10 Signs You Need a Vacation and Break From Work

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signs you need a vacation

If you’ve been busying at work or your business, you’ve probably didn’t realize several signs that indicating that you’re actually need a vacation or break!

Besides a constructive self growth, there are also some negative changes that can occur if you’re too stress at work.

So, here are signs that indicates you are desperately need a break or vacation from work!

1. Short Temper and Easy to Get Provoked

One of an obvious signs that you’re in a stress condition is when you’re emotionally overwhelmed. In a pre-depression stage, people will easily get provoked and annoyed by the surrounding. Even if it is due to small thing.

You might started to get annoyed by a simple mistake done by your colleague. You started stressing over things that actually don’t really matter.


2. Always Exhausted & Tired

If last time you’re known as a motivated and dedicated person, now you always feel exhausted and tired most of the time.

You started to lose interest in things you’re doing and waiting weekend to come faster. Monday started to be a nightmare for you while you feel weekends end too fast.

Although always feeling tired might happened due to the health problem, it is also might indicate that your body and mind need a break.

3. Trouble at Sleeping

If you’re struggling to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, it can be one of the symptom of stress.

When you’re overwork or having too many things going on, your mind will be full with all the fear and worriedness. It is a signal that you’re too stress at your work in expense of other things.


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4. Start to Get More Blunder

Making a human error is very normal as it is a human nature. However, if you realize that you starting to make more mistakes than usual, it could be one of the signs that you need a vacation.

Human’s mind and body have a capacity limit to handle. And, we agree that it is good to push our limit in order for a better growth. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to keep forcing yourself to continue work and work.

Having a short break is highly recommended for healthier psychology and body. Some of the successful entrepreneur also claimed that they always book their weekend for their “me time” while nobody can disturb. They said that it is a good remedy to get ready for starting the next fresh week.

If you don’t believe, try to have a short vacation and compare your performance before and after the vacation!


5. Lost Sense of Humor

Another solid sign that you need to have a break or vacation is when you find yourself not laughing easily as compared to last time.

Here are the signs:

  • Last time you’re a cheerful person and you noticed that you’ve turn to be too serious person.
  • You find it harder to “find the funny” in some situation.

6. You Only Think About Work Even During Your Off Hours

If you spend most of your off hours thinking about your work, it could be a sign that you need to reboot your body and mind through vacation.

In this stage, you’ll find yourself daydreaming at work and even talk about work during lunch hour with colleague. This might be a good time to book a trip!

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7. You Don’t Have Energy to Do Anyone’s Favor

When your colleague ask you to do them a favor, you’ll deny it as you don’t have anymore energy to do it. You even don’t have time to finish your own work, right?


If you also find yourself resent to your boss, colleague and work in general, that are the signs that you’re burnt out.

The worse thing is you feel tired and exhausted even to do the people you love’s favor. Time to book a ticket and reboot your body and mind!

8. You Can’t Stay Focused For a Long Time

You’re struggling to stay focused in your work, keep on procrastinating such as looking up for trips, checking in with friends in social media, and playing a short game in your smartphone.

These are the signs that you’re bored of your work routine and you should start to book for a vacation! A short break or vacation can bring back your mood and productivity which also increase your focus at work. Remember, you’re not a robot!

9. Your Health is Worsening

Pay attention on your health condition. If you recently faced an insomnia, weight loss or gain, and headache without any reason, it could be a sign that you’re overwork and need to rest!


You might underestimate it at the beginning, but it can lead into a serious health condition if the stress keep on accumulating.

Try to have a few days break and you will surprised at how much you feel better after you fix your sleeping schedule. Clear off your mind, and relax for a short while.

10. You Forgotten When is The Last Time You Spent Quality Time Together With Your Family

The quality time that i mean here is not those short dinner or breakfast at home before getting to work. It is the real quality time when you hangout with them somewhere or maybe going out for dinner.

If you even forget when is the last time you’re having quality time with them, it means you’re put yourself too much in your working life. Taking a short break would be nice to bond back with your families. Remember that, having a lot of money means nothing if they’re gone!

Bottom Line

Either you’re an entrepreneur that work 70 hours a week or you’re working at 9 to 5 job, you should know that everybody can’t function consistently forever. There must be a time that you’ll feel saturated, tired, and stress over your work.


Before getting burnt out, it is better to pay attention on the above signs and start to book a vacation. It might be hard to just walk a way considering all the responsibility that we have.

But if you continue to burnt out, you’ll just drive yourself to a bad health condition and unproductivity which affect your performance.