what will happen if earth stops rotating

What Will Happen if Earth Stops Rotating?

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Earth’s rotation is the rotation on its axis. There are many things that happen when the Earth rotates. Some of them are day and night, the difference in time, the shape of the Earth is round, the difference in time, and many other things. Have you ever imagined if the Earth where we live stops rotating? What will happen if earth stops rotating?

1. The Human Population Will Extinct

Earth’s rotation becomes a protection for living things that live on Earth from natural disasters. If the Earth stops rotating, there will be many natural disasters that can happen. For instance; tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even loss of magnetic fields make Earth’s temperature change drastically.

Earth which is now a perfect planet for living things. When the Earth stops rotating and these natural disasters all occur simultaneously, it is unlikely that any living thing will survive. Not to mention that people will fly at high speed if the Earth suddenly stops rotating. It could be that this is the time when humans will become extinct from Earth.

2. The Sun Will Rises From the West, Sets in the East

In fact, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. This is something we have experienced often and surely. When suddenly there are things that can cause the Earth to stop rotating, there will be major changes on Earth and can affect the living things that live in it. One of the changes that can happen is the changing direction of the rising and setting sun.

When the Earth stops rotating, what was originally the sun rising in the East will change to rising in the West. The direction of setting which was originally in the West will change to the East. Because the Earth’s rotation also affects time, the process of rising and setting the Sun can occur once a year.


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3. The Great Continent Appears On Earth

According to history, the shape of the continents that exist on Earth today is different from what it used to be. In the past, about 300 million years ago, there were supercontinents that existed in the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. This continent is called Pangea. Then the continents separated into the shape of the continents we now know.

Maybe we will be able to see the emergence of new continents again if the Earth stops rotating. When the Earth stops rotating, all the water will separate into 2 parts, the North and South Poles where gravity is greater there. Leaving the equator, forming a very large new continent.

4. Objects Flying At High Speed ​​Eastward

Thanks to Earth’s rotation, everything can stay on land. When there is something that causes the Earth to stop rotating, bad things will happen. The earth may stop, but the seawater to the atmosphere will still move. Not only moving slowly, but moving at high speed.

When the Earth rotates, its speed can reach 1000 mph at the Equator. When the Earth stops rotating suddenly, all the things attached to the Earth will fly. Cars, motorbikes, buildings, people, trees, animals, will fly eastward at speeds that can reach 1000 mph. The atmosphere will create a very strong wind, as strong as an atomic bomb explosion.


5. Time Changes

The time system and calendar that we use today have been arranged in such a way by ancient experts. They determine a 24-hour day, up to a 365-day year, based on the rotation of the Earth on its axis. When the Earth stops rotating, there will be extreme changes in time and calendar.

Now, a full day has been calculated for the duration of 24 hours. When the Earth rotates longer than usual, the time it takes for the Earth to fully rotate is 365 days. This could cause part of the Earth to experience permanent daylight and another part to experience permanent night. If the Earth really comes to a stop, then you can experience 6 months during the day and 6 months at night.

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6. Drastic Change in Temperature

Don’t ever expect the Earth to stop spinning for some reason. You will not know what will happen if the Earth does stop rotating. In your mind you may think well because the night is longer, so rest longer. Or the afternoon becomes longer and can play longer.

When the Earth stops rotating on its axis, one of the things that will definitely happen is that one side of the Earth will continue to face the Sun, while the other side will face a different direction. The side facing the Sun will be exposed to tremendous heat. then will the other side be safe? Certainly not. On the side that doesn’t get sunlight, temperatures drop dramatically, as cold as the Arctic. And this will last for 6 months.


7. The Earth’s Shape Will Change

The Earth’s rotation on its axis affects many things. This includes the shape of the Earth. Today the shape of the Earth that we believe in is not perfectly round but like an egg. The egg-like shape of the Earth is caused by the centrigual force of the Earth’s rotation. So, the equator of the Earth looks like it has a bulge.

If the Earth suddenly stops rotating, this centrifugal force will automatically disappear. The equator will change, change to make the Earth look perfectly round. If there are flat earth adherents here, don’t ever expect that the Earth will turn flat even though it stops rotating.

8. The Disappearance of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Earth has a magnetic field generated by superheated metallic liquid in the Earth’s core. Coupled with the rotation, making the hot metal move and generate geomagnetic forces. This magnetic field helps human life by determining the direction of the compass, satellite, GPS, and also protects the Earth from things in outer space.

When there is something that causes the Earth to stop rotating, nothing else moves the hot metal in the Earth’s core. Makes the magnetic field disappear too. When the magnetic field disappears, the GPS cannot function, the compass cannot show the direction, and humans will be exposed to direct sunlight.

9. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters will inevitably occur and allow loss of life and material loss depending on the severity of the natural disasters. It could be earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, and so on. Therefore we as humans create various ways to detect or even reduce the damaging effects of natural disasters.


One natural disaster that appears can have devastating effects, imagine if natural disasters occur all at once. This can happen if the Earth suddenly stops rotating. All natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes can occur at one time in various places on Earth. This is due to the force of kinetic energy caused when the Earth stops rotating, shaking everything on Earth to the core of the Earth.

10. The Tidal Wave

When the world is still running as normal, everyone can do activities as usual. In summer like this, it is most fun to spend time enjoying the beauty of the beach. However, all these activities will not be able to be done again if the Earth suddenly stops rotating on its axis.

When the Earth rotates, the things in the Earth will still move. Including that is sea water. When the Earth rotates, the momentum of the rotation will make changes to the water in the seas and oceans. There will appear a very high, big, and strong tsunami that will move towards the East and sweep away whatever is in front of it.