6 Simple Hacks You can Do to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

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how to make your air conditioner last longer

Using the air conditioner carelessly will certainly shorten the life of the AC itself. In fact, even though people are always in contact with AC every day, not everyone understand how to keep the air conditioner well, so that it can last longer and not easily damaged.

There are many factors that could damage the air conditioner, either from the components or from the external factors. We won’t discuss those factors in this article, but you can consult a professional for upgrades or replacements, like Magnolia Heating and Cooling. Instead, we’re going to give you 6 easy and practical tips that can make your air conditioner last longer!

1. Don’t Go Below 22 Degrees for 8 Hours Usage

Living in the middle of a city with hot temperatures is indeed uncomfortable. This explained why so many offices or homes choose AC as a solution to dealing with hot temperatures.

If you are a person who use the air conditioner for more than 8 hours in a day, then you should set the AC temperature to 22 degrees Celsius and don’t set below that.

Setting a temperature below 22 degrees Celsius will only make the air conditioner break down faster because the AC has to work hard for a long time and is also wasteful of energy.


The components on the air conditioner will also work harder, which will make the air conditioner quickly damage its internal parts. You also have to know that the air conditioner is supposed to be a room temperature controller, not a room cooler.

With the right temperature setting, the AC is not easily damaged. And also the drastic change in temperature in the room from hot to cold is actually has bad impact on human body.

2. Regularly Dust Cleaning

Disease is the main enemy of humans, but dust is the main enemy that must be eradicated. Dust that sticks to cabinets and walls must be cleaned regularly. You must do this to keep the room clean and healthy.

The presence of dust in air particles cannot be avoided, that’s why it is important for you to regularly do the dust cleaning, since the dust has great potential to carry various diseases and can cause health problems in human breathing.

Not to mention that dust is one of the elements that easily sticks to narrow and inaccessible corners. The dust that sticks to the cabinets and walls is often missed when you clean the room. Although, the accumulated dust will aggravate the work of the AC.


3. Give a 5 Minutes Gap When You Turn the AC On and Off

If you want to make your air conditioner last longer, you should pay attention on how frequent you turn on and off the AC.

Sometimes you accidentally press the Off button and the air conditioner immediately turns off and then you rush to press the On button.

If you do it too often, it actually can damage your AC. The air conditioner has a process called as the refrigerant setting in the process which takes five minutes. For that, before turning on the air conditioner, you should give it five minutes gap.

4. Use Cool Mode Instead of Auto Dry

On the remote AC, there are many symbols in which each symbol having a different function. Many people often complain that the AC temperature is not cold even though it has been set below 20 degrees Celsius.

If this is also your experience then you can change the AC mode to Cool. When you select Auto Dry mode, the air conditioner will reduce the humidity in the room. And this is not healthy for the skin because if the air is too dry the moisture will be lost and the skin becomes dry, which can cause wrinkles.


5. Use the Timer Function While Sleeping

AC does have a role as a support for comfort while sleeping, however letting the AC run the whole night is actually bad for the body and also can damage the AC slowly.

The AC bursts directly to the body can cause nervous disorders and is not good for people with asthma. For that you can activate the timer before going to sleep. Make sure you set and activate the timer, so the air conditioner will automatically turn off after a few hours and the room temperature remains cool.

6. Wash AC Routinely

It is important to wash your AC regularly. Here is the reason why: the accumulation of dust and dirt will have a bad impact on AC machines and also for human health.

Especially if you have toddlers which in the room you have to use the air conditioner. For normal use for less than 12 hours, you can wash the air conditioner every three months.

But for 12 to 18 hours of AC use you can wash it off once every two months. And for a dusty room like a roadside, you can wash it every month. The duration of use and location will determine the amount of dust that is filtered on the AC filter, and this is where it is important to wash the AC.


Ensure Smooth Morning Air Circulation

Even if you use the air conditioner and do a regular cleaning, don’t forget to keep the air circulating by opening the window in the morning. By opening the bedroom window, there is a change of air.

Bottom Line

When installing the air conditioner, make sure you choose the right air conditioning service. By choosing experienced people you can minimize damage.

Or, if you want to move the air conditioner from the living room to the living room, make sure the air conditioner unloading service you choose is also professional. Treating AC carelessly will only slowly damage the AC, even though you often do Ac service.

If your air conditioning unit ever gets damaged, you can always get it fixed by companies like ac repair Grand Junction.