13 Life Hacks for Shoes That Solve Bunch of Problems

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life hacks for shoes

If you’re dealing with shoes, of course you want to have good, durable footwear, and convenient to use. So here are 13 shoes life hacks that solve your problems!

Fortunately, now there are many tricks or life hacks that can make your shoes last without having to spend a lot of money. You can easily find the materials and items you use in the kitchen.

Taking care of shoes can be practical, cheap, and easy if you know the way! From making shoes more sleek to fragrance, everything is here! Let’s take a peek at shoes life hacks that can make your shoes last longer.

1. Beeswax to Turn Your Shoes Waterproof

Want to make your shoes waterproof? It’s easy, really.

You need beeswax to then coat the entire outside of the shoe. Wait until it dries with the help of a hairdryer.


Candles will protect shoes from water, other than that the wax will not cause stains on shoes. If it is hard to find beeswax, you can also use ordinary wax.

And for the ultimate comfort, be sure to find out things like how to stop shoes rubbing the back of your ankle as well.

2. Use Toothpaste For Whiter Shoe Soles

If you like being annoyed with yellowed or dirty shoe soles, now you don’t need to be confused about how to clean it!

Just need toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to clean dirty shoe soles, you know. Take a little toothpaste and brush the sole of the shoes using a toothbrush.

Use toothpaste that does not have coloring agents. In addition to cleaning the bottom soles, this method can also be used to clean other shoe parts.


3. Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Odors on Shoes

Sometimes shoes, especially sneakers can smell bad because the inside is dirty. If it smells like that, of course, it will be uncomfortable to use.

Use vinegar to get rid of odors on the inside of a shoe. Dip the cotton in the vinegar solution, then wipe the inside of the shoe using the cotton. Dry it completely.

4. Vinegar and Toothbrush For Leather Shoes

After the leather shoes are exposed to water, it usually leaves a mark.

This will need extra energy to clean the water stains on leather shoes. The easiest way is to use a toothbrush and vinegar. Soft brush stains on leather shoes with a little vinegar liquid. After that, wipe the leather shoes clean.

5. Remove The Stain on Shoes With Baking Powder

Your favorite suede shoes are stained? Don’t panic yet!


Simply sprinkle the powder on the affected part of the stain, then let stand for up to 4 to 5 hours. After that, clean the powder using a soft brush.

If you have brown suede shoes, you can replace the baking powder with ground coffee.

6. Banana Skin for Shiny Leather Shoes

Over time, leather shoes can look worn and old. There are some people who like the old impression of leather shoes, but there are also some who feel uncomfortable when they start to find outdated ‘accents’ on leather shoes.

To solve this problem you can use banana peels. Rub the banana skin on a leather shoe to get a new-looking leather shoe in an instant.

7. New Shoes Feel Cramped? 

Sometimes, even new shoes make your feet hurt. This is because the material is still stiff and the feet are not used to the new shoes.


If you want your foot does not hurt anymore, you can do this shoe hacks.

The trick is to use thick socks when using new shoes. Then, heat it with a hairdryer. This will soften the material and make room for your feet faster.

8. Use a Pantyliner to Absorb Sweaty Feet

Yep, you didn’t read it wrong. For those of you who have problems with sweaty feet, you can use a pantyliner inside the shoe.

Pantyliner will absorb excess sweat. If the feet are drier, of course it will be far from unpleasant odor, right?

9. Dry The Moist Shoes

Wearing shoes that are moist inside will create an unpleasant smell in your shoes. In addition, moist shoes can become a den of germs.


Actually, it’s easy to get rid of the inside of a damp shoe. Enough to fill the inside of the shoe using paper or newspaper. Wait until the inside of the shoe dries. Keep in mind, do not use paper that has many color.

10. High Heels Hack

Do you often wear high heels for daily activities? If so, you’ve must know the soles feeling of your feet because of the full day wearing high heels.

The way to make your feet feel more comfortable is to tie your index and middle toes using cloth, tape, or tape. Do not tie too tight, yes, because it can make the blood flow in the toes clogged.

11. Use Deodorant or Vaseline to Reduce Blisters

New shoes usually feel stiff when used. This is because the material is still hard and rough so it is not uncommon to make foot blisters.

What do you usually do to reduce blisters? For those who don’t know, try applying a deodorant gel or Vaseline to the inside area of ​​the shoe to make the inside surface become slippery.


This can reduce friction in the skin of the feet. If it still hurts, you can also add tape.

12. Tea or Coffee Can Absorb Odors in Shoes

Your shoes smell bad and need to be used tomorrow morning?

Maybe you don’t have enough time to wash your shoes, but you can do these practical shoe hacks.

You can use tea or coffee to get rid of the unpleasant odor of shoes. However, you have to put tea or coffee into the cloth so that the inside of the shoe is not dirty.

If you want to be more practical, just use tea or coffee bags inside the packaging.


13. Use Unused Magazines to Keep Boot’s Shape

Having high boots does require quite complicated maintenance. Usually, the top of the boots will be damaged if they are not stored properly.

If you want to keep the shape of the high boots remains as good as when they were first bought, insert the unused magazine inside the boots. The top of the boots will be free from folds!

Bottom Line

That several shoes life hacks that are easy, cheap, and practical to do. You will also get shoes that look like new without spending so much money.

Usually, what do you do to make the shoe last? Let us know in the comment below.