How To Keep Your Child Entertained During A Long Car Journey

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How To Keep Your Child Entertained During A Long Car Journey

Traveling long distances with children can be challenging if their minds are not occupied with something. Children have a short attention span, so keeping them occupied with only one activity will only last for a while. They need to be given other options when they tire of one activity.

Technology is the first answer to this problem. You can hand the children phones or tablets to watch their favorite cartoons and movies, but that will only last for a while. When they get bored of using their phones and tablets, you will have to develop new ideas to keep them entertained.

If they are not sleeping or kept entertained, you might not have the best time driving the car. So, let us look at 7 activities you can make your children do to keep them entertained, which we have made ready together with Zemotor.

1. Make Them Watch Movies Or Play Video Games

The most common thing a parent does while traveling with their kids is to make them watch movies or play video games on their smartphones and tablets. Kids are so engrossed in their phones and tablets while traveling that this method will work for most parts of the journey.

You can make them wear noise-canceling earphones while watching movies, as that will not distract them from outside noises. The lack of noise will help you focus more on the road ahead. When children are not entertained, they can be quite a handful.


If you have toddlers, the best remedy is to fit a tablet or an iPad on the back of the front seats and make them watch cartoons. You can also download various kid-friendly shows to make them watch on the road.

2. Plan A Mini-Picnic Midway Through The Journey

If you plan to go on a long journey, you should plan a mini picnic to help your kids have a breather from all the traveling. Sitting inside the car for long periods stiffens the body, which can lead to discomfort at some point.

You can use the picnic as an excuse to get your family out of the car and stretch their bodies. If you stop at a park, you can go for a short walk with the children to get some exercise into their bodies.

You should remember to pack your children’s favorite foods so they can eat their fill. When children are full, they can sleep off in the car, making your car ride a quiet and smooth one.

3. Sing Songs Together

One of the best memories of family trips is the sing-along we used to have with my parents and siblings. Nothing beats moments shared with your family, singing, and enjoying journeys.


Make a list of songs your children love to listen to and play them whenever things get dull. You can ask the kids to sing a song one after the other, making them feel like it’s a competition.

The kids will be up for it, especially if you have a gift for them. You can create specific goals for them to achieve, making it feel like a competition. You can also join in on the act and mesmerize them by singing some of your favorite songs.

4. Let Them Listen To Children’s Audiobooks

You can get them an audiobook if your child loves listening to stories. Reading books can be challenging for children while traveling, as it might make them feel dizzy. You also don’t have to carry around big, heavy books.

You can play the audiobook when you start the journey. The children can listen to children’s classics while focusing on the road. It also helps strengthen their comprehension skills, especially for children who have reading difficulties.

The best way to ensure you have a good journey is to make the kids fall asleep, and that is what audiobooks can do. Listening to audiobooks is one of the best ways to help them wind down during a journey.


5. Play A Spotting Game

This is one activity that will not cost you even a penny when you are traveling. To help your children stay entertained, you would usually spend money to buy them food, tablets, audiobooks, etc. However, playing a spotting game does not require you to spend anything on your children.

You can ask your children to point out the number of specific animals, water bodies, trees, signboards, etc. If you ask them to spot and count the number of stop signs before reaching the destination, they will become engrossed in completing that challenge.

You can also make it more exciting by offering a prize for the person that spots the most. You can ask them to point out many such sights to make the journey more fun.

6. Snack Intervals

One thing kids love more than anything else in this world is food, and you can use this knowledge to give them some snacks at specific intervals. This can calm their mood and make them focus on other things.

If children start feeling hungry, they can be quite restless during the journey. Taking breaks in between to have snacks can help reduce the burden of the journey for the kids.


Since they will be sitting at the back, you must ensure that no crumbs fall on the seats by placing something above them. You can give them hard candy and challenge them to see who will keep it in their mouths the longest.

7. Number Plate Bingo

The Number Plate Bingo game is a fun game to play when you are traveling with your family. This game is even better when traveling long distances because you will come across cars from more places.

This game requires your children to look for number plates from different states and cities on the highway. You can provide the children with a list of all the states and ask them to cross them off whenever they see one. The first person to finish this list will be adjudged the winner of the Number Plate Bingo.