9 Life Hacks to Pack Clothes to Avoid Wrinkles

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how to pack clothes to avoid wrinkles

One of the main issue faced by traveler is untidy appearance due to wrinkle clothes. Therefore, we’re at Life Hack Solution going to give you some tips on how to pack clothes so that you can avoid wrinkles.

Stacking clothes with too much luggage can cause wrinkled clothes.  If this happens, you can’t help but have to iron it again when you get to your destination.

Sure, some inns or hotels provide irons, but who wants to bother doing it during vacation? Feeling tired when traveling will definitely reduce the desire to re-iron all wrinkled clothes.

So, if you don’t want this to happen and ruin your vacation moments, you should follow the trick to pack clothes so it you can avoid wrinkles!

1. Bring Clothes That Do Not Wrinkle Easily

For those of you who don’t want to bother ironing clothes that are wrinkled after packing, then bring anti-wrinkle clothes. For instance; satin, polyester, and nylon.  Besides, avoid carrying easily wrinkled clothing such as rayon cotton, t-shirts, and spandex.


But keep in mind that the choice of this clothing material still has to be adapted to the weather climate where you are headed.

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2. Iron All Clothes to be Carried With a Special Technique

The next tip to pack clothes to avoid wrinkles that you need to do is iron all the clothes you carry with a special technique.

To do this:

  1. Spray clothes with water first, especially for the arms, collars and wrists.
  2. Then, fasten all buttons on the shirt and iron the shirt by spreading the heat eye to the front and back.

This method is considered capable of keeping clothes neat after packing, so you don’t need to iron your clothes again when you arrive at their destination.


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3. Use Tissue Paper and Packing Holder

The factor that makes clothes crease is due to friction with other objects and clothes that are in the suitcase.

Therefore, if you don’t want your clothes get wrinkled when you want to wear them, try using tissue paper. Wrap the ironed and folded clothes using tissue paper before placing them in the suitcase. This method will reduce creases so that your clothes will look neat.

If you don’t have tissue paper, then use a packing holder or travel organizer bag. The packing folder itself will make the clothes pack neatly so they prevent them from wrinkling even if they are stacked with other things.

The tips, look for a packing holder or travel bag organizer that has a stiffer material that ensures the neatness of the items stored in it.


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4. Do Not Roll the Clothes, but Fold Them With The Proper Technique

Usually, in order to save space for suitcases or backpacks, many people choose to roll their clothes. This method is also considered more practical because it can save time on packing.

Although practical, the rolled clothes can actually leave wrinkled marks afterward. As the result, clothes don’t look neat when you want to wear them. Instead of rolling it up and making you have to iron it back, learn the proper folding technique.

The trick, do not fold clothes immediately after ironing. Hang the clothes on the hanger and make sure that the clothes you have ironed are completely dry. This is able to minimize wrinkled clothes before you fold them.

The folding technique should not be arbitrary. Fold the left and right sides of the garment inward, according to the length of the sleeve. Then, fold the bottom part of the shirt to form a box. Make sure the collar is on top. Furthermore, you can put all the folded clothes in the travel organizer bag.


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5. Cover Clothes Made of Silk

If you bring clothes made of silk, then there is special handling for this one material. Pay more attention to the details of how to package it so that the clothes don’t get wrinkled when they are to be used.

After all the clothes have been neatly stacked, then put a clean plastic bag underneath before stacking the silk clothes. Then cover it again with a clean plastic bag. After that, you can put another shirt before closing the travel organizer bag. That way, silk clothes will be protected from creasing.

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6. Stack The Clothes in The Correct Order

After folding the clothes neatly, stack the clothes in the correct order. Fold and store non-wrinkled clothes at the bottom of the travel organizer bag. Afterward, pile on clothes that are easier to wrinkle, such as t-shirts or clothes made from spandex. Cover the clothes with other clothes first, for example clothes that are not so important.


Next, you can stack trousers or skirts which are then followed by a towel or coat. Make sure the pile of clothes has the same fold size. Packing in the correct order like this is considered very effective in preventing wrinkles.

7. Reduce Luggage

In addition to reducing the burden on your suitcase or backpack, reducing luggage can also reduce wrinkles on clothes.

Remember, a full suitcase will only cause friction between clothes, increasing the risk of clothes becoming wrinkled or crumpled. Before starting packing, select your luggage again and leave the luggage if you don’t need it.

Not only that, the following three packing tricks can also prevent clothes from wrinkling after packing.

8. Use a Hard Suitcase

Tips so that your clothes don’t get crumpled after packing is to use a suitcase made of hard material such as fiber.


Although the use of fiber suitcases may not be suitable for those of you who prefer to use backpacks or duffle bags, hard luggage will minimize the risk of clothes changing positions when the suitcase is hit by a shock. This means, less clothes will get wrinkled.

9. If You Still Not Satisfied, Bring a Portable Steamer

This one trick might be followed by those of you who really aren’t satisfied with the method above. Even though it seems impractical and only adds to the burden of the suitcase, it doesn’t hurt to bring a portable steamer.

Compared to irons, portable steamers have a lighter load and also have the ability to tidy up clothes faster, even in just seconds. Its use is also more practical because it can be used on hanging clothes.

So, that’s the packing trick so that the clothes don’t get wrinkled. Start applying the method above so that all the clothes you bring when traveling can stay neat when you wear them.