11 Life Hacks For Kids That Make Life Easier

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11 Life Hacks for Kids That Make Life Easier

Life hack is a genius shortcut and tricks to do things in simpler way. In this post, we’re going to share with you fun life hacks that every kids should know!

School life can be though and hard, so why not we cut some unnecessary effort? Here are 10 awesome life hacks for kids that make your life easier!

1. Make a Perfect Circle Without a Bow

In math or art class, you’ve probably asked to draw a circle. However, turn out you forget to put the bow in your bag and left it on your room desk. You’re not good in drawing symmetrical circle either and everyone else in the class are using their own bow.

All you need is basically just 3 pencils and 3 rubbers! Tie all the 3 pencils together with the rubbers to make a triangle shape like below picture:

Life Hacks for Kids


how to make a circle with pencilsYou can set the diameter length of the circle by adjusting the pencils. If you want to make the circle smaller, move the two pencils closer to each other. And if you want to make a bigger circle, move the two pencils further from each other.

how to make a circle without a bow

Now that you don’t have to annoy your friend by keep borrowing a bow from them, you also can make circle anywhere and anytime just with pencils and rubbers!

2. Clock Reminder for Kids

life hacks for kids

If you want to train your kids to be more discipline on the schedule, set a fun reminder for them! One of the way is by using a clock and put it on their room.

Now, draw few colors between the time you want them to do some specific things.


fun reminder for kids

For instance, yellow color is for homework, dinner for green color or red color is for bed time.

After a period of time, your kids will remember the activity they should do just by seeing the color of the clock!

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3. DIY Easy Clothes Folder for Kids

If you’re a parents that want your kids to be independent and able to help you to fold their own clothes. Or, if you’re one of the kids that always wanted to fold their own clothes nicely, there is an easy way for you!

Let’s make a DIY easy clothes folder! All you need is 4 cardboards and sellotape. 2 of the cardboards must be a square form while the other 2 cardboards is rectangle (follow the square length).

Step by Step:


First, take the 2 square cardboards and stick them together with sellotape like below picture:

clothes folder DIY

Now, place the rectangle cardboard on the left and right side. Stick the rectangle cardboard to the bottom square and leave the top part free from getting attached to the rectangle cardboard:

how to make DIY clothes folder

Now, your DIY clothes folder is ready! Place the clothes on top of it and start to fold the cardboard.


DIY Clothes Folder

First, start off by folding the right and left side of the cardboard to the centre part, and followed by folding the bottom square cardboard to the centre part. It should look like below:

how to make diy clothes folder

how to fold clothes with cardboard

how to fold clothes with cardboard


how to fold clothes using cardboard

With this DIY clothes folder, your kids will be able to fold one cloth for less than 4 second!

4. Cover Hands From Melted Ice Cream

life hacks for kids

Kid tend to enjoy their ice cream too much and slow eater at the same time! By the time they just ate quarter part of it, the ice cream has melted already to their hands. Melted ice cream can be annoying thing as it will make your hand sticky. Well, in this case you might wanna try one of the life hacks for kids!

Use muffin cover and place it on the handler part of the ice cream. The muffin cover will hold and contain all the melted ice cream and prevent it to go through your hand!


muffin cover for melted ice cream

solve melted ice cream problem

Say no more to sticky hand while enjoying your ice cream!

5. Make a Mini “Fire Cracker”

Most of the kids love fire cracker, how about you?

You don’t need a real fire cracker to make the party great! The good thing is, you can make all by yourself.


Prepare a balloon, an empty tissue paper roll, and bunch of small pieces of colorful paper.

Make a party blower

First, you wanna cut the cover of the balloon like above picture. Now, place it to cover the tissue roll paper.

Make a party blower

Make a party blower


Make a party blower

Get some sellotape to stick the balloon to the tissue roll more tight. Then, you can start to put the colourful paper pieces inside.

Make a party blower

Make a party blower

Make a party blower


Your DIY fire cracker is ready now! Pull the balloon and release it to throw all the colorful paper to the air.

6. Soften Paint Brush After Usage

Soften the paint brush after usage

Always have this hard paint brush after usage? We understand you!

We’re going to show you the proper way to take care your paint brush after usage.

First, wash them with water.


Soften the paint brush after usage

Soften the paint brush after usage

Then, rub the brush part to the soap for several second. Let it dry afterwards!

Soften the paint brush after usage

7. Clean Your Eraser

How to clean your eraser


After we use the eraser to wipe for several times, it will get dirty.

The easiest way to make it look like new again is by rubbing it to the table until the dirty part comes out from the eraser.

8. Use Scissor When Dipping Oreo

Eating Oreo is not perfect without milk! However, sometimes we face the problem when the texture of the Oreo is just vanished once it dipped to the milk. The Oreo will then drop to the milk and annoy us.

how to dip Oreo to the milk

To solve this, you can simply use fork and attach it in between the Oreo. Unlike the outside part, the middle part of the Oreo has chewy texture which won’t easily vanished even after made a contact with liquid. Enjoy your Oreo and milk!


9. Easier Snacking

Put in your finger inside the snack pack when snacking could be troublesome.

Instead use the wet tissue cover and attach it to the chip bag. Create a hole in the middle using cutter or scissor.

Eat snack pack better

Eat snack pack better

Eat snack pack better


Eat snack pack better

Eat snack pack better

Eat snack pack better

Enjoy your snack!

10. Make the Glass Not Slippery

If your kids are too active and often to break the glass, you should consider this trick!


Life hacks for kids

Grab an empty balloon and cut the tail with scissor. Now take your glass, and cover the bottom part of the glass using the balloon like below picture:

Life hacks for kids

Now your glass will be harder to move around as the rubber texture from the balloon will make it less slippery.

11. Remove Highlighter Mark From Paper

Life hacks for kids
Image: 100 Brilliant Life Hacks

Did you put too much highlight on your text book while studying? Then you just realize there is no point of the highlighter because you’re highlighting most of it.

Get one of the cotton swab and put a small portion of lemon juice on it. Rub the cotton swab on the highlighted text. The color will fades as the lemon juice is able to do so and make it virtually undetectable.

Bottom Line

We notice that kids also need some life hacks in order to make their life easier. However, these life hacks might also be useful for you even though you’re not a kid anymore. If you find it useful, please share it with your kids!