6 Daily Hacks to Make Your Brain Sharper

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ways to make your brain sharper

Our brain cells are undoubtedly one of the key pillars to enable us to achieve success. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and fit brain cell is a must. Here are 6 secrets/ways to make your brain sharper!

When our brain cells get stuck, stuck and fall apart, automatically our creativity and problem solving skills will also be hilarious.

In fact, so many people are stagnant because their brain power is very limited. Because the brain cells are clogged, the creativity to produce solutions to change fate is lost.

As a result, the path of life remains dark.

On the other hand, when we can maintain the sharpness and fitness of our brain’s nerve cells, we will surely become smarter, more creative, and will be better able to formulate accurate problem solving. In the long term, this condition will automatically make our way of life become more brilliant.


So what are some practical tips that are worth doing so that our brain nerve cells don’t become stuck and stimulate it to become sharper?

In the picture below, six practical tips are presented that are worth pursuing to keep our brain cells fit and sharper. Let’s dissect one by one!

ways to make your brain sharper

1. Exercise Routine

Hundreds of scientific studies prove the extraordinary impact of exercise not only for our bodies, but it is very important to maintain the sharpness of our brain’s nerve cells.

A study shows, if we are diligent in sports, the nerve cells of our brain will become more blooming and sharper. On the other hand, if we are lazy and just sit all day in front of the laptop, then our brain nerve cells will wither (as if not growing optimally).

The image below shows the results of the study. On the right is a picture of a person’s brain nerve cells after a 20-minute walk. The color is bright red like a ripe fruit.


brain exercise

On the other hand, the one on the left is an image of a brain scan of a person just sitting there. The nerve cells looked pale (purple) and seemed to wither.

The researchers say: a cheap way to make your brain more genius is enough to be diligent in exercising. At least three times a week, for 30 minutes.

If you’ve been feeling like your brain is stuck and falling apart, it’s most likely because you rarely exercise. Lazy and just sitting all day.

2. Read Daily

Scientific studies also show that diligently reading books makes our cognitive strength and brain nerve cells stronger. People who diligently read books, their brain cells are proven to be more resilient, and when they are old, they are not easily affected by dementia.


It’s like a reading ritual that trains our brain’s neurons or nerve cells to “exercise”, moving their muscle strength, and the more often they are trained, the more they bloom. On the other hand, if you rarely read books, it is as if your brain is just left idle and eventually freezes.

So, take 15 minutes every night to read a quality book. Don’t just read social media content or online news which is often just trash.

3. Listen More

For those who often take public transportation when going to and from work, they can also spend time on the road while listening to quality podcasts. Or you can listen to YouTube (audio version only). There is so much useful content on YouTube or in various podcast media; which you can listen to while traveling, or while waiting in line. Or also when exercising in the morning.

4. Write Down Ideas

The basic idea is actually to cultivate the habit of writing. Studies show the habit of writing is very useful for making our nerve cells grow intelligently. Writing is a ritual that trains our brain muscles to become stronger and sharper.

So what can be written? There are many options. For example, develop the habit of writing down dreams and action plans (or action plans) that you want to do. What is your dream for the next 3 or 5 years? Write in notes on your smartphone. Then also write down an action plan that you will do.


You can also practice writing ideas and thoughts that you have, through the medium of your blog or social media accounts that you have. Write down ideas in rather long paragraphs, while practicing a coherent and systematic mindset.

Today many young people stutter when writing at length. The content is messy like most comments on social media which often reflect the low quality of language and writing correct sentences (subject, predicate and object are not clear which one).

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5. Exit Comfort Zone

The nerve cells of our brain will indeed bloom when we start new and challenging activities.

On the other hand, when we can maintain the sharpness and fitness of our brain’s nerve cells, perhaps with the help of the best nootropics to improve brain health, focus, and mental clarity, we will surely become smarter, more creative, and will be better able to formulate accurate problem-solving. In the long term, this condition will automatically make our way of life become more brilliant.


So it becomes important to seek and find new activity opportunities that will “train your brain nerve cells” to continue to move dynamically and grow. Because only with this variation of activity, our nerve cells will find room to grow and bloom; instead of dying in a boring monotonous routine.

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6. Sleep More

So here’s another super powerful and inexpensive tip. Dozens of scientific studies show that adequate sleep (at least 7 hours) is very important for our brain fitness. People who like to stay up late and sleep too late at night, will weaken their brain cell power in the long term.

Final Thought

THOSE are six practical tips that are worth living for so that our brain nerve cells can stay fit and sharper. These six steps will also make our brains don’t become stuck, fall apart and getting worse.