How to Always Win on Kahoot Every Time

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how to win kahoot

How to win Kahoot quizzes you ask? Are you tired of getting beat in this little 5 minute quiz? If winning Kahoot quizzes gives you a dopamine rush and a tiny ego boost, you could really use these tips below.

If you have taken classes or were enrolled in a school anywhere between the year 2014 to the present year, you probably participated in a Kahoot! quiz or two. Kahoot is an interactive learning tool where teachers can spice up their classes with a fun little quiz. It is a game-based quiz which is a breath of fresh air as most tests a student takes is on paper. This brings an exciting anticipation from the students to participate in the quizzes where they usually dread.

The fun part about Kahoot is that the host can choose to display the quiz on a shared screen. If gathered in the same room, the participants could use their own devices to join the quiz with a code. Likewise, if they are in a remote meeting, they could easily participate from their own devices in different locations. 

When you participate in a Kahoot quiz, you’ll see your question and will be given 4 choices to pick from. Kahoot will display the results after every question to show rankings and names of the scores of top players. The person who clicks on the right answer will be awarded points that contribute to the ranking. If more than one person gets it right, the scores will be based on the time one takes to click on the right answer.

To use this game-based learning platform, the host or a teacher has to create a quiz with several questions and answers. They can choose to set the duration of each question to be displayed. Hosts also have the choice to use an existing Kahoot quiz in the Kahoot Create website’s Discover tab.


How to Win a Kahoot Quiz

Make sure you have a good internet connection. You’ll need to learn the topic and prepare beforehand then click on the answers as quickly as you can. However, if you want other ways to win a Kahoot quiz, read on. These tips below have been tried and tested to verify their legitimacy so rest assured that they work.

How To Win Kahoot Quiz Tip #1

Before you start, make sure you have an account with the website. You can register by clicking on this link. To use this hack, it will be easier if you have a laptop with you. 

After signing in, you’ll be brought to its home page. Then click on the Discover tab shown in the image below.

Next you’ll be redirected to the discover page, have this page open in a tab as you prepare for the Kahoot Quiz to start.


After setting up your username, the host will start the quiz. 

This next step will make or break the success of this hack. This is the most important step among all other actions that come after. Now, you’ll have to pay great attention to the title of the quiz that will be flashed right before the questions start like the image below. Mind you that the title will only be displayed for a split second so take a picture of it if you can to retain the exact wordings in the title.

After getting the exact title of the Kahoot quiz, the next step is how to win the kahoot quiz. Open the tab with the Discover tab open and type the title into the search bar.


steps to always win kahoot

Then it will redirect you to a page that has all the quizzes related to your search input. Click into the quiz that is displayed by your host.

steps to always win kahoot game

If the Kahoot quiz is a public quiz, it will show the breakdown of the content within the quiz. This is the exciting part because along with the questions, there will be the answers in the quiz too! Notice that on the right hand side of the multiple choice answers are red crosses and a green tick. So now you know what to do. Everything leading up to this point was the challenging part, after this things should be a lot smoother for you. From now onwards you will need to pay attention to answer everything correctly and avoid any careless mistakes. If you are competitive, you should click on the answer as soon as the question is displayed to increase the chances of you winning.

how to always win kahoot games


How To Win Kahoot Quiz Tip #2

Another way to win Kahoot is to use the website Quizit. Quizit is a free and safe tool to use if you need help to answer your Kahoot quiz. This tool helps you by revealing answers of the Kahoot quiz.

To successfully execute this tip, you should have another device be it a laptop or an ipad. Have your phone ready to answer questions but the magic will happen on the other device.

Before the host starts the quiz, you should get ready by opening the Quizit page and wait for the quiz link or id. Below are the steps to take if you want to execute this tip well.

After clicking on the website link, you will see the page as below then click on the “Get Started” button.

tricks to always win kahoot


You will be redirected to the next page, click on the Kahoot button to proceed.

kahoot game

Then you will see this page below. Stay on this page as you get ready for the quiz to start. You will need to input the quizId from the quiz to proceed.

kahoot games

As soon as the quiz starts, look for the quizId at the url section highlighted below. Copy it and paste it in the ID input space.


Voila! You will get redirected to the page where the answers are displayed in plain sight!

how to always win kahoot game

Now all you must do is fill in the right answers carefully and quickly to get on the higher ranks.

Word Of Caution

These are a few of many tips on how to win Kahoot quizzes. Use these tips with caution though. Below are the risks of these tips so think of your circumstances before using any of them:


  1. If you are in the same room as your invigilator, you should be aware of their position around you. That’s because if they can see that you’re using these tips to get ahead, you’ll get busted and you may end up in a worse state than ranking last on the Kahoot quiz.  So be really careful.
  2. Take some time before the quiz to set these websites up. If you’re unfamiliar with these methods, it is wise to practice them at home so you’ll know exactly what to do during the quiz. You don’t want to fumble and stumble as the quiz starts. You’ll end up missing out on the first few questions or more! That just defeats the purpose of practicing these tips.
  3. Some quizzes may not work for these tips. If these tips are used on public quizzes, they are very likely to succeed. However, some may need a paid access pass to access the answers.

The great thing about these tips is that they are hard to detect especially if you are not in the same room as your host. To execute this more effectively, you can get a friend you trust to do this with you.

Final Word

It takes creativity and some innovation to get things done a different way. With technology advancement, you can get softwares to help you with tasks that you’re not good at.

No matter what your reason is to gain points, these tips are applicable to gain that boost in rank.  By learning how to win Kahoot quizzes, you can get a head start and external help to get to the top! They are useful when you just want to gain a few extra points in school.

If you’re not prepared for the contents of the quiz, at least be prepared to take a different path to get the points you want. No matter what, being prepared is key for you to win Kahoot.

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