Breastfeeding Hacks: 10 Foods to Help Produce Breast Milk

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what foods help produce breast milk

Newborn babies cannot immediately be given heavy food. The only food that can be consumed and is very healthy is breast milk. Because breast milk is so important for the baby’s growth and development, the mother needs to consume a number of foods that can maximize or increase milk production. So, here are 10 foods that help produce breast milk.

1. Salmon

One of the foods rich in omega-3 fats and vitamins is fish. Any type of fish has these nutrients, but we recommend you the salmon. Salmon is very easy to find in markets and supermarkets. Just because the benefits are so great, it affects the price.

For mothers who have problems with low milk production, maybe you can try it by including salmon in the diet. Salmon contains protein, vitamins D, B12, and omega-3 fats which can not only be useful for the mother but also the baby. When consumed regularly, salmon can increase breast milk production and its composition.

2. Papaya

The fruit is large, sweet, contains minerals and vitamins which are very high. It can be consumed immediately after peeling the skin or it can be made into juice or salad

Papaya can stimulate to increase milk production. There should be no problem eating papaya because of its sweet taste. In addition to smooth milk production, skin, and digestion can also be healthier.


3. Carrots

Carrots are very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A which can be healthy for the eyes. Besides being good for eye health, carrots can also have a positive effect when consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding mothers must have sufficient milk for the baby.

To increase the production of breast milk, consuming carrots can be a great way. The phytoestrogens in carrots can increase milk production.

4. Ginger

Cooking spices such as ginger are also good for consumption by mothers who are breastfeeding. Ginger has been shown to have many health benefits. One of them is increasing the production of this breast milk.

Ginger itself can be applied very easily. Usually ginger will be used as a cooking spice. If you want to find other variations, you can try to make it into juice. If it is not strong with a strong ginger taste, now there are many supplements that contain ginger extract. Consult with doctor if you prefer to take supplements.

5. Almonds

No need to be confused if you have problems with minimal breast milk production. There are many ways you can do to increase breast milk production. One of them is consuming certain foods. There are several foods that help to produce breast milk. For this time it is almonds.


Almonds are one type of nut that is very popular. Most commonly found in chocolate. Almonds when consumed can provide many benefits ranging from improving heart health, blood pressure, bones, skin, hair, and also increasing breast milk production. Almonds can be eaten during the day along with other foods for flavor. You can also mix it with high-calcium milk if you want.

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6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is arguably a super food. The reason is because this one food turns out to have many benefits for anyone who eats it. In addition, cooking is also very easy and can be combined with other food ingredients. So it’s getting harder and harder to look away from the oatmeal.

Commonly eaten by those who are on a diet, oatmeal can also be eaten by mothers who are breastfeeding. Oatmeal can increase the level of the hormone oxytocin, which can affect milk production. As previously explained, oatmeal can also be combined with other foods such as bananas, carrots, vegetables, and so on.

7. Garlic

In order to find foods that can boost or help to produce breast milk does not need to be difficult and expensive! There is one food ingredient that is actually good for consumption for breastfeeding mothers. This food ingredient is garlic. There is no way for someone who doesn’t have garlic in his house.


Garlic has long been known for its extraordinary properties. Of the many benefits, one of the benefits that people may forget is increasing the production of breast milk. The use of garlic is certainly not difficult because it can be processed into anything. It’s just that there are side effects that this garlic can provide. Garlic can affect the taste of milk. Note if there is a change in the breastfeeding pattern of the baby when consuming garlic.

8. Fenugreek

Mothers who are breastfeeding should really pay attention to the food they eat. The more nutritious the food eaten not only helps the mother recover from fatigue after childbirth but can also help the mother in terms of milk production. Where breast milk is an important nutrient which is the main diet for babies.

In order for maximum milk production, there are several foods that can be eaten. One of them is fenugreek. Both fenugreek seeds and leaves are great for increasing breast milk production. Fenugreek can be turned into a soup, stew, or curry, depending on the mother’s preference. There is only one thing to be aware of, not everyone can consume fenugreek. Some of them can be bloating and digestive irritation for those who are not familiar with fenugreek.

9. Green Vegetables

We all know that there are many people who don’t like green vegetables. Though this vegetable is very important because it has fiber which is good for digestion.

Apart from digestion, green vegetables can also have a positive impact on breastfeeding mothers. After giving birth, the energy from the mother will definitely be very low. Consuming green vegetables can help speed up recovery. Vegetables also contain phytoestrogens which can increase milk production.


10. Basil Leaves

Have you ever heard of the basil leaves? Basil leaves are usually consumed raw or serve as fresh vegetables. Basil leaves have a distinctive aroma that can make people curious to try them.

For husbands whose wives are breastfeeding their children, try adding basil leaves to their diet. Basil leaves have properties to increase milk production. The production of breast milk is smooth, the baby will also have adequate nutrition. Basil leaves can be added to meals or served with warm milk.