15 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong in Your Entire Life

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Things you ve been doing wrong

In this post, we’re going to remind you of things you’ve been doing wrong in your entire life. What you did might not wrong, but to break your echo chamber, we can offer you a better solution for it.

If you ready to fix your old school ways of doing things, take a look on below life hacks!

1. Fit More Space Inside The Microwave at Once

things you ve been doing wrong

A limited space in the microwave always makes us wait longer if you have more food to heat. If you’re heating up your food for two, one person is always going to be left with food that is cooled down during the time the other’s food is in the microwave.

If you still doing above, you’ve been doing that wrong! You can actually heat two dishes in the same time with the help of a mug.


First, place an upside down mug besides a dish and put the second dish on top of the mug. This will allow you to put two dishes and heat it at the same time. Make sure nobody is stuck with lukewarm leftovers!

2. Rubber Band Technique

Things you ve been doing wrong

If your finger injured and you rub it with the rubber band like picture above, you’ve been doing it the wrong way! The reason is, by wrapping your finger that way, it will make your finger hard to bend and move around which leads to slow down the blood circulation.

Take a scissor and cut a single line on both rubber band’s side such as below:


Cut both of the rubber band’s side

Then, put on the rubber band on the scar area and stick it in zigzag way such as below:


This way, you will be more relieved as your finger can move and even breath easier!

3. Putting Straw in Cans

If you like to use straw while drinking from a drink can, you will understand the annoying feeling when your straw is keeping moving left and right as you move, making you harder to enjoy your drink.

Once you opened your can, grab the steel opener in the centre of the can and turn it 180 degree like picture below.


Put the straw and insert it inside the hole from the steel opener. Now your straw will be steady and calm for you to enjoy your drink!

4. Holding Pizza Technique So It Won’t Mess

Things you ve been doing wrong

When eating pizza, are you still holding your pizza like the left picture above? If you hold like that, chances are some of the topping will start to drop as the other edge of the pizza is facing down.


The correct way to hold your pizza is to take both back side of the pizza, and fold it into the middle. By doing this, it will force the other edge of pizza to be in the straight line and keep the topping on top.

5. Pour Milk into The Snack Bowl Without Splash

Having a cereal is never enough without milk. But when pouring the milk into your cereal bowl, do you encounter one of the annoying thing: the milk bounced back, splash and mess the surrounding?

If yes, it is because you’ve been doing it in the wrong way. Take a spoon and put it on your bowl upside down like above right picture. Then, start to pour the milk on top of the spoon. Say good bye to mess!

6. Eating Potato Chips


When eating potato chips, we sometimes struggling to reach the leftover chips inside the bag and dirt our hand in the same time.

The correct way is by rolling up the bottom of the chip bag while it pushing the chips up. This way, you won’t your whole hand dirty. You’ll also be able to stand the bag up on the top of the table.

7. Prevent Falling Earbuds When Jogging

We all know the falling earbuds issue while we’re jogging, running, or even just walking around. However, this might also depend on the design type of the earbuds itself.


If you want to stop earbuds from falling, there are actually trick to solve it. You can wrap your earphone over the top of our ears before plug them into your ear hole. No more earphone falling on the floor while you run.

8. Splash Free Method of Pouring Juice

What could be easier than opening the juice carton and pouring it into your glass? There might be some glugging and splashes here which could mess your table. But what if we tell you that there is some better way to pour juice carton?

The way you should pour is turning the carton around until the hole located at the top. If the carton has a fold, you can simply hold that down and pour over it. Easy and no splashes to clean afterwards!

9. Unload Canned Drinks Into Fridge at One Time

When you just bought one box of canned drinks from the supermarket and unload it into your fridge, you probably do it one by one. Again, you’ve been doing this thing wrong!


Instead, open the other end of the canned box open and put it into the fridge. Now, push all the canned drinks together from the other side. You could save time and effort by doing this!

10. Forget to Bring Spoon For an Applesauce? No Problem!

If you pack applesauce for tea time or maybe bought somewhere else, there might be no spoon available.

Instead, you can use it cover and make a DIY spoon from it! Simply crumple half part of the cover while leave the other part opened such as below picture:


Enjoy your applesauce!

11. You’ve Been Storing Peanut Butter The Wrong Way

Correct Way to store peanut butter

When storing a peanut butter jar, most of people will store it as normal, make the top of the jar oily and crumby at the bottom. Instead, you should store it upside down so that the oils able to distribute evenly.

12. Getting Tic Tacs Out of Container

Have you ever taken out bunch of tic tac out from the container because you accidentally throw it too fast?


Do you know there is a lid on the tic tac container’s cover that helps you to get just one piece of the tic tac out instead of bunch of it?

The trick is simply flip the box over and turn it on its side and open the cover. This lid is actually specifically designed to hold one tic tac.

13. Getting a Correct Portion for Spaghetti

Do you often to cook pasta too much or too less because you’re not sure what is the correct measurement for one person?

Yes, cooking pasta could be tricky in term of measuring the portion. But with this trick, it might give you some life hack!


Simply get a spaghetti ladle and put the raw pasta in the middle hole of it. It will measure the portion for one person. However, if you realize that you eat more than average people, then you can just add few more sticks.

14. Eat Oreo

Eating oreo won’t be perfect without glass of milk where people usually dip the oreo inside the milk with their fingers before eating it. This way, you will get your fingers all milky.

If you use fork and stick it into the creme of the oreo, you can dip the oreo without mess your fingers!

15. Correct Way to Heat Up Meal in a Microwave


When you heating up your leftover food in a microwave, make sure to make a hole in the middle. This way, it will make the heat distribute evenly!