actually motivate us to move forward. However, not infrequently, some of us are too extreme in thinking. Instead of being driven to progress, we hate ourselves. Self-hatred is the excess of the inability to accept oneself as one is. You hate your face. You hate your IQ. And you hate your shy attitude.

However, feelings like this are like poison to our bodies. You will sink into negative ways of thinking that can lead to stress, less happiness, and even depression.

For those of you who have this problem, let’s take a deep breath first. You deserve to be happy. You also deserve to be loved and accepted as you are. Well, here are 10 ways to accept yourself:

1. Me Time with Self-loving Activities

Self-acceptance is one way to love yourself. Efforts to love ourselves will eventually make us more able to accept ourselves as we are.

And, one of the fun activities as a manifestation of self-love is taking “me time.” The term me time refers to the time when we use it for our own happiness.


In addition to buying yourself the food you like, you can also take me time by taking walks and morning exercises.

2. Ask Around About Yourself

To be able to accept yourself as you are, you have to start with knowing yourself as well. If you want another assessment as a comparison, don’t be afraid to ask a friend you can trust.

Try, ask your friends to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. So you have a bigger picture of yourself.

3. Investigate Your Weaknesses and Strengths

It may sound cliché, but in reality everything has two sides that balance each other. No matter how low you feel, you definitely have strengths. It’s just that maybe you haven’t realized it yet.

For example, you have been known as a shy and very quiet child. You also rarely get ranked and less popular. Everything feels so gloomy, doesn’t it?


Try to find something you enjoy and you are good at. Maybe you are good at drawing. It could be that you are smart and have a great passion for writing.

Pay attention to your strengths too. Thus, it is easier for you to accept yourself.

4. Fix Weaknesses, Optimize Strengths

By following the first and second tips, you will have a stock of your own strengths and weaknesses. So, what do you want to do with these two things?

For shortcomings, let’s fix it if possible. As for the advantages, we can optimize. For example, at school you are considered less beautiful. But on the other hand, you are known as an intelligent child.

To overcome these physical deficiencies, understand that everyone’s beauty standards are never the same. So the most important thing is to take care of yourself.


For example, maintaining healthy skin and making sure the body does not smell. You don’t need to have white injections and other toxic things.

Meanwhile, also improve your achievements so that you can develop to a wider level. So, your achievements are not only at the school level, but also at other levels.

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5. Learn to Express Yourself

What does self-acceptance have to do with being expressive? Make no mistake. The two are related to each other.

A person who can’t accept himself as he is usually always suppresses his feelings. They are generally seen as less expressive. Sometimes, they also seem always awkward and confused in various situations.


This is different from those who are more accepting of themselves. They are more expressive. They are also not afraid to make mistakes because they do not feel pressured.

When we are more expressive, we will also know who we are better. We can also appreciate ourselves more. Gradually this habit can make us more mature and of course more accepting of ourselves as we are.

6. Avoid Asking for Recognition from Others

Not a few people are so hungry for recognition from others. They are willing to do things that harm themselves or even violate the law.

Although this behavior seems strange and unreasonable, the source is actually because the owner of the behavior cannot love himself for who he is.

They also seek recognition from their environment. However, not everyone has good intentions. They will suffer losses sooner or later.


Remember, it’s just you and God who accepts you. In addition, friends and family can also be expected. Beyond that, never seek approval from others.

7. Understand Everyone is Unique

Everyone is unique! No one is exactly the same in this world.

Even twins still have differences here and there. So, never feel that you are inferior just because you are different from your siblings or friends.

Remember, you only live once. Instead of worrying about not being as cool or as good as A or B, it’s better to enjoy life while developing your interests and talents.

In this way, you will be able to find the happiness you desire.


8. Being Insulted? Just Laugh

Ridicule and insults are the inevitable spices of life. Sometimes it comes from people who are annoyed with us. However, sometimes it comes from people who are jealous of us.

When we get ridicule and insults that bring up faults and shortcomings, face it with a cool head. If there is truth in the ridicule and insult, use it as a whip to improve yourself.

The rest, just ignore it. But if it bothers you, don’t hesitate to defend yourself.

Sometimes, the behavior of the ridiculer has led to bullying behavior. Things like this clearly can not be allowed. It’s okay to show (controlled) anger so that you don’t continue to be harassed.

9. Reflective

Once or several times a month, take time to reflect on what you’ve been through. This is important not only so that you can accept your condition, but also so that you can continue to correct your mistakes.


It should be understood, that self-acceptance is a positive concept when coupled with the desire to continue to develop well.

Let’s love ourselves, but we must always try to be better in the future for ourselves, the environment, and others.

10. Avoid Being Too Competitive

There’s nothing wrong with being competitive. But it becomes problematic if you are always competitive in various aspects of life. It’s even more problematic when you get depressed when you fail at something you perceive as competition.

Such competitive nature has led to unhealthy toxic behavior. If allowed to continue, you can lose the ability to accept yourself.

Because your appreciation for yourself is determined by the achievements you receive.


Bottom Line

For some people, self-acceptance is easy. But for others it is not so. Many of us feel lacking in various aspects so that we become sad and depressed.

In fact, one of the keys to happiness in living this life is self-acceptance. Without it, your life can feel very difficult and sub-optimal.

Therefore, make up your mind to learn to accept yourself. Follow the tips above seriously so that you can successfully love yourself.