10 Signs You’re a Bad Boss – Here’s How to Fix

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signs you re a bad boss

One of the most common reasons of employees to leave company is due to the bad bosses. Meanwhile, a good leadership is a thing that can be trained within a short period. A good boss takes time to build character, skills, and vision. The problem is, some of the bosses does not even realized if they’re a bad. And without realizing, slowly the employees are starting to leave the companies. So, what are the signs if you’re a bad boss?

1. No Vision and Mission

What happens if a company leader does not have a vision and mission? How can you run a team if you don’t know what to do? Ask yourself this question, do you want to be led by a bad leader like that?

A leader must determine the vision and mission to be achieved. After set the vision and mission, look for some potential employees with various abilities who can help you achieve the vision and mission.

2. Only Think of Yourself

Every human being have an ego and that is a natural thing. But, the thing to remind is the impact of the ego. Will it sacrifice others?

If you feel that you’re the most superior person in the team, while you need all your employees work for you, you’re wrong.


A leader should work for the team member, instead of the other way around

A team will not be able to run with a leader itself. Instead of pressuring the team member, a good boss should be the one who motivates all the team member.

3. Anti Criticism

Nobody is perfect, everyone should have done some mistakes on their work/decision. Even a boss will make mistakes. If you’re a boss that don’t like to get criticized by your team member, it is one of the signs that you’re a bad boss.

But of course, you should first analyzed and determine all the input. Not every critic is correct.

In order to do that, you should ask bunch of your team members and see if they’re criticize the same thing about you.

With a good criticism from the team member, it will help the team to a better and more solid team in the future.


4. Cannot Maintain Office Atmosphere

Working in a company is certainly not alone. There will be many divisions where each division will be filled by a number of employees. Good cooperation between employees is needed so that many tasks can be completed on time.

To be able to get work done on time, not only a cooperation between employees needed, but also a good atmosphere! Creating a conductive office atmosphere is not only be done by employees, it should come from a leader as well. When a leader cannot create a good office atmosphere, it is difficult for employees to feel at home working in the company.

5. No Appreciation to Team Member

Mutual respect is one of the important keys needed to be a good leader. When a leader does not have this attitude, employees will not last long and then will soon resign from the company. Of course losing employees especially competent employees will be very detrimental.

When your team member did a good work, appreciate them by giving them some rewards. A reward can be in any form such as verbally thanks them or maybe some employee award.

If a team’s leader is appreciative, the employees will be more interested to work harder.


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6. Invisible

Are you visible in the team? When your team needs some help, are you there to help them?

If you’re just missing whenever got issue, and letting them to solve their own problem, it’s definitely one of the signs that you’re a bad boss.

In other words, you’re just want to get a result from your team member, without even consider to help them when they need you.

As a good leader, you need to be present all the time. Don’t offline until all your team member completed their tasks.

7. Poor Communication

Almost the majority of problems that occur in life are caused by communication factors. Poor communication can make the information and intentions conveyed not properly captured by listeners. That way, misunderstandings can occur and can get worse if not resolved immediately.


Being a leader is not an easy thing. One of the abilities that must be possessed is communication. By communicating well, employees can understand what their leaders mean and want. If a leader does not have good communication skills, it is difficult to boost the team performance.

8. Empty Promise

When someone made a promise, the promise must be kept, no matter how difficult the promise is. Because by keeping promises, it is a prove that the person can be trusted. Giving empty promise is one of the signs that you’re a bad boss.

If you’re the leader in a team, the words or promises made by the leader will be remembered by the employees. When that promise is kept, employees will certainly respect and trust. But if a leader fails to keep promises or lies, once lied it will be difficult to gain trust again. Even if promises fail to be kept, give a good explanation why this happened.

9. No Empathy

Some say that a leader must be assertive and should put sensitive things aside. The personal feelings and problems faced by employees are not the company’s concern. This assumption is clearly wrong. Precisely when employees face problems that may be severe, it could be that it can affect their performance in the office.

This poor employee performance can have an impact on the company. Perhaps a quick fix is ​​to rotate the employee or even fire him / her and replace him with something else. A good leader must have empathy and should not be afraid and embarrassed to show it. Apart from empathy, having a sense of humor is also necessary to make employees feel comfortable.


10. Not Adaptable

As time goes by, changes will inevitably occur. A leader must be faced with a number of important choices that can affect his company. It is clear that the choices taken, of course, that can have a positive impact with the risks accepted must be as small as possible. That’s why the leader must be brave and also smart.

Leaders who are afraid of change certainly cannot make the right choice. As a result, the company that is being run will be stuck, silent, or there is no progress. If the company does not experience any changes, the employees will also be affected.