how to get rid of bad mood

14 Hacks to Get Rid of Bad Mood

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Bad moods must be addressed immediately so as not to mess things up. Here are 14 ways you need to do to get rid of a bad mood.

The Oxford Dictionary defines mood as “a feeling at a particular time.” Thus, bad mood can be interpreted as a bad or negative feeling. Symptoms including lazy, overly sensitive, and pessimistic.

These things are actually normal for humans. However, sometimes, the bad feeling comes too often,  randomly, or even happens at an important moment.

1. Know the Cause

The worsening of a person’s feelings is definitely influenced by certain reasons. Some are caused by hormonal problems, a stressful environment, to a less than ideal lifestyle.

If you want to get rid of these bad mood, the first thing to do is to find out the cause first.


2. Take a Break

Have you been very busy at work lately? If so, maybe your mood drops because you are too tired. Your physical is not strong, so is your mental.

If this is what you feel, try to take a break for a while. Take only 1 day where you don’t stay up late and only do light activities.

Besides being able to improve mood, rest will also make you more fresh. You’ll be able to get back on track once you’re done resting.

3. Avoid Those Who Are Toxic

Just imagine, that day you were very happy. Because, you just got the news that your job application was accepted. You then tell this to a roommate.

However, your friend does not want to congratulate. Instead he pointedly said that your work is not classy. Your mood, which initially went up, immediately dropped when you heard what he said.


This incident has a very important lesson; that the presence of a toxic person can ruin your happiness. So, if you really want to get rid of a bad mood, avoid those who tend to be negative.

4. Find Entertainment

Various types of entertainment can also help you to improve your mood. Just do things that make you happy although it does not give any benefit.

For example, playing games, watching movies, and going to the mall. As long as it’s not excessive, the activity is still very reasonable. After all, everyone needs fun so that his life is not depressed.

5. Eat Mood Booster

Mood booster foods are foods that can increase a person’s positive feelings. For example, chocolate, avocado juice, eggs, almonds, bananas, and vegetables.

When consumed, these foods will trigger the hormones dopamine and serotonin which affect the emergence of a sense of happiness. As a result, the mind is calmer and you can spend the day happily.


6. Overcome Period

Especially for women, mood swings can be caused by hormonal changes before menstruation.

Not a few women who experience decreased secretion of the hormones serotonin and dopamine during period. As the result, some of these women become more melancholic, easily stressed, sensitive, and have no energy.

So that the situation does not get worse, anticipate the period symptoms appropriately. For example, by consuming the mood booster exemplified in point 5. In addition, make yourself more comfortable so that the mood does not drop further.

You can lie in bed when you feel sick, take pain medication, or wear loose-fitting clothes. In addition, you can also soak your feet in warm water to relax your body.

7. Place Ice Cube on Your Neck

how to get rid of bad mood


Do you know that placing an ice cube on your neck at the exact point can help you to boost your mood?

This method is known from the ancient Chinese technique “Feng Fu”. It is believed to help with a plethora of problems including headaches, lack of sleep, cellulite, and mood improvement. The science literature mainly sites its healing powers for local problems.

8. Maintain a Good Lifestyle

Lifestyle greatly affects the ups and downs of mood in the long term. If you eat a healthy diet, get enough rest, and exercise regularly, your mood will be more stable.

Conversely, if you often stay up late, like to eat junk food, and rarely exercise, your mood stability will decrease. Especially if you are exposed to stomach acid.

Stomach acid disease can cause feelings of excessive anxiety. So keep your lifestyle to be more organized.


9. Spend Time with Close People

When the mood is down, consider the option of spending time with a close friend or relative. Because in many cases, a person will feel more comfortable when with the closest person.

Comfort with the closest people can help lift the mood, you know. Especially if your relatives or acquaintances like to be funny. Laughter from their humor is really a panacea to overcome a down mood.

10. Do Your Hobby

Hobby is an activity that can bring pleasure. Each individual must have a different hobby. There are those whose hobbies are gardening, fishing, cooking and reading books.

11. Listen to Songs

Songs can also get rid of bad mood, you know. Because in general the song can indeed affect a person’s mood through the strains of music and lyrics.

But of course not all songs can overcome a bad mood. So that the mind is brighter and more energetic, choose a song with such nuances. Do not even listen to mellow songs that make you so upset.


12. Cry it Out

Have you ever been in a bad mood because of harboring negative emotions? If so, cry! Do not hesitate to let out your tears drop by drop.

Say you just got scolded by your boss at work. Or, when you’re at home, you’re annoyed with your parents who keep fighting. These events are natural to trigger anger and disappointment in you.

But most of the time, you can only suppress these feelings. As a result, you feel bad and in a bad mood all day long.

So, crying that basically can release negative energy will make your mood improve. Especially if you can also confide in and be heard by the people you care about.

13. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can cause a variety of negative feelings. When you procrastinate, your mind will not be at peace.


When the deadline has arrived, your office or client will demand your work. Even so, if you neglect your schoolwork, your teacher will definitely scold you.

When this happens continuously, the hormones in your body will also be affected. Your mood will drop for no reason because it is used to being triggered by the secretion of stress hormones.

So, stop procrastinating. Set your daily schedule so you can be more on time.

Bad mood can also be due to problems that have not been resolved. The problem continues to haunt you so that you become stressed.

The best way is to address the source of the problem. Don’t be afraid, be brave. Believe me, whatever the result, you will feel more relieved and calm after that.


Bottom Line

Humans should be able to control their emotions. This also applies when you have to get rid of bad mood.

Sometimes, these bad feelings can be ignored. But when the mood worsens too often or drops at important times, obviously you need to know how to get rid of bad mood properly.

The fourteen tips above can give you an idea of ​​how to do this. It’s not always easy, but you can definitely try it.