10 Cool Life Hacks That You Should’ve Known Earlier

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10 Cool Life Hacks That You Should've Known Earlier

Life hack is the way to simplify daily activities in order to make life easier. We at Life Hack Solution have been busy looking for cool life hacks tips and tricks that will ease your everyday life.

Here’s a brilliant list of 10 cool life hacks that will be useful and change your life!

1. Find The Leftover Pieces of Broken Glass On The Floor

Life hacks

Just broke a glass? a left over pieces of glass can be a little harmful for your feet, so you better find out as soon as possible. However, finding the little pieces could be very hard as they are transparent and blend with the floor color.

Don’t worry, here’s the hack for you: Lay a flashlight on the floor. Any remaining pieces of it will make a shadow! 

2. Find Tiny Item on The Floor 

How to find tiny item on the floor

Well, this happens quite often to everyone. When you have a tiny item and you accidentally drop it on the floor – or the harder one, drop it on the fur carpet? It’s like finding needle in a haystack, right?


Don’t panic, here’s the solution for you: use vacuum cleaner covered with the stocking, and start to vacuum! In just a minute, you’ll meet back your tiny precious thing!

3. Remove The Shell From Hard Boiled Egg in Easy Way

How to easily removed the shell from hard boiled egg

If you are the daily hard boiled egg consumer, you will understand the laziness of removing the shell from the egg. Have you ever think of how nice is it if the shell just removed by itself by the time you done boiling the egg?

Here’s the deal, it is possible! Put lemon wedge inside the water while boiling the egg. The shells will just about to fall of when they’re done!

4. Egg Hack: How to Know How Fresh Your Egg Is?

How to know how fresh your egg is

Still talking about the “egg-hack”. But this time is how to determine whether your eggs are good to eat or you should throw away. Like a book, you can’t judge the egg by it’s cover. There is no difference between good egg and bad egg from the outside – of course, we’re talking if there is no crack on the shell.

Put them inside glass of water. If the eggs stay at the bottom, they are fresh. If it floats, throw away your egg because it’s gone bad.


5. The Most Efficient Way to Clean Blender

The most efficient way to clean blender

Now let’s talk about how effective you can clean your blender. Blender is one of the hardest dishes to wash due to it’s sharp thingy inside. You’ll need to be more cautious and spend more time to wash blender.

Well, not anymore! All you need is baking soda. Throw water and baking soda into your blender and turn it on. Rinse the blender after! It’s much more effective than the usual way.

6. Fix a Shrunken Shirt

How to fix a shrunken shirt

Here are another cool life hacks, If you ever done laundry, you’ve probably shrunk a favorite shirt or sweater. This is a common laundry problem, mostly due to the hot water.

However, don’t throw or give away your shirt first, we have a solution for you to return back it size! Pour one cup of hair conditioner in the ice water, and stir it. Put the shirt in for 15 minutes and let the magic happen!

7. Fix Smaller Shoe Size

Still talking about the shrinking things, but this time is for shoes! You might have this in your mind: “Shirt is made from fabric and it’s possible to fix the size, but how possible we can fix shoe?”


Hold that thought for a while, and let’s try this trick: Fill a Ziploc bag with water and place it in your shoes. Put the shoes in freezer and wait for 24 hours. Once again, let the magic happen!

Fix Smaller Shoe Size
How to Fix Small Size Shoe
How to fix small shoe size
How to fix small shoe size

 8. Get Rid The Sticker From a Product

Get rid the sticker from a product

After you purchased a product, you might find removing the sticker tag is quite annoying. The left over sticker will just make your product looks ugly right?

Don’t worry, here’s the solution for you: Spray it with a liquid that contains alcohol such as perfume. Rub it after. Now you will feel much more easier to remove it as alcohol eats the glue adhesive.

9. Eliminate Hard Stains on Your Shoes

How to eliminate hard stains on your shoes

Wipe them with a cloth dipped in a solution of one tablespoon vinegar to one cup water. The stains will magically removed from your shoes!

10. Prevent Vomit in Public

How to prevent vomit in public

Imagine you’re in the meeting room with all the important client or maybe in public. But something is not right! You feel sick and you’re going to vomit! How bad and embarrassing the situation could be if you vomit?


When the situation is really urgent and it’s impossible for you to leave yet, do this trick! Start humming, it’s nearly impossible to gag when humming.