Baby Keep Crying? Here are 9 Hacks to Make Them Stop Crying

how to make a baby stop crying

In general, babies cry more often. Crying is a baby’s way of conveying what he/she feels, starting from hunger, discomfort, boredom, and so on. But, if the baby cries continuously, it can certainly make you overwhelmed. In this post, we’re going to tell you ways to make a baby stop crying!

Even though they have tried to calm them down, sometimes babies don’t stop crying. To overcome this, there are various effective ways to calm a crying baby that you can try.

How to Make a Baby Stop Crying

As a parent, sometimes you feel worried and don’t have the heart if your baby keeps crying. Plus, the tired feeling you feel after a day of taking care of the baby.

Both can be stressful for you, and especially if you are a new parent, these two things will make you even more vulnerable to the baby blues. However, in calming a crying baby, there are special tricks you can do. Some ways to soothe a crying baby include:

1. Swaddling the Baby

When babies are swaddled, they will feel like they are returning to the womb because it is warm. This can make the baby calm and safe so that it can make them stop crying.

You can wrap the baby in a special blanket or cloth, and gently rub it. Do not hold babies too tightly as this can make them uncomfortable. Some babies respond better to swaddling than sucking on a pacifier. However, if the baby is still crying or writhing after being swaddled it is best to remove the swaddle as the baby may not want it.

2. Breastfeed the Baby

Breastfeeding can help calm crying babies. Because, sucking can stabilize the baby’s heartbeat and calm the stomach and other limbs. If you are unable to breastfeed your baby, then giving him a pacifier may be an option.

3. Creating a Noisy or White Noise Sound

In the uterus there are various sounds. Creating small noises or white noises can help the baby feel like he’s back in the womb. This can calm a crying baby.

You can create noise by turning on the fan, vacuum cleaner, shower, water tap, or radio. The roar of the vacuum cleaner may sound annoying to you. However, many babies are calm when they hear the sound because it is similar to the roar of the body sounds they hear in the womb.

4. Bathe with Warm Water

Warm water can soothe and stop the baby from crying. However, be careful when bathing the baby, so that the water does not get into the baby’s nose or ears and makes him sick, and make sure that the water is really warm and not too hot. This can calm some babies instantly, but some others cry even more.

5. Listen to Music

Try singing a lullaby, playing music, or tune in to your favorite song via TV or cellphone. Tune different types of music to see how your baby responds. If your baby stops crying when you put some music on, you can calm him down by continuing to play the music. In addition, you can also invite the baby to move to the music to relax his body.

6. Take The Baby Out From The House

According to the research, taking a baby outside to get fresh air can sometimes stop a baby from crying instantly. You can pick up the baby and take him outside to look around. However, make sure the baby wears warm clothes if it is cold outside.

7. Swing the Baby

In the womb, babies are used to a lot of movement. Swinging your baby in a swing can help him calm down and fall asleep. In addition, rocking in a stroller, rocking chair, or car can also calm her because it reminds her in the womb.

8. Gently Massage

Gently massaging the baby can make him/her feel calm and stop crying, because most babies like to be touched. You may feel worried about wrongly massaging the baby, but as long as it is done gently and slowly this is usually okay and will provide comfort to the baby.

It is better not to use any oil or lotion until the baby is 1 month old because it is feared that it will cause irritation. In addition, you can ask the midwife or pediatrician for instructions on how to massage the baby.

9. Take the Baby to The Doctor

If you are worried that your baby is crying all the time, moreover you have done various things to make him calm but to no avail. We recommend that, take your baby to the doctor to find out the cause and how to deal with it.

However, don’t beat yourself up because this can be frustrating for you. When a baby cries, don’t panic right away because it can make the baby cry even more. Calm yourself down, and try all the things you can to soothe the baby and make him stop crying. If you can’t do it yourself, ask your partner, family, friends, or doctor for help.

Written by Conny Smith

Conny is the senior author at Life Hack Solution focusing on health and development.