Try These Hacks to Take Care of Cable Charger

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how to take care of charger cable

Taking care of charger cable? It is durable if you are taking care of it correctly! But do you know how to do so?

It is undeniable that today the smartphone charger cable is the most important accessory of a smartphone and is one of the most fragile item that you have.

Unfortunately, this is often be an options by smartphone users as a trivial problem because replacing a new smartphone charger cable doesn’t need to be expensive.

Indeed, on the market there are various brands of smartphone charger cables at very various prices. Starting from the very cheap to the most expensive.

However, did you know that smartphone cables with cheap prices and unclear brands can slowly damage your smartphone battery?


If the smartphone charger cable is damaged, the best solution is definitely a new cable from the original brand according to the smartphone you are using.

However, it would be even better if you could take care of your charger cable so it doesn’t get damaged quickly, right? That’s why in this article, we’re going to tell you 7 easy tips to take care of your charger cable to be more durable.

1. Do Not Roll Up Carelessly or Bend The Charger Cable

Most of us often do not pay attention to how to roll and bend the charger cable when taking it on the go.

The habit of rolling it at random or even bending the charger cable so that the connection between the cable and the end of the USB port is not as precise as it was at the beginning, really wrong!

The pressure from the random coils and bending could be one of the causes for your charger cable to break quickly. As a result, the inside breaks so that it is no longer optimal for conducting electricity. That’s why you should avoid this habit.


2. Do Not Stack The Cable in Bags

Still in touch with the first point! When you store the charger cable in the bag, don’t let other things stack up.

Same as before, cables that are piled up or pressed against other items in the bag can also cause it to bend and get damaged even if it’s been rolled up properly.

If you are traveling, it’s better to keep your cables on the outermost part of the bag’s contents so they don’t get piled up and are also easy to reach when needed. It would be even better if you could keep it in a separate part of your bag.

3. Do Not Use It While Charging

Actually, the habit of not using a smartphone while it is charging is not only for caring for the battery. Using a smartphone while it is charging can also cause the charger cable you are using to quickly break.

Well, usually gamers often use smartphones when it’s charging to keep them from running out of power. Even though when used, the cable that you have can stretch until it is easily damaged and broken.


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4. Disconnect The Charger From The Socket

When it is no longer used, here, make sure the charger you have is no longer connected to the socket.

The goal itself is so that your charger cable does not experience an overload which causes it to be damaged or even burned.

Especially if your house has electricity that often fluctuates or is imbalance. This is guaranteed to make your charger cable short.

5. Remove Cables With Care

Besides having to remove it from the socket when it’s not being charged, you also have to pay attention on how to remove it. If you remove the cable by force and rough, it will make your cable quickly damaged.


Not to mention when you are going to remove it from your smartphone, you have to be extra careful too. The USB connector to the smartphone itself is the most vulnerable part.

6. Install Additional Protection

There’s nothing wrong with providing additional protection for your charger cable by installing a cable protector on the outside of the cable.

This one accessory is widely available and easy to find. Even in addition to protecting, yes, this accessory can also enhance the appearance of your cable.

One of the most famous types of cable protector, which shape like a spring made of colorful rubber.

The installation method is quite easy, you just need to wrap the rubber cable protector on the outside of the cable until the surface is completely cover up.


7. Avoid Buying Cheap Charger Cables

If indeed your charger cable is damaged and can’t be helped,  be sure to replace it with an original product. Even though it is more expensive, the quality of the original charger cable is guarantee to be good and it certainly won’t damage your smartphone.

Don’t be easily tempted by low-priced cables, especially those of unclear brands or quality. There’s a price, there’s quality, right?

Of course it’s better to spend more money, but your device and smartphone battery are still safe from damage.

Bottom Line

That’s an easy way to take care of a cable charger that you have to make a habit for long life. If you have other tips for making your cellphone cable more durable, don’t hesitate to share in the comments section!