9 Ways to Turn Weakness into Strength

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how to turn weakness into strength

There is no one who born without weakness. It meant by weakness itself is all traits that are perceived as unfavorable in society. Hence, you should learn the art of turning weakness into strength.

These traits can make a person’s life a mess. For example, A who is smart but lazy. Even though he has a high IQ score, in the end his talent will be wasted because he doesn’t do anything meaningful to achieve his dreams.

In addition, weakness in oneself also sometimes makes a person feel inferior. And if that’s the case, someone will find it difficult to move forward because they think they are really worthless.

If that’s you, don’t be discouraged. You can turn your weaknesses into strengths. Here are 9 ways to turn weakness into strengths that you need to do from now on.

1. Don’t Be Defensive

After understanding what your weaknesses are, start thinking about ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths. However, in this process, you can’t be defensive.


Defensiveness is an attitude that is always self-righteous, closed to criticism, and anti-change. This attitude will make you deny that you have flaws.

For example, you are a very shy person. Your friends say so too. You should use your shy attitude as a point to show your other strengths.

Instead, you’re getting defensive by saying that you’re not actually shy. You blame the people around you who you think are fierce and don’t want to be friends with you.

Defensiveness must be completely scraped if you are to progress. Put your ego down and learn to accept that everyone (including you) has flaws.

2. Understand Your Weaknesses

You can’t turn a weakness into strength if you don’t understand it yourself. Unfortunately, many people fail to identify their weaknesses.


For example, the nature of bossy. Sometimes, people who are bossy think that this trait is not a weakness. In fact, being bossy is an overly controlling attitude that can make other people feel uncomfortable with you.

If you are confused about your own shortcomings, try asking a friend’s opinion. Ask at least 5 of your friends about your weaknesses. Thus, you become aware of things that you were not aware of before.

3. Use People’s Criticism as Motivation

When interacting with other people, we often get various kinds of reactions. One of them is criticism of our shortcomings.

For example, you are an employee who is actually very smart and can win the hearts of leaders. But you tend to be lazy so that it irritates other employees.

One time, you were criticized by another coworker for your lazy attitude. What do you think you will do?


You should think about the criticism if that’s the case. Because, lazy attitude will ultimately harm you. Later, when you want to build your own business, this attitude will only hinder your business.

So, instead of getting angry, use the criticism as a point to move forward. Use criticism directed at you to improve yourself. Even if the criticism is a bit insulting.

4. Always Improve Yourself

Cultivate the mindset that in this life everyone must process. There is no eternal achievement because even above the sky there is still a sky. Even so when you try to change, the results are not necessarily as expected.

For example, you are the champion in school for 2 years in a row. But you have a nature that is too timid and paranoid. You are also trying to improve that attitude. However, after that you become a person who has an excessive brave attitude.

Changes clearly have to be made again. And this kind of process is natural. Never be ashamed to admit that when you try to change, the results are not what you expected.


5. Optimize Strengths by Recognizing Weaknesses

To turn your weakness into strength, you can also optimize your strengths. Remember, as explained above, everyone ultimately has their own shortcomings. What is important is that these deficiencies are recognized and, if possible, corrected.

At the same time, excel at your strengths. Because everyone must have a set of advantages and disadvantages that are complementary.

For example, you are known to be very clumsy and less outgoing. But on the other hand, you are a person who has deep analytical skills.

Try, hone your analytical skills. In the future, there will be many advantages if you have sharp and precise analytical skills.

6. Stop Being Too Melancholic

Are you a person who always cries for your shortcomings? Or, have you ever seen someone who always seems to complain about feeling inferior?


Stop. Don’t imitate this attitude. And if you have excessive melancholic tendencies like this, learn to stop that attitude.

Direct your mind to positive and optimistic things. Because people who always complain and grieve usually always focus on all the shortcomings they have.

They do not want to see that behind every weakness, there is an advantage that can be honed. As a result, he will never be able to progress and develop himself.

7. Learn from Others

There’s a lot you can get from other people. This includes how they can turn their weaknesses into strengths. Therefore, never be anti-learning from others.

Take a look at the people around you. Look for someone you can use as a role model. After that, observe his attitude, way of thinking, and behavior in general.


Example of the good things about him and avoid the bad. If necessary approach him so that you can imitate him better.

8. Read Motivating Books

Some books can help you turn your weakness into strength. For example, motivational books.

There are already so many motivational book titles with this theme that you can get in bookstores. Or if you don’t want to buy it, just borrow it from the school library or city library.

In addition to motivational books, other types of books can also be used as inspiration, you know. Examples include biographies, autobiographies, novels, and comics. In biographies, you can read the story of someone who was underestimated but grew up to achieve success.

9. Cooperation with Others

Your weaknesses may be advantages for others. Because humans are basically destined to work together. Therefore, in the work environment, school, to romance, be a figure who complements each other.


You are smart but shy can work with colleagues who are outgoing but not good at analyzing. Likewise, if you are a student who is beautiful but careless, then you can make friends with students who are more diligent even though they are physically normal.

Bottom Line

When faced with their weaknesses, most people are defensive or even feel incredibly embarrassed. In fact, these weaknesses in yourself can actually be used as a point to move forward.

However, it is definitely not an easy thing to turn a weakness into a strength to move forward. Your efforts must be earnest.