6 Life Hacks for Kids to Always Keep Them Safe on The Road

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life hacks for kids on the road

Kids are vulnerable to danger and unwanted accident. Keeping them safe can be tricky sometimes! In this post, we’re going to give some useful life hacks that will help you on keeping your kids safe on the road!

In fact, as a human you can’t always watch them all the time. There are times that you will pay attention on other things that distract you from your kids.

According to WHO, children are accounted for 21 percent of all road traffic injury worldwide. The number of children injured as a result of road traffic crashes is estimated around 10 million cases each year.

1. Put on Bright Color Clothing

life hacks for kids on the road

Having a set of bright color clothes such as yellow, light blue, and other eye catching color can save your children one day!


Children may not always have patience and tend to run across the street to the other side. They’re easily get distracted with anything and might run into the neighborhood when playing. No matter how many times you prohibit them to don’t run across the road, your children will still sprint away.

If you put on eye catching shirt on your children, it will give the car and motorcycle driver more attention and reduce the chance your kids will be injured. It might won’t guarantee the safety of your kids, but this simple life hacks will increase their safety on the road!

2. Put Bicycle Safety Tail Light on Your Children’s Bike

If your children like to cycle, invest more on their bike quality & safety. In average, people tend to cycle either at early morning or evening, while the sun is not that hot.

Cycling during these hours is completely fine. But sometimes, your children might forget about time while cycling together with their friends. According to the research, most of the kid’s accident on the road also happened while their cycling.

Hence, here are some life hacks that will safe your kids while cycling on the road:


Low Budget: Bike Safety Tail Light – $18.20

By putting this bike light tail, it will reduce the chance of your kids get hit by accident. It will definitely give attention to other car drivers with the eye-catching designed lamp.

Our Recommendation:

Cygolite Hotshot is the proven bike light expert that designed and engineered with exclusive design on the leading edge of safety.


High Budget: Bike Wheels Light – $49.99

If you have more budget, we recommend you to invest in bike wheels light that is more eye catching and cooler design than the bike tail lamp.

Our Recommendation:

Choose the best for your kid’s safety! Monkey Light M232 has the brightest LEDs for any wheels in it class. All you need to do is just with one button click that will turn on and off the lines.

There are various color options from solid, stripes, gradient and even rainbow that will make your kid will definitely like this!

It also built with long-lasting, high quality and waterproof LED that come with 2 year warranty.


3. Use Mini GPS Tracker Instead of Squeaky Shoes

For those who don’t know what is squeaky shoes, it is a shoe that can produce squeaky sound whenever your kids make a movement or walk. However, although squeaky shoes is good for tracking your children, check out below why you shouldn’t use squeaky shoes anymore.

Why Squeaky Shoes is a Bad Idea?

Annoy Surrounding With Noisy Sound: imagine you’re walking with your kids with these squeaky shoes on. Not only it will disturb your peaceful walk, it will disturb other people with it noisy sound!

Children Kidnappers are Smarter Nowadays: don’t ever think that your children will be completely safe with the squeaky shoes. Kidnappers know that these shoes will only make noise when the kids step in. So, instead, they will just carry your children away without leaving any tracking noise.

What Should The Parents Use to Track Their Kids?


Instead, you can use mini GPS tracker on your kids. Simply by putting this tiny gadget on your kids, pocket, you can track their location 24 hours. You can track them and see it via your phone GPS!


Whether your kids get kidnapped or get lost, this gadget is definitely one of the life hacks for your kids on the road!

4. Get a Dog as Your Kid’s Companion

When your kid grew bigger or whenever you think your kid is ready, get them a dog as a pet. According to research, a children with age 5 to 10 is ready for a pet. But our recommendation is wait till your kid reach 10 years old.

Dog can be a good companion as well as bodyguard for your kids when you’re not around.

Not only protecting your kids, having dog has other several good benefits for your kids such as stress reliever, training their responsibility, and others!


5. Anti Lost Rope Wristband

If you want your kids to always stick to you, then this gadget is perfect for you! Introducing the soft padded wrist strap made from cotton and polyester that preventing your children to get lost in public.

However, parents should keep following the kids to avoid the pull effect if the kid is moving too fast. The maximum distance of the rope is around 1.5 to 1.8 meters. With it soft designed, it won’t hurt your kid’s wrist!

6.Teach your Kids These Rules and Lesson on the Road

While come to the road, there are important rules and lesson that you need to teach your kids.


While walking on the road:

  1. Watch and listen before crossing.
  2. Teach your kids to the always look at the right, to the left, and to the right one more time before crossing the road, and make sure it is safe to cross the road.
  3. Always use side walk when walking with your kids.
  4. No running in the street
  5. Concentrating on the road
  6. Reading and interpreting road safety sign
  7. Be careful with strangers

When inside the vehicle:

  1. Always use safety seatbelt
  2. Never stick any part of body outside a moving vehicle.
Make The Learning Fun for Your Children!

The learning should be fun and interactive, then only your kids will remember it more effectively. You can try quiz or games while teaching them!

Be a Good Example

On top of the learning, you should be a good example for your kids. Children tends to imitate others easily. If you show them a good behavior and habit, it will be automatically implemented on them.

Bottom Line

Those are life hacks for kids on the road that might save your kids one day. Which one of these is your favorite?