10 Tips to Keep Your Room Cool Without AC in Summer

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how to keep room cool in summer without ac

Summer could be irritating as it makes everything hot, it can affect your mood as well! Hence, we want to give you 10 tips to keep your room temperature cool in summer even without using AC!

Lately, the world’s air temperatures are rising. This is due to the global warming that happened and cause our earth becoming more and more hot than before.

For those of you who don’t want to get sweat in the room without AC, don’t worry! We have prepared the tips to keep your room cool in the summer without AC!

1. Avoid Stacking Up Many Items

Hot air in the room can be caused by several things. In addition to extreme heat due to the weather, internal factors in the room can be the source of problems.

Stacking up many items is one of the example. Rooms that are filled with too much furniture and unused items will be more hot due to restricted air flow.


Clean your room, leave the room a little spacious to avoid ventilation block and increase air circulation in the room.

2. Fan plus Ice Cube!

how to keep room cool in summer without ac

Do you want to turn your fan into a mini air conditioner? Prepare a bucket of ice cubes and a fan.

Now, place the ice cube in front of the fan and turn it on! The wind from fan blow the cold temperature and help it to distribute to the whole room air circulation.

Congratulations! You’ve just created DIY air conditioner now!

3. High Ceiling


When you’re searching for house to stay or rent, it is recommended to choose those with high ceilings.

Rooms that have high ceilings will have better air circulation, so you won’t feel humid even there is not enough air conditioning or ventilation in the room.

Air flow will flow more freely, making the room feel cooler and more spacious.

4. Changing the Lamp Type

This tips might be the easiest way to keep your room cool among others, which is by replacing bright lights into dim lights.

Incandescent lamps have very high wattage power, so they emit hotter temperatures in the room. This is because an incandescent lamp consumes about 80% of the energy in the heat emitted. Use a low light and install it in the middle of the room so that the light distribution can spread evenly.


5. Leaving the Doors and Windows Open

Whenever there is an chance, open the window and door of the room. Fresh air flowing from outside into the room will make your room feel cooler.

In addition, the gentle breeze that blows in will not only improve the temperature of the room, but also remove moisture and any unpleasant odor in the room.

However, you still need to consider to put a mosquito net when opening it. You don’t want to enjoy the cool temperature together with those mosquitoes, right?

6. Use Dark Color Curtain

If opening the windows and doors is still not enough to deal with the hot air in the room, maybe you chose the wrong curtain color!

Yes, window curtain color also have an important role in minimizing the humid weather in the room. So that boarding houses feel cooler, you are advised to choose dark colour curtain to block hot sunlight into the room.


7. Using Tinted Window

In addition to changing the window curtains to a darker colour, using tinted window on the window will also help lower the temperature in the room.

Tinted window basically has the same function as a dark curtain. The darker the tinted window installed on the window, we’ll guarantee that your room will become cooler.

8. Put More Indoor Plants

Plants are the number one source of oxygen in the world. Houses with enough plants will feel more beautiful and alive.

Same goes to your room. Filling the room with enough greenery will help air circulation and cool down the room temperature.

The choice of plants is quite diverse, whether it’s vines, mini cactus, or hanging plants, all of which can provide the same amount of oxygen during the day.


However, make sure these plants are not too close to the position of the bed. This is because, during the night, plants breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, so it is better to be kept away from the mattress or stored outside the room.

9. Install the Insulator as a Heat Absorbent Layer

The next thing you can do to deal with hot air in the room is by installing an insulator. Insulator is a material that can prevent the delivery of electric and heat charges.

Insulators are usually installed in large buildings. However, this material can also be installed at your house or room.

One of the insulators example is aluminum foil. With a certain thickness, aluminum foil can ward off hot air to enter the boarding house.

Aluminum foil sheet can be mounted under the tile, ceiling, or on the window of the room, all of which serve as an antidote to the sunlight.


10. Paint Color Selection

The choice of room’s paint color can also greatly affect the air temperature. As mentioned above, dark colors tend to absorb heat faster so it makes the room feel more humid and musty.

Choose bright colors as a solution for cold rooms without air conditioning. In addition to making the room feel cooler, bright colored wall paint also makes the room feel calm and convenient. This will automatically make your room far from stuffy and cramped.

However, it does not mean you can’t incorporate dark colors in the room. It still works! Only, just make sure not to apply dark colors on all four sides of the wall.

You still can combine the dark color with other bright color. The use of wallpaper is also highly recommended so that the room does not look too boring.

Bottom Line

There are bunch of advantage to keep the room cool without AC even in summer, including save electricity bills, stronger body immunity, and prevent dry skin.


Having a cool temperature room without air con will be far healthier for your body. If you follow all the tips above, we guarantee that your room temperature will be lower and much cooler as compared to before.

Try the tips above and let us know the result in the comment below! Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.