10 Powerful Tips to Change to be a Better Person

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how to change to be a better person

If you don’t feel like you’re doing well right now, don’t be discouraged. Because there are many people like you. Not only that, you are also not too late to improve yourself. By improving yourself, your life will gradually improve. So you can enjoy life positively. So what to do? To help you, here are 10 ways to change yourself for the better.

1. Hone Your Empathy

Hone Your Empathy

Some people don’t need money to get better. What they need is more honed empathy. Because one of their shortcomings lies in their lack of empathy.

Things like this are often experienced by those who grew up in fortunate situations. Because they are used to living comfortably, they tend to underestimate the fate and feelings of others.

This arrogance will clearly have a bad impact on those around him. In the long run, such an attitude can also turn on itself. Therefore, learn to be more empathetic if you want to change yourself for the better.


Lower your ego and imagine if you were in someone else’s shoes. Also expand your association so that your mindset is not narrow.

Slowly but surely, your empathy will be honed and you will get love from people who previously hated you.

2. Increase Insight by Reading Books

Increase Insight by Reading Books

People say, books are windows to the world. And indeed by reading books, our insight can increase. Our perspective or way of thinking will grow along with every reading we devour.

For those of you who have felt lacking insight, books are definitely a stepping stone to overcome this. And the good news is that there are now many electronic books that can be accessed with the gadgets we have.


There are various book content available. There are literary books that have a high moral message, knowledge books that can increase our understanding of the world, to books about exact sciences. Please start reading from a book that you like.

3. Expand Experience

Expand Experience

In addition to reading books, we can also develop ourselves by increasing experience. This is important for those who spend too much time alone at home.

When you just sit still, you miss out on experiences that can teach you a lot.

For example, the social experience you should get when you join an organization. Or, experience in nature that you can actually get by joining a community of nature lovers.


Experience is ultimately the best teacher. Your emotions, insights and logic will be honed as you experience more.

Your personality will also be more mature and wise because you have eaten a lot of the salt of life.

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4. Always Introspect


To change yourself for the better, you must also learn to introspect. Without introspection, you cannot possibly change. Because every change must require periods of reflection.


For example, so far you are known as a spoiled child. However, as time goes on, you will see for yourself how your cousins ​​have become more independent and proud of their parents.

Then you reflect. From that reflection, you conclude that you must change. It’s not easy, but your determination is great until you decide to go abroad to be more independent.

Introspection, in other words, becomes one of the main factors if you want to change. A person who rarely or does not want to introspect will be slower to change and decide the direction of his life.

5. Accept Criticism and Suggestions

In addition to introspection, you also need to learn to accept criticism and suggestions. People who are open to both of these are basically people who realize that they are not perfect.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to be a person who accepts criticism and suggestions. Our big ego often causes us to be defensive and reject all comments from people.


Therefore, while opening yourself up to criticism and advice from others, learn to also lower your ego.

6. Be a Beneficial Person for the Environment

Be a Beneficial Person for the Environment

A good personality can also be determined based on its usefulness to the environment. Therefore, if you want to develop in a positive direction, make yourself useful for the environment.

You can start first from the nuclear family. Help your parents, brothers and sisters. After that, be a caring brother for a big family. Make your presence always give joy to them.

Or, you can also start being active in community organizations. For example, participate in local village organizations. Or, join organizations that care about social issues such as organizations to help orphans and neglected elderly people.


7. Learn to Forgive

A good person is not a vengeful person. They can forgive other people’s mistakes and quickly move on from the dark past. Therefore, if you want to become a better person, learn to forgive.

Some people are really hard to forgive. However, when you continue to hold grudges, it is you who lose. Because every anger you feel will only damage you.

It would be better, if you take a “forgiven but not forgotten” attitude to someone who you think is too outrageous.

This means that you forgive the person but do not forget the crime. So, you don’t need to be close to him.

8. Watch Your Speech

Watch Your Speech


Have you been known as a person with bad speech? Remember, your mouth is your tiger! One word can destroy something in an instant.

For example, you are a husband who actually really loves his wife. However, since childhood, you are used to being outspoken and less able to say sweet things.

Even though at first your wife also loves you, her tender heart will continue to be hurt by your words.

You don’t want to not cause injury to loved ones? Therefore, learn to speak well. After all, the way to change yourself for the better is very useful.

With good speech, you have carried out some of the religious orders and avoided major conflicts.


9. Learn Sincerity

Learn Sincerity

Sincerity is an attitude that shows one’s willingness. This attitude will make an individual more patient and calm. Those who are sincere in general are also viewed favorably by those around them.

If you have been known to panic and get angry all this time, start learning to be sincere. Lower your standards that may be too high. Appreciate every process even though the results are not always successful.

10. Discipline and Order

Discipline and Order

Have you been known as a messy person? Take a look at your room and your schedule of activities.


If you have a deficiency like this, then to become better clearly you need to learn discipline and order. Start with the simple things first.

For example, make a schedule and daily targets on a regular basis. After that, avoid bad habits such as staying up late and consuming excess coffee.

Try to do this over and over again until you can educate yourself to be more organized.

Bottom Line

Humans continue to grow and develop. But it would be better if we don’t just flow with the flow of water.

As creatures who are given free will, humans need to constantly try to change themselves for the better. Therefore, follow the 10 tips above in an orderly manner. Slowly but surely, you will continue to develop in a positive direction.