11 Tips to be Optimistic All The Time

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how to be optimistic all the time

Optimistic is an attitude that looks good in everything, especially if you could do it in all time. This attitude not only makes us make the right decisions, but also can provide positive energy in the environment.

Try to compare between optimistic people and people who complain constantly. Both have similar problems, but optimistic people don’t give up easily. They’re more sincere and does not feel in vain even though they have failed.

Optimism is ultimately a life choice. And some people are born lucky enough to have this character since childhood. But for others, optimism is a trait that seems impossible to implement.

The causes are of course various. It could be, some were born in toxic families, have experienced traumatic events, to have special conditions such as anxiety disorders.

But despite these difficulties, a person can definitely change his/her life philosophy to be more positive. After all, in the end humans are always given the choice to change.


So, take a look at the ways to be optimistic all the time:

1. Never Compare Yourself

Stop comparing yourself to those who are more successful. You will not benefit greatly from this behavior. You will only get a myriad of harms.

After all, when you compare yourself to a better person, you only have 2 possibilities. First, you become jealous and prejudiced. Second, you are increasingly depressed and low self-esteem.

Humans are not born into the world for that. Everyone has their own life and it’s best to focus on that.

Even if you feel you are still lacking, focus on improving yourself. Be happy for the changes you make, even if they are small.


2. Don’t Overly Sensitive

One of the habits to avoid if you want to be an optimist is being overly sensitive. The sensitive self always takes other people’s words and actions to heart.

Little by little, you become sad and angry. Of course, these two attitudes are far from optimistic behavior. So, you need to organize your heart to be more relaxed. Ignore what people say that insults you.

Even if you can, just use it as a whip to change for the better. Don’t even feel oppressed and then shut yourself off from the association.

3. Learn to Be Grateful

A person who is grateful is characterized by a happy attitude for what he/she has. Grateful people don’t complain easily even when they are facing trials. They can always see the positive side of an event.

Of course, this character will help you become an optimistic person all the time. People who are easily grateful are people who easily satisfied. In contrast to optimistic people, such people often give up easily and tend to be pessimistic.


4. Learn from Others

Learning from others is one of the best ways to change yourself.

In this case, there’s nothing wrong with approaching a friend or relative who is known for his optimistic attitude. Ask what the person’s philosophy of life is. Also pay attention to how to deal with adversity.

Think about all the observations you get. After that, please apply in your own life.

5. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking means thinking according to certain plans and steps. To be an optimist, it is necessary to apply strategies in dealing with life.

If you’re still in school, for example, you can’t just expect your grades to be good. This is not optimism, but naivety.


Likewise if you are an office employee. In order to get a promotion, of course you have to work on it. Therefore, apply the right strategy.

6. Know Your Ability

Be optimistic, but don’t be naïve and narcissistic. Precisely to realize healthy optimism, you need to be self-aware. This means that you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

That way, you can try your best and have realistic expectations. Because unrealistic expectations can lead to great disappointment.

If disappointment is repeated, optimistic thoughts can turn into pessimists. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

7. Enjoy The Process

There are two types of people in this world according to the way they manifest their desires. The first is process oriented, and the second is target oriented.


Those who are process-oriented will maximize the moment when they try and be sincere with the results. While those who are target oriented are generally more concerned with results than processes.

These two personality types can actually be equally optimistic. However, those who prioritize process are usually more relaxed.

As a result, they have a more positive outlook. After all, they also don’t give up easily when they get results that don’t match their expectations.

8. Take a Break

In fact, no human being can think optimistically 24 hours a day. What you can do is work on that perspective that dominates your life.

Even to maintain an optimistic mind all the time, you need to refresh your mind and body every now and then. Because tired minds and bodies are the source of all negative things.


The hormone that stimulates feelings of happiness, namely dopamine, is not produced by those who are tired. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Set aside time for vacations and set aside money for shopping for your pleasures. Also, don’t forget to play with other friends.

9. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Like it or not, the physical aspect does affect a person’s mind. That’s why, apart from occasionally refreshing your mind and pampering yourself, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Relax, the key to a healthy lifestyle is not difficult to implement. After all, you only need to rest at least 6 hours per day, eat healthy foods, and of course avoid addictive substances.

For example, consuming too much caffeine, smoking, and eating junk food. Make sure to do sports too. If you are busy, at least take the time to exercise once a week.


10. Avoid Toxic Environment

How can you be an optimist when you associate with pessimists? Possibly, you will actually be in conflict because of these different views. Or, you might even think that way.

Therefore, choose healthy relationships. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid friends who complain, you know. Every normal person makes a complaint when he is facing a problem.

What you should limit the interaction is those who complain endlessly. The figure of a friend like this will take up your energy. Even though you are trying to be more optimistic about life.

11. Learn Not to Judge Others

Last but not least, you also need to learn not to judge others. Especially if the other person is in a position below you. For example, if you are a smart student, don’t fool the less intelligent students.

Even so, if you are a slang person and liked by many people, don’t bully those who are quiet. These things may not reduce the optimism in you. You can always be cheerful and look to the future positively.


However, what you do has the potential to destroy the optimism of others. There is no meaning in claiming to be a positive person if you do this commendable.

Bottom Line

There are many advantages to being an optimist. You will be more peaceful in the face of difficult life and can quickly rise from failure. Your aura is always perceived positively by those around you.

So, instead of busy complaining and falling into negative thoughts, learn to be an optimist. Follow the 12 tips above and apply them in your daily life to be optimistic all the time.